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Sexual problems can happen to anyone, whether or not they have kidney failure. Also, talk with your healthcare team about any problems you are experiencing as there may be treatment available. Keep your dialysis schedule in mind and when you typically have the most energy. By planning ahead, you can make other meal adjustments during the day, such as reserving some of your fluid intake or nutrient allowances for your date. Most romantic partners, like friends and family, will want to support you, but might not always know how best to do that. Everyone has had struggles in their life.

Falling deep into depression, she began cutting her wrists and chest over a two-month period. Anti-depressants would affect her performance so she used herbal serotonin tablets. I picked them up, opened them and started to cut my left arm.

Tipps furs Date! 10 Tipps furs erste Date / Flirttipps, Verhaltensregeln - Lola Sparks

With each one I felt I was punishing myself but at the same time I felt a sense of release that drove me to do it again and again.

The whole episode was nothing more than a cry of despair.

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