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We're Giving Away Cash! Enter to Win. Here are 40 cheap date ideas to get you started. If anything, it means you get to be a little more creative with how you plan the date. Plus, you get to think up exciting, out-of-the-box ideas and put in that extra effort. Here are 10 cheap date ideas to try out any day of the week.

While certain museums have steep ticket prices, many hold free or discounted days or hours during weekdays so you can get cultured on a budget.

Find a local charity, like a soup kitchen or a pet shelter, and volunteer for the day. Studies say that acts of generosity increase well-being and happiness, and couldn't we all use some more of that? You never know when you'll find your next one-of-a-kind furniture piece, so spend a few hours perusing a dedicated antiques mart or thrift store.

There's a good chance you'll find some kooky clothing options there too.

Romance on a Budget: 30 Ideas for a Romantic Evening

Relocate your date to the nearest ferry if you want a change of scenery. Aim for an unexplored area for a longer day trip, or try a short round-trip ride for a first date where you're still-literally and figuratively-testing the waters.

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Without having to spend a penny, walk around and check out the pretty window designs of local stores. For the S. Opt for this luxurious version-whether it's accessing a local facility for a couple hours or going somewhere a bit more out of the way if it's cheaper. There may be free courses and classes available locally, or if not, see if you can find something online.

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This offers a fun way to be together and expand your mind-from learning to play a musical instrument to watching a cool motivational speaker. Some of the most fun and experimental stuff is available at pop-ups. Either way, it's a fun-filled experience seeing what's out there.

Dating on a budget ideas

You don't have to go to Paris to grab a fabulous photo op. Whether it's going to a roof deck or observation tower, or even heading out of your area to look at the skyline, go out of your way to see things from a new perspective.

So if you think you may have a bit of a shopping habit, maybe a joint budget would be good for you. Negotiating a budget with your partner: If you're fresh on the dating scene, then a budget . Jan 16,   Two words: cotton candy. If there's a carnival in town, bring your date for a few rides on the Ferris wheel. Go on a cookie or chocolate factory tour together to solely pay . Mar 28,   Dating on a Budget Ideas. In a previous article I mentioned alimony and child support being immovable parts of a budget, thus preventative measures need to be taken to keep that cost from occurring. Money talk can be the source of a lot of stress within a couple.

Paint and sip bars are a fun experience, but they can sometimes get pricey and you don't always have control over what you make. So recreate something similar at home, whether it's a fun DIY project you guys have been thinking about, to buying a brush and a small palette to make something for the wall.

We're always so busy running around that it can be fun to take a leisurely mode of transportation to nowhere in particular. Sightsee on the cheap, head to a new place, or just sit and snuggle while you let you mind wander. Love picnicking? Go exploring for a new perfect spot. Enjoy grabbing coffee together? Try a just-opened cafe. The vibe might be new, but the activity has all the fun memories and shared experiences you need.

Plus, you just might find a new favorite spot.

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Granted, not every library sports the spectacular views like this one in New York, but it's a totally fun and underrated place to go. Listen to a local speaker or take a class!

Participate in a book club or group reading! You know, borrow a book or movie! You'll find stuff to do, promise-especially if the library is connected to a school or university.

Whether indoor or outdoor, playing paintball with friends, strangers, or just the two of you can be a fun, enjoyably messy activity-especially if you're both competitive.

50 FUN and CREATIVE Date Ideas

Just, you know, go easy on the loser! Is there somewhere you'd like to go? Some milestone you want to achieve together? Or, if the relationship is new, share what you both want to get out of this year and offer support for each other's hopes and dreams. Recreate your own spa experience by drawing a bubble bath, lighting a few candles, and throwing in a soothing massage.

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Bonus points if you can get your partner to put on a face mask. For an awesome time at an arcade, all you need are some quarters. Make things more interesting by betting a drink on the person who can win the most prizes. Karaoke is a guaranteed fun night, even if you can't hold a note to save your life.

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When's the last time you actually put your phone down and looked up? Grab a blanket and try to find your favorite constellations. If you need some guidance, you can download apps like Star Tracker. Most local brewery or winery tours are free, and you'll leave with knowledge you can impress your friends with-and you'll get some free sips of booze, obviously.

Spend an afternoon sharing your talents and hobbies. You can demonstrate your musical chops by giving your date a guitar lesson while they show you how to throw a free-throw. Or vice versa. Find a poetry reading, or performances of works by a specific writer, by searching local book readings.

Yes, the shoes are disgusting, but you'll have a great time and a little friendly competition never hurts. Test your sense of adventure by renting a kayak, canoe, or paddle boat at a local lake or beach. Two words: cotton candy. If there's a carnival in town, bring your date for a few rides on the Ferris wheel.

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Take a moment to decompress by grabbing a bottle or two of wine and snacks for a cozy night in. Working on your fitnessgoals? Do some research to find classes with great first-timer rates, or "consider joining" a gym by trying out their facilities.

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Fun Date Ideas

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Take a drive down memory lane instead.

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Go back the furthest you can. If you live in the same place where you started dating, you might have a long trip ahead of you. The point is to drive to places that hold special memories for each of you and reminisce about the past.

Nov 05,   10 Ideas for Dating on a Budget With a little creativity, you can find love for less. If you've been married 50 years, together for 6, or just getting ready to go on your first date don't worry about how you're going to afford all that "relationship stuff". There are a ton of fun, cheap date ideas! 98 Cheap Date Ideas. 1. Play in the snow, build a snow man, then drink cocoa. 10 Cheap Date Ideas for Double-Dates. Sing karaoke. Nothing brings you closer more than embarrassment. Play miniature golf. Look for coupons on apps like Groupon and Living Social. Do a taste test. Pick up the same kind of food from three places to compare them. Think of things like cookies, cakes.

Craft a timeline of events and places and go visit them. Are you and your partner history buffs, or do you just enjoy learning more about your local area? You might run across educational centers in parks or other tourist attractions in your town that offer a bit of insight into its past. If you or your partner are students, you might be eligible for a student discount if you have your student ID on you.

This could pair nicely with a drive down memory lane or park scenery.

Does either of you have pictures from when you were much younger? Get them out of storage or borrow them from a relative and have fun going through them. This is a great sentimental way of sharing your pre-relationship life with each other.

Dessert, tea, or coffee is often much cheaper than going out to get a full meal.

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Intimate coffee and tea shops or bakeries make for great low-key dates as they are suited to close proximity and quiet conversation. Going to a zoo might be a little more interesting than a museum, especially if it includes exotic animals. Just make sure to pack your own snacks as anything purchased in a zoo is usually pricey.

Botanical gardens are usually set in picturesque locations that lend themselves well to a romantic day or evening. Some are even free, though they might offer a tour or admission to a historical landmark on-site for a few dollars.

Look through them and see if there are any you can play together. Mark a date on the calendar to go on a viewing marathon. Optionally, you could go shopping for some candy, popcorn, and other movie staples to enjoy throughout the day. The sense of accomplishment you feel when the puzzle is complete can be shared among both of you. You even can glue the puzzle together and hang it on the wall as a picture!

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Sometimes simple is better. Either way, you get fresh air, some light exercise, and you get to reconnect with your partner. You even can make this a routine. Go for walks after dinner, or make it a point to go for a walk at a time when someone can watch the kids on the weekend. Not everyone enjoys the culinary arts, but if you and your partner love experimenting in the kitchen, take some time to create a meal or prepare a special dessert together.

Or do you want to have fun outside of the house and go bowling or to an arcade? Look around for specials. The same goes for bowling alleys and arcades.

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