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These guns distributed by Chinese factories are old. It is a semi-automatic weapon that fires rounds that measure 7. A Russian weapons designer, Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov, invented it. When trade agreements and political alliances developed, Russia started overseeing the production of these firearms throughout China. These days, doing a Norinco SKS serial number lookup is easy online. The Chinese marked each rifle with a factory symbol stamp along with an SKS 4-digit serial number.

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This may be why we see limited numbers of them in the world market today. My best guess is that, according to year produced, current world inventory may be:.

Perhaps the most difficult to accurately figure out the correct year as it is not stamped anywhere on the weapon. The Jianshe Arsenal used a 26 inside a triangle as it's factory stamp. These are referred to as the Sino-Soviet models and are characterized by many Russian stampings on the receiver and barrels. These early SKS's had no Chinese characters stamped on the receiver and some had no factory 26 symbol.

Nov 30,   This is what is referred to as hearsay. Hearsay falls into the same category as speculation- plenty to say with no evidence to back it up. There is a member from the other forums who has every issue of shotgun news from the 80's and 90's. An SKS is a self-loading carbine assault rifle used by East European and Asian troops in Russia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Vietnam, East Germany, China, Korea and Albania through the late s. Depending on the rifle's nation of origin, you can usually determine its . May 05,   2. but he is incorrect about the intro of the chinese character in , i have a pic of a /26\ with the 3 chinese character. 3. dating a /26\ is the same right to end of production in you cannot date other chinese factories.

These guns were referred to as a Type 56 Carbine by the Chinese. There is much current discussion going on as to the accuracy of this method. In my opinion, I agree with some of the new dating scheme but I'm not in total agreement with it. You get the idea. Can you carry any of this to other Arsenals? I'm not completely sure it works because of the development of new manufacturing procedures seem to dictate a better approximate age.

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Both these rifles exhibit late production techniques including stamped trigger guards, pinned barrels and spike bayonets to mention a few. If the above mentioned dating scheme of the factory 26 rifles were applied to these two SKS's they would be from the year !! This is not very likely and that's why we can only apply that method of dating to the Factory 26 marked guns. This gun would be a vintage which again by the characteristics of the gun would be very, very unlikely.

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Notice the position of the serial number. This is more likely a 's era weapon. This is a more unique weapon in that according to the dating scheme of the factory 26 rifles this would be a era gun.

So, is this a military weapon or not?

Norinco SKS Reliability Test

Dates of manufacturer are not known for sure but it is roughly the late 50's into the early 60's. Most of the examples seen in the U. Several were imported for a short time into the U. Most of these were destroyed after the Berlin Wall came down. This model is called the 'Karabiner-S' or K-S for short. These were made in Government plants in Suhl, Germany.

This one was made in The model designation is Type 63 Carbine and were produced in state arsenals.

Not sure on how to tell the year of these weapons as no definitive pattern has been observed. The only difference between these two North Korean SKS's is the second digit which may be related to the year or the arsenal, not sure which.

The Arsenal is usually marked on the top of the receiver cover and all the pictures I have seen have the same stamping.

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That is why I am led to believe the first 2 digits have something to do with the year. If someone else knows more about these I will post it, so let me know.

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Notice the two below are only numbers off. Again, as far as date of manufacture goes and judging by the characteristics of the rifles I would estimate the early to mid 60's as the time frame. After the weapon producing factories were bombed most of the weapons were supplied by the Chinese. This is a picture of the M21 gun.

They made a newer one that should not be confused with the early ones. Notice arsenal code. We don't know of an accurate way of dating these other than using features.

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Romania used the entire year stamped after the serial number. They were manufactured at the Cugir plant in Romania from the late 50's into the early 60's. There are reports of Romanian SKS's without the year stamped on them. They are more than likely, as in the case of the Albanian's, either prior to or after with the latter being the most reasonable. The same thing was also found in the Russian SKS's.

Dating norinco sks

Romanian SKS's are referred to as a Model This is a vintage Romanian SKS. For the most part it is easy to tell where and when the gun in question was made because of the markings and our knowledge of the Russian small weapons. Two arsenals produced the SKS, Tula which uses the arrow in the star marking along with a plain simple 5 pointed star and Izhevsk, which uses an arrow in a triangle inside a circle as shown in the pictures below.

Izhevsk Izhevsk only produced the SKS for 2 years. These days, doing a Norinco SKS serial number lookup is easy online.

How to Find the Manufacture Date of An SKS by Serial Number

The Chinese marked each rifle with a factory symbol stamp along with an SKS 4-digit serial number. The other was for civilian purchase. It was only available in a semi-automatic version with a dulled bayonet.

Nov 18,   Survivor's SKS Boards CLASSIC, UNMODIFIED SKS RIFLES Chinese Dating a Norinco Any help on dating a Norinco made at the factory it's a short lug with a 7 digit serial starting with 12xxxxx. I usually start with some dinner and a little red wine. 26 rows  Yooper John's SKS - Battle rifle of many nations DATING YOUR SKS. I will try to explain .

If you want to know the production information of a Chinese SKS rifle, the following may come in handy. One of the first things to look at when you want to know the production date of a Norinco SKS rifle is the symbol.

A diagram online will help match the SKS markings and worth of the rifle. The symbol indicates which factory the rifle came from and an estimate of the production date. Many of these rifles have a variety of symbols that all lead back to the same factory.

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Note, though, these symbols will only a give you a rough estimate of the production decade. There were only about 24 million SKS rifles produced throughout China. If the SKS matching serial numbers are in the first million, then those rifles would have between and as production years.

The origin of SKS rifles produced in other countries is easier to find. They tend to provide adequate documentation of their production facilities during trade agreements. There is a quick online search for SKS rifles coming from countries other than Russia. You only need to type in the make, model, and serial number. Buy on Amazon 3. The Norinco SKS price can remain the same as long as the gun is in stock.

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