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I know I already asked this but umm I didn't got enough anwers Anyways the guy I like is my teachers son :3 he is like cute and idk anyways would it be weird if I date him? Like I told my friends and they said it'll be weird okay this is an example that they gave me:. It's fine! Nothing wrong with the teacher's kid. Not like that's the reason you're dating him or anything. I see how your friends could say it's a bit weird.

First off, what is YOUR age?

dating my teacher? help?

If you are closer to the son's age you have no business dating or infatuated by a 42 year old man. If you are closer to the teachers age either you are in college or you have very serious issues about your learning abilities.

You would probably be better off just getting away from BOTH of the guys and get a life. I am sure you can do better than those two. Go on with schooling and learn something other than worrying about who you are dating. Your grammer and spelling need serious help.

How I started dating my teacherís son

Are you an adult student having an affair with your teacher or are you a teenager have an affair with your old teacher? I remember back in the 6th grade, my best girl-friend dated our science teacher's son.

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It wasn't a big deal at all. If there was any commotion, it died out within a week.

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Not a big deal. By the way your spelling, you seem young.

My heart jumped into a trot, thumping against my chest, and my cock rose in my shorts like a trumpeter raising his horn to the sky. I turned my body toward my mother, and she moaned again, her sound flowing into me as I swallowed her meek noises of appreciation. "Slowly, baby, slowly," my aunt whispered to her son. "No, no, not there. Andrew-ah.". Dating My Teacher's Brother Teen Fiction. During a rugby match, Rachel Hicks' teacher Mr Paul Williams, introduces her to his younger brother. Rachel has always went to her brother's rugby matches and Sean Williams always caught her attention. After exchanging numbers, the two go on dates a Reviews: Jan 19, † So, I'm sixteen, and leaving school at the end of July. My teacher, has just turned I didn't plan for anything to happen - although, I'd always thought he was great looking, i mean everyone did - but the more I got to hang with him, and have a laugh, the closer we'd get, and he'd call me "chav" and take the mickey out of me in a nice way and stuff like that. But, I couldn't help finding.

I would say no, you shouldnt date him. If you are embarrassed by what people or their parents think about you dating someone, then you shouldnt date them.

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Plus you didnt say anything about him in this question thing, so I assume you just like him? There is more to dating than to just ask them out because you like them.

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Do what you want! Dating a guy with a job is great and teachers are respectable and good with kids!

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Go for it girl. Me: hey. Umm good you?

And yes. Teacher: good Me: yes. Answer Save. DrPepper4Ever Lv 4.

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Obi Wan Knievel Lv 7. You're taking a huge risk if you do that. Meet Singles in your Area!

Okay you all want me to shut up and tell you what happened haha. My son was busy with some assignments both for his freelancing job and his uni work most of the day and I didn't want to disturb him so I waited until after dinner to chat. "Friend" went to have a bath while my son and I watched telly. I tod him face to face "Son, I love you very. For single parents, dating your child's teacher can seem like a fun and impulsive idea. However, it is a big decision-one that should not be made on a whim. Teachers are in a position of authority and are held to high standards of behavior by their schools, professional associations and other parents. Before you.

Try Match. Overview For single parents, dating your child's teacher can seem like a fun and impulsive idea.

Dating my teachers son

Confidentiality Dating your child's teacher brings with it a number of privacy issues. Consequences When you decide to begin relationship with your child's teacher, think about the consequences it may have on your child's education.

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Child's Feelings Be open and honest with your child about the possibility of dating his teacher. Changing Schools If you do decide to go ahead and begin dating your child's teacher, you may consider moving your child to another school if and when the relationship becomes problematic.

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Oct 11, † Anyways the guy I like is my teachers son:3 he is like cute and idk anyways would it be weird if I date him? Like I told my friends and they said it'll be weird okay this is an example that they gave me: * me going to John's house (let's say his name is John) *knocks on door * * my teacher anwers* Teacher: hey how's going 'Nathaly looking for. Nov 20, † I have never dated one of my teacher's kin. I did date my principal's son, and we kept that a secret. It was awkward the whole time and he wasn't worth my time. But one of teachers has mentioned that one of his old students is now engaged to his b. Oct 26, † Dating my teachers son.? hey well now im datin my teachers (my ex) son well should i keep doing it? b/c hes been mean to me and its stupid just cause i dont wanna date a 42 year old and im dating his 18 year old son its stupid hes been hitting on me and stuff im annoyed!hes been giving me bad grade uhh i hate it should i dump him b/c i keep getting offers by other guys at skool well.

Accessed 11 May Windsor, Suzannah. Tips on Dating Your Child's Teacher. Dating Tips - Match.

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