Useful dating my mother 2017 sorry, that

An innocent kiss, which had led to a passionate make out session, which evolved into a heated shag against the wall, rushed and sweaty and delicious. Of course, the guilt had harassed you every time you and Sirius met up. It was secret dates in Hogsmeade and nights spent inside a make-shift pillow fort, sipping fire whiskey and talking about the future. It was cuddles and forehead kisses and tickle wars and picnics beside the Black Lake. He held you like a promise of protection, and Sirius never broke his promises. Father and son are very much alike, much to your dismay. But, for some odd reason, the risk makes everything more exciting.

Like two kids and a mortgage and eight years of history. So awkward.

After I graduated with my degree in English, my mom convinced me it was time to start dating again. So I signed up for a dating site and got matched with an older guy.

We chatted online for a while and discovered we both loved reading and British movies.

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