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See it sway: three-eyed blind bat hanging from a wire. Or perhaps there: perched atop a pole, lights moving from top to bottom-green yellow red green yellow red-in its unvarying sequence. Two hundred years ago, it would have been a wonder, something on display at the Great Exhibition of , gawked at by Victorians. Consider the traffic light. Is there anything lonelier than a solitary traffic light blinking to an empty road?

In the near future, it might not be you making those decisions, but the vehicle itself. Audi has introduced a technology that lets cars connect to traffic lights, displaying a countdown on the dashboard to let drivers know when the light will turn green. Many things are possible once traffic lights and vehicles can communicate to each other.

Our relationship to traffic lights is changing.

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While many urban traffic lights have been computerized for decades and thus you can have improvements like pedestrian crossing buttons and different light durations at different times of the daythe interplay between vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic lights is becoming more sophisticated. Cameras and other sensors built into the street or into the traffic lights themselves can detect the presence of cars, bikes, and pedestrians, and adjust accordingly. This will save gas, time, and simply driver annoyance.

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Of course, once a majority of vehicles including bicycles are connected to the internet, they could signal their arrival time and route to nearby traffic signals, allowing them to adjust accordingly.

Once the traffic grid understands where people are going, it could very well make getting to destinations much faster and more eco-friendly.

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The US Department of Transportation estimates that responsive traffic signals could save as much as 10 percent of all motor fuel consumed billion gallons a year. The rollout of smart traffic lights has been slow, with some complaints that the lights are too ujankossencontemporary.comedictable.

Dating me is like traffic lights

And while some cities just might take Hans Mondeman up on his suggestion to remove all traffic lights-a suggestion that makes more sense with self-driving vehicles-the lights over our streets are likely here to stay for now. The patron saint of this philosophy was the late Dutchman Hans Monderman, who believed that our world was divided into two parts: a Traffic Space that was designed for automobiles and a Shared Space for people and automobiles.

Traffic Space was the realm of highways and overpasses, while cities and towns were Shared Space. One was built for vehicles, another for people.

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Cars are guests in Shared Space, and the urban architecture should support that. Traffic lights are firmly in Traffic Space, and thus, the argument goes, have no place in cities. In some towns where removing the traffic lights has been tried, the results seem to bear Monderman out. They are safer, and traffic still seems to flow.

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For example, at one intersection where traffic lights were removed, accidents dropped from nine a year to one. Colours would correspond to the person's interests or lack of interest in matching up.

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All in all, these red-amber-green Traffic Colour Lights dating scheme is pretty lame. There are other colurs when it comes to love which may prove useful. Click Here! How to Cause Women to Leap Off Your screen and fall into your arms as effortlessly as leaves falling from trees. Small-town living is kind of surreal. On my morning run, I can make it from one side of our little village to the other in about 15 minutes.

The traffic light Waits for you to tell me the tale of a shattered life, tonight And I just passed by when you have had the chance to fight Or would you spend your last days alone Thinking nobody would have cared or known Just look me in the eye And see that it's a lie So you're telling me, this is how you're going down.

I say hello to an older woman walking her dog, and my neighbor watering his roses. I pass year-old farmhouses, with paint peeling off their sagging front porches. I jog through the village park, rounding a large white gazebo where a band plays on the Fourth of July. I bypass a muddy trench around an ancient metal merry-go-round, etched by generations of little feet.

Lena - Traffic Lights (Official Video)

The main street runs through the center of town-a two-lane country road with 35 mph speed limit signs to slow passing cars. We have a church, a bank, a grain elevator, a used car dealership, and a bar.

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It feels so familiar and safe, and that sense of security has helped me become a different kind of mom than I was in the city. I can send my four oldest kids outside to play without worrying that they will get hurt-and knowing that if they do, someone will help them. We set boundaries and curfews to match their ages and abilities, rather than watching their every move.

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As a small-town parent, I can breathe-relax, even. As a woman, I feel safer, too. I know that if I ever too got hurt or caught in the rain, I could knock on any door for help, just like I would offer help to a stranger who knocked on mine. Since I work from homemy favorite part is how quiet it is here.

The traffic noises and sirens of the city have been replaced by birds singing, crickets chirping, and even cattle mooing. I can see foxes and deer near the edge of town, where paved streets turn to gravel roads lined with fields of corn, green pastures, and blue sky from horizon to horizon.

With Traffic Lights Colour dating this is how it applies: The colour RED would signify that the person is taken. Colour AMBER to indicate maybe and could be possibility. THe cour GREEN would be for keen and available. All in all, these red-amber-green Traffic Colour Lights dating scheme is pretty lame. Sure. Like the buzzer that was the original yellow light, there's likely to be some missteps in the adoption of these new traffic lights. They might require a redesign, adding new . I Like traffic lights. I Like traffic lights. I Like traffic lights, No matter where they've been. I Like traffic lights. I Like traffic lights. I Like traffic lights. I Like traffic lights. I Like traffic lights, But only when they're green. He likes traffic lights. He likes traffic lights.

We can afford a huge house- with a big backyar too-for far less than my tiny rental in the city. But we pay considerably more for power and internet, both of which seem to go out almost every day.

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The nearest mall and hospital are about 30 minutes, and we are a full hour from good Thai food. And then there are the non-monetary costs of living off the beaten path.

Sometimes I do feel isolated, but it can also be a self-imposed isolation. Our neighbors are, for the most part, friendly possibly too friendly at times. I miss the anonymity of city life.

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Here, if I have a conflict with a neighbor, everyone will know before the day is over. Sometimes, I worry I traded the opportunity to raise my kids in a diverse, inclusive community for small town freedoms.

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As my kids get older and their needs change, we may move back to the city to expose them to a greater variety of opportunities and people. However, it seems that progress is happening here, too. As new developments spring up, replacing farmland with rows of cookie-cutter houses for young families, our little town is changing and becoming more diverse.

For now, I feel fortunate to be able to send my kids outside to play and to enjoy the quiet solitude of living here, just like my mom used to do when we were kids growing up in a small town. CNN Do try this 60s at-home face massage Alexandra Soveral demonstrates this easy facial massage intended to help clear skin from accumulated stress and toxins. Click here for more at-home spa tips. Still get dressed for work!

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