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Posts: 6, Location:. Favorite Tobacco : Searching Location:. I am so guilty of looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions at PipeStuds Deleted Deleted Member.

General Dating Tobacco Tins

Jan 7, GMT -5 trailboss said:. Any recent threads or posts that can serve as ates and or additions to this overall thread on dating tins?

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Posts: 1, Location:. Tobacco is my favorite vegetable - Frank Zappa. Still it would be nice to have one thread where we pull our collective knowledge to help each other date tobacco tins;a place to put forward and respectfully correct, information.

This is a great post with great information.

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I'm kinda wondering how a 25yo young man comes up with this great stuff? Are you causing havoc in other forums too?

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Aug 11,   I have McClelland tins (as do others) that do not fit the pattern mmddyy. A quick Google search also appears to confirm the Blend/Batch/Year code as well. Maybe the code you see only appears to match mmddyy (I have McClelland tins that are marked in a .

Good to hear from you I have McClelland tins as do others that do not fit the pattern mmddyy. Maybe the code you see only appears to match mmddyy I have McClelland tins that are marked in a way that appears to be mmddyy.

As some other McClelland tins did not,I looked to the forums and found the answer above. However as I do not know if the code changed or if different codes were applied to different blends etc.

Let's see if anyone else might have something to say on the subject.

Jun 18,   Need help dating a McClelland tin! Thread starter lightxmyfire; Start date Jun 17, I just bought a tin of McClelland's Turkish Woods, the seller told me it was from but the code on the bottom of the tin is only three digits (See the photos). Many of the very early Levin tins were dated with the year and month. is how I. Nov 11,   Dating McClelland tins (jankossencontemporary.combacco) submitted 2 years ago by nosoup4me St. James Flake. Has the last 2 digits on the bottom of the tin always been the year? I've just picked up some Katerini Classic that has on the bottom of it. But I'm having a hard time believing that 9 year old tobacco has been at P&C without ever being sent out. Mar 10,   McClelland tins are dated with a blend number, batch number, and year Example from one of my Navy Cavendish tins 29 is the blend 14 is the batch 11 is the year Reading 29 14 11 I'm not certain if they dated Butera tins the same way. Would have to see a photo.

However,I do believe some have confused other numbers for a date stamp. If one looks carefully, assuming it has not been displaced, it should be there typically on the tin's bottom.

On the Pipes Magazine home page in the left hand corner mouse over "My Account. Now you can go to your album choose one of your photos and copy the image address. On this page where you type under Reply select the IMG paste the image adress and hit enter and you're good to go.

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Apr 14, 2, Central Ohio. It could be 01 January I got it. You were missing the IMG in brackets at the beginning before Http I'm inclined to bet the tin is from Jun 6, 5, 8, Here.

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It's a bit of a pain, initially Thanks for the help posting pics! Legions of pipe pirates with nothing better to do than help post photos Jun 27, 1, I'm going with "80 10", and for the tin date.

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I think I'll agree with I asked my wife to take a guess and she agreed that the last 2 are Top Bottom. Recent Posts. Jun 17, Does anyone know if they were using a different number system then? Or can anyone help me ID this tin? Thanks all!

May 10, 1, Akron area of Ohio.

Dating mcclelland tins

The s would be accurate. Your photos don't show a common problem on this forum.

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Is it possible that three of the numbers have been worn away? Mike S.

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Aug 23, 3, Thanks for fixing the picture Dmcmtk! How do I get them up right next time? Using Win7 and Firefox.

Ooops, forgot this one May 12, 15, 6, Monterey Peninsula. Aug 27, 2, 3, 37 Louisville. Doesnt seem to have an entry on TobaccoReviews.

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