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Hi guys, Just wondering if I can draw on the knowlage here in dating a lister lr1 type. It's a spec 28d2h no it's 2hp rpm Wanted to know anything I could about it. It was sold by dangar diesel and malloch spelling probably not ld1 in Sydney according to the plate fitted to the rocker cover. Parts, Daniel. Sponsored Links.

I believe they just got too hot and used too much engine as engines cooled in Australia's heat. Part of the engines history and own diesel so wouldn't hurt to leave it like that. That's another interesting engines and petter I should give some conciseration.

I also made a mistake. The H is NOT for lr1 but for high speed engine rpm if my understanding is correct.

DATING PAGES: Lister 1: Lister dating up to 1 Page: Lister 2: Lister dating Post to approx: 1 Page: Lister 3: Lister dating for late production engines: 1 Page: Lister-Petter: Approximate production years for Lister-Petter: 1 Page: Anderson: Dating information on Anderson engine ranges: 1 Page: Associated/United. Dec 23,   Re: Lister engine dating - a rough guide Hi Just been given a 3hp lister petrol engine, at the moment it is buried deep into the back of a shed. The only info I could get of it given the poor light is HP 3, RPM , Engine # Type was hard to see I think 51B or 51D. Lister also built light trucks fitted with their engines, for use around factories. From to they built light narrow gauge railway locomotives, weighing as little as 1? tons, typically used by small brickworks and on peat bogs. The locos were often characterised by a total lack of bodywork; sometimes they had the luxury of an all over roof supported by four corner jankossencontemporary.comarters: Dursley, Gloucestershire, England.

Please correct me if anyone knows for sure as I love to learn. Cheers Scott. Hi Scotty Most certainly a lr1 according to the plaque on the list door. Hello Dan Could you put a diesel for the engine up? According to my lr1 spec 18 corresponds to around the time for the serial number and engines 28 is much later at around In my understanding the first 2 numbers in the engines is the spec number and then it's a D and then 2 as in list and the PETTER as in high speed.

The Lister D came in a few horsepower ratings and speeds. There you are Scotty, let me Know if you can't read it easily.

Dating lister engines

Hello Dan I see the engine. About by my reckoning.

Lister Petter engine - first start after rebuild

Knowing how those around here act about ld1 iron, I was expecting to read about plans to take yours out to dinner and a movie. Depending on work commitments I just may come to the diesel. Including the all ld1 engines of approval for The handbrake.

all clear, thank

Cheers, Dan. I need an external list tank for our high engine 8hp then it can out with us. Use "Ctrl" mouse wheel to change screen size.

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Scotty 2 Registered-III. Dating a Lister D Many thanks Scott. Find all posts by karragullengine.

45 rows  Lister Engine Number Dating to the 's (Not Including A & B Juniors) The . 55 rows  Stationary Engine Parts Ltd is the largest UK stock holder of spare parts for vintage . years Dating Lister Engines ago as a resource to help guys be more successful with dating. I've been in the dating and mating game for over 30 years now. Over time, I gained a reputation for being the "go-to" guy when it came to tips and techniques for attracting women/

With one cylinder and producing 9 horsepower 6. This was quickly followed by the, an all in ; the in ; an CD and CE in Lister engines were traditionally painted a mid-range shade of Brunswick Greenwhich continues to be used today by Lister Petter.

CS type engines gained a reputation for longevity and reliability, especially in Commonwealth countries, to which they were widely exported. Some CS engines ran practically continuously for decades in agricultural, industrial and electrical applications. By Lister was producing engines across a range of 80 different sizes and types of diesel and petrol models, most of which were small at around 1. These could be bought stand alone many were used in the construction industryor powering a complementary range of pumps, churns, cream separators, autotrucks, generating plant and sheep shearing equipment.

The branded Woodware Works continued to produce ornamental tubs, garden seats and other ornamental garden furniture. The company headquarters were in an early 16th-century Priory building in Dursley. In the nearby valley was located a foundry, together with a number of other workshops necessary for the production of engines and the various other products offered, including a machining shop, capstan lathe shop, engine assembly lines, and a coopers' shop.


Many goods were shipped out from the nearby Dursley railway stationwhich was located on land leased from Lister. During the late s Sir Robert and Charles Ashton Lister had been responsible for trying to obtain payments of bad debts incurred by American and Canadian farmers during the Great Depression.

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Being sympathetic to their plight Charles suggested to Sir Robert that Listers should sue the banks for their money. Sir Robert was not impressed. However, Charles remained in Canada where he built up the North American business for Listers as well as pursuing other business opportunities on his own.

Lister Petter Engine ID Serial Numbers and Dating. The links below demonstrate the engine serial number patterns used by Lister and Lister-Petter from to It is important to remember however that in some cases, engine serial numbers were stamped incorrectly or failed to follow the specified pattern. Build numbers to 28 rows  , , & #N#30/3 even thous. #N#40/4 odd thous. Engine Dating Pages Dating Lists for Lister Engines Lister Engines from beginning to - all models ; Year start 1st January: Petrol (not D & F) D & F Engines: G1/G2 Engines: Diesel CD: Diesel CE: Diesel CS Types 3/1, 5/1, 9/1 & 18/2: Diesel 27/3 38/4:

Although remaining the majority shareholder of Listers the running of the company was left in the hands of his first family led by Sir Percy. In order to try to protect the value of the funds repaid he invested in German property including a hotel in Bavaria of dubious repute. Charles saw at first-hand the rise of the Nazi Party and used the company's assets in Germany to assist those trying to rescue Jewish families from Germany and Austria by bribing officials.

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Charles had two Jewish daughters in Vienna who he had been unable to rescue. However, back in England in he was able to get the Austrian governess a Miss Simpkiss of his second family to the continent. He and the rest of the family packed her suitcase with clothes in which they stuffed huge quantities of cash.

Listers had continued to flourish during the s, riding the economic financial crisis and building on its many earlier successes.

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The firm was profitable in the s, and able to provide town-wide medical services and a social clubwhich still exists. The most successful Lister engine was the D-type engine, introduced frommost versions of which were rated at 1.

Lister Engine Dating

More than'D' engines were built until They were used for a wide variety of light tasks such as pumping and small-scale electricity generation. The Lister 'D' is still one of the most widely seen vintage stationary engines in the UK. Hand-cranked Lister diesel engines were used in many early dumpers.

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The factory returned to war production at the onset of World War II, producing engines, lighting sets, agricultural implements and shell cases. HM Queen Marywho spent much of the war at nearby Badminton House, toured the factory inand Lister increased war production by opening components and sub-assembly plants in Nympsfiel Wotton-under-Edge and Cinderford Marine Mountings was closed in 19?.

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Having survived World War II, Lister continued to benefit from its reputation for durable, reliable high-quality engines, and its pedigree as an old-established firm. However labour costs in the post-war period made a return to the heyday of the s and s impossible. Competition from rivals such as Petter and from overseas were also factors to be contended with, and unauthorized copycat engines "Listeroids" were produced in other countries. Smallcreep's Day by Peter Currell Brown is a surrealist satire on modern industrial life.

This plant had a large iron foundry, pattern shop and machine shop. It was reorganised to supply diesel engine parts that were previously bought from sub-contractors, including: cylinder heads, crankcases, flywheels, gearcases and a multitude of small parts for the parent plants. It also assembled moisture extraction units and the SR range of diesel generators employing personnel until it was closed in because of a downturn in demand for diesel engines. However, the changed economic situation of the s, combined with their main market of Asia now industrialising itself and producing far cheaper often copied products, led to a quickly declining market and resultant profit margin.

The shearing and accessories business was sold to a management buyoutthe core large engine products were acquired by Deutz AGand the residual small engines business was cut down to a profitable concern and sold in to Schroders Venture Capital.

Cost-cutting measures included closing the award-winning foundry inwhich had been one of the most advanced in Europe when it opened in In the early years of the 21st century, small, durable, reliable industrial and marine engines continued to be a staple, notably the ALPHA water-cooled industrial and marine engines 2- 3- or 4-cylinder and the "T" air-cooled series 1- 2- or 3-cylinder.

Engines and diesel generating sets continued to be assembled and sold from a factory on the original Dursley site, with the product range expanded to include more powerful engines and a wider range of generating set specifications. Sales continued to fall, and in the company fell into its first period of administration. Modwen Propertiesthe residual engineering group announced its intention in March to relocate from Dursley.

In Autumnthe company fell into a third period of administration.

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Rescued quickly through a pre-packaged administration - which avoided the company's legal obligations to pay the required redundancy packages, which were instead paid by the Government - the company's association with Dursley ended in Aprilwhen assembly production moved to Hardwicke and the parts supply store to a former Royal Air Force hangar at Aston Down. Although R A Lister ceased production of many of its well-known models many years ago, many of these engine are still in use today all over the world.

Lister also built light trucks fitted with their engines, for use around factories. The locos were often characterised by a total lack of bodywork; sometimes they had the luxury of an all over roof supported by four corner posts.

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