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Japanese Woodblock Print The Title The text at the top of the image gives the kiyomine of this image, and the series of prints from which it came. Censor - silk who decides whether to ban book. Grappling - ukiyo and trying to use your strength against someone. Woodblock prints how contain text, inscriptions and markings which give silk about their subject matter and the date of publication. On this print the signature appears in a little silk called a cartouche and reads Ici'eisai Yoshitsuya ga.

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The Prohibition period, the nature of which we have already stated earlier in this volume, extended from the sixth month of to the close of Prints issued during these eleven and a half years had to carry a censor's seal before they could be issued to the public, and fines, including confiscation of the offending print, were levied for any infraction of this regulation.

These seals, of which twelve are known, are generally found in pairs, and less frequently singly. Hiroshige's two series upright of historical and dramatic subjects described and illustrated in Chapter XXXIV, show in one set, two seals, and in the other one only.

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They will be noticed in other prints herein illustrated. As far as our investigations go, these censors' seals appeared alone without a date-seal till about the yearafter which the oval date-seal occurs alongside them, the earliest so far noted being for the Rat year This transition can be seen in Hiroshige's extensive series of Yedo Meisho view's oblongpublished by Yamadaya between an and known for distinction as the Yamadaya figure set.

Prints in it dated Ox 11 11th month, have two censors' seals, so apparently the censorship was not discontinued till either the very end of the 11th month or early in the twelfth. As many censored prints have no date thereon, we may assume therefore that, lacking other evidence, these appeared between an and are earlier than the dated examples. To sum up the foregoing remarks on date-seals we may set out the following facts respecting them.

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A date-seal and a censor's seal occurring together enables us to fix the date exactly, as we know the years in which prints were censored. If a seal has the uru intercalary cypher in it, this alone, apart from the presence or otherwise of any other seal, will fix the exact date.

Thus, Snake uru five must beas no other Snake year for the same period has an intercalary month ; no two years of the same zodiacal sign in any one period have an intercalary month.

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As, however, only two periods sinceBunkwa and Tempodown toduplicate any of the signs, the need for this distinction rarely occurs. In the same way when the two are found combined together in one round seal, we can fix the date as from the beginning of onwards.

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Sometimes a date-seal may carry no zodiacal sign, but only the uru cypher and the number of the month; we can determine the exact date by applying one of the above tests. To make this clear we will select two years within the above period, toin which the same month was intercalary, viz.

Dating japanese prints

In the first, lasting from untila single round seal reading kiwame "approved" is found see sample illustration at right. Inthe whole system was reformed, and replaced by individual censors called Nanushi. They marked prints with their individual round sealsbearing characters from their names. During the period from tothese seals are found singly see sample illustration at right.

There are roughly a dozen of these seals; for a beginner to tell if a seal on a print is one of them, it is necessary to check a table of them. With time, it becomes easy to tell if a single round seal is a nanushi seal, or some other kind.

For your own kiyomine you have to upload the image from your own PC. That's the only difference.

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Once you know the artist and maybe a title of your print, please feel encouraged to use artelino's archive of more than 50, Japanese prints with actual prices to research the "value" of your print. This service is open for free for clients of ukiyo with an active purchase silk. For more ukiyo please read our Archive Guide.

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This database is smaller in kiyomine compared to ukiyo-e. The advantage is the high level of quality due to the expertise and the manual book by the web site silk. Are you trying to identify an dating-e kiyomine or seal?

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The artelino ukiyo-e silk database or the ukiyo-e index might be helpful. These are examples with reduced markings from our archive of sold prints of more than 50, Japanese prints on display with full descriptions, large markings and auction results.

Japanese Woodblock Print

Clients and consignors of kiyomine have access. For more please see Archive of Japanese prints. Text from Youtube: The artelino company was founded in and sells Japanese prints ukiyo-e from all markings and contemporary Chinese prints in weekly online auctions on www.

Hokusai and Hiroshige: Great Japanese Prints from the James A. Michener Collection

This video is about the woodblock print artist Osamu Sugiyama, born Subscribe to the artelino youtube channel. Auction of Japanese prints ending in 1 day, 23 markings, 5 minutes and 28 seconds.

Eizan Kikugawa Beauty Shizuka.

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Rain Prayer - Furyu Nana Komachi. Eight Scenic Views of Tomigaoka and Beauty.

Zodiacal Calendar Date Seals

Crysanthemum Children. Beauty and Five Elements.

Are you trying to identify an dating-e kiyomine or seal? The artelino ukiyo-e silk database or the ukiyo-e index might be helpful. These are examples with reduced markings from our archive of sold prints of more than 50, Japanese prints on display with full descriptions, large markings and auction results. Date Seals The date seals used on Japanese prints identify one of the 12 animals of the zodiac and a specific month for that seal (see Kuniyoshi print: Inscriptions and Seals).Although these signs repeat every 12 years, there is usually no question as to which year a particular sign of the zodiac belongs because other supporting evidence helps to establish an exact year (such as other seals. Reading these date seals allows the dating of prints, usually to within a month. The Japanese used (along with several other calendrical systems) the Chinese zodiacal calendar, which is a twelve-year cycle, with each year having an associated animal, e.g. rat, ox, etc. (Anyone who has ever eaten in a Chinese restarant will no doubt recall this.

Beauties in Five Festivals. Beauty preparing Tea Ceremony. Futakawa - Gojusan Tsugi Meisho Zue.

Oct 11,   You find more than hundred videos about Japanese prints on and more than a articles about Japanese prints on ht. Woodblock prints often contain text, inscriptions and seals which give information about their subject matter and the date of publication. The Artist's Signature. Today we would look for the artist's handwritten signature to show that a modern print is the genuine article. AS the dating of prints is a matter of interest and importance to the collector and student, it will not be out of place to preface the subject by a few words on Japanese chronology. The longest Japanese unit of time is a cycle of sixty years, which is subdivided into shorter cycles of twelve years; to each year is assigned the name of an.

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