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Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Originally Posted by Baileykm. I moved from San Diego 6 months ago.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Originally Posted by Baileykm. I moved from San Diego 6 months ago. People around here are insular.

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I lived in Philly from years of age to move to SoCal. The cute girls are stuck up and the guys still wear their letter jackets from 4 years ago in this city. This town is awful for dating and making new friends. But you can go to Manayunk for cover charges and expensive beer for the one night stands.

New York Excelsior vs Philadelphia Fusion - Hosted by Washington Justice - Week 3 Day 1

The older guys have no problem talking to you but I am 24, I would like to have more friends then a bar full of 60 year olds. I find Philadelphia insular as well and this IS among college educated people, which someone drew a distinction at. I wouldn't recommend Manayunk or Roxborough for a professional woman trying to meet someone.

The majority of people who frequent the places there are college-aged or trying to re-live their college days. Some of my concerns which I heard from a few friends who moved there are being echoed. There is diversity in NY but people branch out and make new friends all the time because so many people are not local.

My concern is not just dating but also socially. I think it is hard when people are only from Philly to answer vs those who moved there.

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Is that right? I'm considering being open to moving out of NY but I haven't become very comfortable with uprooting myself because of my fears on social environments.

Jan 01,   Dating in Philly vs New York (Philadelphia, Harrisburg: living, cost of living, moving) User Name: (lived in the NY tri-state area all my life), so i guess i would be considered a "non-local" to philly. nyc is also very clique'ish based on work Dating in Philly, Philadelphia, 34 replies Trends of Gay Dating Scene in Philly. I'll chime in with my own NYC dating experience. I've been dating in NYC the last two and a half years. Yes, it is hard. But I have met some great people and had some relationships from using Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge (RIP Android version) in that time. The New Rules of Dating in Philly. a year-old from West Philly who works in education, says that on OkCupid, particularly in the queer community, users seek a wider variety of relationships Author: Rachel Chernaskey.

As I mentioned, I have lived abroad in Europe in a very international city so it was also great socially and have a varied and often international circle of friends. I want to like Philly. I find I am able to adapt easily to new places because I am pretty open.

Dating in philly vs nyc

I welcome more opinions as there is a position in my field that is interesting in Philly and so this is why I am asking. Last edited by girlygirl77; at PM. I dunno. I had a few friends who lived an hour away in NJ but it wasn't practical for hanging out on a tuesday evening.

I made quick friends with my workmates and gradually made a few friends outside of work. I didn't find meeting people there any easier than here, especially when it came to meeting women that weren't introduced to me by my co-workers. When I moved to Philly I knew three people. One of them was my roommate.

10 reasons Philly totally trumps NYC

One was the girlfriend of one of my high school buddies who I had little in common with he was at school in NYC. The other was the friend of a friend who was just so incredibly annoying that I once got off the bus before my stop just so I wouldn't have to listen to her anymore.

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None of them live here anymore. I know so many people here that didn't grow up anywhere near here. My soccer team, for instance, we have two brazilians, a dane, a german, a thai, two californians, a guy from rochester, a girl from virginia, a girl from long island, a guy from iowa, etc.

Most of us hang out off the field.

sophisticated simplicity. Our in-person speed dating events, virtual speed dating events and matchmaking services offer fresh alternatives for Philadelphia singles. Whether you're looking for a night out with fellow singles, prefer a night in with our virtual events or find one-on-one matchmaking to be your cup of tea, we bring just the right amount of flirty to suit any need. Oh no! OkCupid requires you enable Javascript in your browser. Learn more. Aug 02,   10 reasons Philly totally trumps NYC. By Adam Robb. Published on 8/2/ at AM. Sponsored by. Philly Photo by gptmc. As two of America's oldest major cities, New York and the City of.

Even the people that i chat with at my local watering hole are from all over the country. I don't necessarily hang out with my drinking buddies elsewhere but it wouldn't be weird if I did. I have a friend from Charlotte who moved up here knowing only me, his girlfriend and a friend who had just started a business. He broke up with his girlfriend shortly after moving here, his friend's business went under and the guy moved to the 'burbs and I rarely see him anymore because he's too busy with all of his other friends.

Maybe i'm just hyper-social or something but when I hear people saying, "woe is me, it's so hard to meet people, there's something wrong with this city" it makes me think something is up.

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If you move to NYC and get an apartment in Bayside, Queens and start complaining about your social life your coworkers in the city are gonna tell you to move. If you spend the rest of your time hanging out in posh or dive bars or night clubs hoping to find a boyfriend, well.

So many people who move here from afar plant themselves on the Parkway or as close to Kelly Dr.

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I don't understand it. Half of them wind up in high rises, living alone. I can't think of a more alienating way to live. Originally Posted by girlygirl Location: Boston Metrowest via the Philly area.

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Based on the OP's concerns, I think it's also important to note that parochialism and insularity are not synonymous. While Philadelphia may be a bit more parochial in comparison to a very large, very cosmopolitan city like NY, that does NOT mean it is insular. I should have seen the warning signs.

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I had a few bad dates in a row. My grandmother asked me when I was going to get a girlfriend. I was dating someone the last time I saw her!

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Societal double standards should keep me from feeling worried about being alone, but cracks appeared. Over the weekend a news source slightly more reliable than my grandmother, the New York Postweighed in on my dating life: Men and women pair off early in Philadelphia, and those of us still left are bottom-of-the-barrel types.

Well, crap.

Sep 22,   5 Philadelphia Ladies Share What Dating in Philly is like Right Now I really try to be positive about the dating world. For me, my time trying to find love in Philadelphia has been filled with some peaks and valleys. There are very strong similarities between NYC and Philly. I started hanging out in Philly a few years ago when I realized that public transit went there. Philadelphians look, sound, dress, and act the same as New Yorkers and their diets are simil. Jun 12,   Over the weekend a news source slightly more reliable than my grandmother, the New York Post, weighed in on my dating life: Men and women pair off early in Philadelphia, and those of us still left Author: Dan Mcquade.

I guess I should start looking for a cat to keep me company. When Piazza, a Yardley native and Penn grad, moved back to Philadelphia inshe found the dating scene here wanting. When Piazza returned to New York after a year, she writes, dating was fresher. Her column is one of those pieces the New York media churn out, reassuring New Yorkers they live in the only city worth living in.

How do you meet your dates?

A study set the average marriage age in Philadelphia at There are plenty of people in their late 20s and early 30s here. And, yeah, dating in Philadelphia is terrible. Women have started saying racist things. Many women have told me about the other dates they have scheduled for later in the week.

Multiple women have commented on the number of sneakers and hair care products I own.

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