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Olivia Ortiz met her first boyfriend when she was an year-old sophomore at the University of Chicago. He ignored her and pressured her for months, she said, and often tried to take advantage of her when she was drunk or sleeping. Sometimes, Ortiz said, she would wake up to him touching her while she had been unconscious. But it was also the only relationship Ortiz had ever known. She suggested Ortiz speak to the dean of students, who offered to set up an informal mediation between Ortiz and her ex. Universities all over the country are under fire for how they handle sexual assault under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program. Since then, campus activists have joined together across the country to spread awareness, prompting bipartisan legislation, a White House task force committee, and federal investigations into more than schools nationwide.

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Identifying and leaving an abusive relationship takes time, and the decision to leave or seek a protection order is not always prompted by the most violent incident. Regardless of whether they want to contact police - or whether the police are willing to intervene at all - student survivors of dating violence can take advantage of Title IX by asking to switch their dorm room or class schedule. Their Title IX coordinator can help them modify their academic requirements and connect them to on-campus counseling and off-campus legal resources.

Dating in college buzzfeed

Under Title IX, schools can provide no-contact orders even before the investigative process is underway. As with campus sexual assault hearings, both the accused and accusers say that process is deeply flawed.

Her boyfriend, a fellow graduate student at Indiana University Bloomington, was jealous and obsessive, she said.

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Woods eventually started cutting herself and thinking about suicide. Woods reported him to the police a few weeks later, but they declined to press charges. When she emailed her district attorney to ask why, she never heard back, she said.

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Woods was able to secure a protective order through a state court, but she still saw her ex around campus, which she said made her feel intimidated and unsafe. The university found her ex responsible for physical abuse and domestic assault in April.

He was suspended immediately until Dec. But she still felt that the school had improperly handled her case.

The process had taken up her entire semester, longer than the school said it would, and she felt that her ex needed more than an anger management counseling course to rehabilitate. Two campus couples counselors they had seen together knew about their problems - one even knew he had struck her, she said - but did not tell her that she had experienced abuse.

The university also failed to uphold its own decision. In May, a friend saw Facebook photos of her ex attending graduation. When Woods called campus police, they told her they had never heard of a no-trespass order against him.

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Woods' student advocate told her that her decision to appeal meant that, unbeknownst to her, the no-trespass order had been put on hold. When the university ultimately upheld its original decision, Woods decided to file a Title IX complaint, arguing that the faulty process made it impossible for her to focus on her studies.

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Woods believes she won her disciplinary hearing in part because her ex admitted he had hit her in an email, and because she had recorded the audio of one of their fights on her phone.

But because she filed the complaint, she had the upper hand. I was a victim of her violence. Woods admitted she slapped her ex twice, although she said it was because his repeated emotional abuse took her to a dark place.

Another complicating factor in dating violence cases are the strong ties between accuser and accused. The two broke up, but her ex would stalk her, break into her social media accounts, and force her to have sex, she said. It was still hard to let go forever. No one explained what a no-contact order was or what it entailed or that she could receive help with her class schedule and test extensions.

But, due to the stress of navigating the system, she was unable to complete enough credits to graduate as planned. Her ex was suspended for four years and ordered to complete therapy and community service before he could graduate.

Gonzalez was told the sanctions were effective immediately. Soon after, her ex attended a campus event and posted a photo of his diploma online.

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The campus police told Gonzalez they were unaware of any no-trespass order or disciplinary suspension. Among her suggestions: free transportation for students in rural areas who wish to go to court to obtain a restraining order, domestic violence-specific training for investigators and hearing boards, and a concerted effort to stop publishing students' on-campus addresses online without their consent, since student abusers can use it to track down victims if they've changed dorms.

Due, in part, to Ashley's large fanbase, her dismissal from BuzzFeed also surfaced a number of critiques of the organization and the way it takes advantage of young artists by owning all the creative rights to their work.

Domestic Violence On Campus Is The Next Big College Controversy. He did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News. Sexual assault and dating violence are not mutually exclusive. But it frustrates Ortiz that politicians, mainstream media, and college administrators themselves mostly ignore the latter. Dating In College Buzzfeed Teen in the context of the site is the age of the model of years - this is legal. Pussy Space has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography. Report to us. Any website recommendation, no /

Since Reinacher also left BuzzFeed, he and Ashley continue to collaborate on their own individual channels. Ashley resides in California.

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She is a lesbian. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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American actor, writer, and comedian. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement.

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Early life and education. Ashley grew up in Chicago. Her mother died when Ashley was six. After graduating from The Second City Training Center sketch writing program she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting/writing/comedy career. She has performed at the Groundlings. Career BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. Ashley was a full-time content creator for BuzzFeed. 21 Life-Changing Dating Tips Every College Student Needs To Know. We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they wish they knew about dating in college. Here are their amazing. Dating In College Buzzfeed Tasty, black dating life coach, musician dating playfon, free fun safe dating sites/

The Groundlings Website. POC Online Classroom. Select All. Washington Post. jankossencontemporary.com UK. The Daily Dot". The Daily Dot. The '90s".

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