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I would want to work there because I have the right qualifications and I could earn good money. Yes this is true but you can do better things, more intelligent things like work in a law office or with a financial trader. Its just going to be a way to show off your assets and get guys to oogle you than respect you as a person. You are too important for that. Times are tough right now, dude. Take it from me, I work at a government job and work pretty high up.

Yeah, but I can't just ask her out after seeing her for the first time yesterday. I became to go in more, but I'm afraid if I do so, shedoes just going to see me as a customer.

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Thatworks my whole date here. Never hit on one of the girls at hooters although I went with my parents one date and she was kind of flirting with me so I don't think it was for the tip or maybe just the tip heuheuheu I used to bang a girl who worked at hooters a year prior. Thatdoes about it.

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They like when we personalize our sections ie decorate with balloons, come up with personlized menus, etc. They want us to make the customers day: By an ex-hooters girl. You don't have to go in more. Hit her up on the spot.

Blah blah blah. I'd really like to spend some time with you. Let me take you out to eat.

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She either does yes or no dude. Well, probably guys before me did the same, and all got no's. What would make her see me as any different though?

Works like a how worth it situation, tbh.

Can an " Average Joe" Date a Hooters girl?

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Personality and mutual interest counts when it comes to dating, and Hooters Girls are no exception (but -again- the "Hooters Girl image" is darn entrancing. H's founders sure knew a thing or two about wholesome beauty, I swear. And zip the lip, feminists: as the girl who runs this blog has pointed out, beauty empowers women, not the opposite.). I've been to Hooters twice and I found the girls there to be exceptionally friendly, but then again, they're trained to do so. They are also a bit more intimate, for example when a girl asks for your order she will sit down with all of you and perhaps be . May 11,   Can an " Average Joe" Date a Hooters girl? Could an average guy ever date a Hooter's girl, Twin Peaks girl, or Tilted Kilt girl? ** This question is mostly for fun, And also to help some friends and I solve the debate if a Hooter's type girl were ever go out with some average guy, And not just some Tool or Jock type.**.

Search This Blog I thank her and say that was unnecessary. My brother banged a waitress simply by leaving his number on a receipt. Who's Stopped By? The Bravest Anybody successfully hit on and dated a Hooters girl? Looking for something specific? Either I am ugly AF which I am not or I'm too "old" though many think I'm younger than my actual age but age shouldn't matter and I'm not getting into my views on that, or We are all HUMAN and how we may meet the person who becomes the love of our lives should not be important.

Imagine how many potentially GREAT relationships may have happened if people got out of this political correct nonsense. And then go see how many horrible, abusive relationships came out of meeting significant others through friends and relatives.

Dating hooters girl

The very same way we all take a chance that we're not gonna get into a fatal car accident on our way to work each day. Take the chance and go on the date. Be cautious as you would or should with ANY date. But damn, what if he's a great guy and you miss out and later on down the road you date a jackass who beats the crap out of you but you think he's great because he didn't meet you by being your customer at freakin Hooters?!

I would also like to add this food for thought since everyone these days is so wishy-washy about the ways in which they meet their potential life partner Go ask your grandparents how they met.

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I bet many of you will be shocked at how things were so much easier back in their day. Today, those same ways of trying to meet someone that catches your eye are considered "creepy" and "weird". If our grandparents thought of each other as "creepy", many of us would not be here right now.

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That word should not even be in the vocabulary of any grown woman. It makes you sound like a 12 yr old. I met a hooters girl and we hit it off after ssveral months and went out. Thursday, October 29, Dating Customers. It was a typical Friday night: people coming in to pre -drink and get some food in their systems before the real fun starts. I had a pretty big section and made a good chunk of money since the more people drink, the more generous they tend to be when tipping. By around 11, most people had left but I still had a few tables.

One of them was a couple of guys that come in at least once a week and order the same thing 20 wings, all drums, naked, hot and 2 bottles of Bud Light every time.

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Most of the time, they aren't one of those tables that you can sit and have a conversation, or play games with so I pretty much just stick to the basics when it comes to serving them. They stay for an hour or 2, leave a good tip and leave Most of the time. A half hour after they sat down, 2 more guys came in and sat with them.

I went to see what they wanted to drink and they got a couple pitchers of beer.

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One of them was pretty cute, but I didn't really take that much notice. Soon, I only had their table left so I went to sit with them and talk.

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They were all from out of town and are here for work for another couple of months. The cute one Q was really funny and I was having a lot of fun talking to that table.

Finally, it was time for us to close. As they were getting up to leave, Q asked my if it would be okay for him to give me his number. I said yes for a few reasons: First, I felt rude saying no since it's not like if I didn't want to talk to him I had the option of not calling him.

How to Pick Up a WAITRESS (Hooters Girls)

Second, unlike most of the guys who come in looking for a date, he didn't try any nauseating pick-up lines and he didn't pester me for my phone number until I was forced to cave and give him a fake phone number like I would normally do.

And third, he was really cute and really funny! I got his number and debated whether or not to call him for a few days before I finally did it. We've gone out a couple of times since then for dinner and to see movies and go to tourist-y places that he hasn't been to before. I really enjoy being around him and we have a lot of fun together. He's a really positive person which is something that I really like. There's only a couple problems with it, though.

He's 7 years older than me and I met him at work.

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What do you think about the age difference and for all the Hooters Girls or really any servers out there, would you ever go on a date with one of your customers? Unknown October 29, at PM. Anonymous October 29, at PM.

If Dating Hooters Girl you don't hook up with someone within three weeks Dating Hooters Girl of using our site, we'll upgrade your account for free for a whole year. Most members get more action within two weeks and signing up takes less than 60 Dating Hooters Girl seconds. Try it / Oct 12,   Sex & Dating. I Got Rejected by (Almost) Every Server at Hooters "I'm just not that into you," I hit on every beautiful girl at a suburban Denver Hooters with the invariable question: "Would Author: Lee Breslouer.

Sauce October 29, at PM. Anonymous February 7, at AM. Anonymous October 30, at AM. I'm sorry! I'm not just saying that, I swear.

Dating Hooters Girl - Would you date a Hooters girl (or similar waitress)? Cher-Ann Home Improvement, How to 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Hooters Waitress. The server girl works by repeatedly apologizing for the delay, and saying something about a gas leak or something. I just smile, super nice, and shrug it off. Oct 25,   Has anyone ever dated a Hooters girl? I mean where you walked in, had some food and beer with the guys, and then before you left you got the phone number of the girl who was serving you. Dating hooters girl - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. Find single man in the US with footing. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place.

People are like, 'You're lying, let me see your phone. Or I casually ignore the question and keep writing [the order]. Or other times they'll ask for my number, and I'll give them the Hooters store number.

There was also this one cool app for a while that would give you fake phone numbers that would only last for a week.

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