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In this post I am going to review a new CPA network. CPAmatica is a new network with great offers on several niches. CPAmatica was founded in by a single person whose vision was to help others earn more money in a smart way. He has created a network which is innovative, simple and with world-class environment in performance marketing so that everyone can achieve great success and to their full potential. CPAmatica network helps bring affiliates, advertisers, media buyers and agencies under the same roof so that everyone can grow their profit many times higher. So, if you are in dating or health niches, then you definitely should try them out. You do not come very often across networks which have direct blackhat offers but CPAmatica do have such offers and also allow spam traffic for those offers.

Every offer you pomote at CPAmatica earns you points.

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Redeem your points from CPAmate club store. They have great goodies. Below is a screenshot of the CPAmate club store and the available goodies you can redeem. CPAmatica is a network with a team of pros connected with passion and knows all the ins and outs of running a network, so they put all their efforts on the success of their affiliates. At Affiliate Ninja Club, I try to share my knowledge and help others.

So please share my posts and connect with me on social networking sites. Your email address will not be published. Zenmate VPN for Spying.

CPA Dating Master December 30, Today I wake up little bit earlier to start to do my online job because want to reach this month and will do all to do jankossencontemporary.comers: K. May 07, blackhat niches are legal (most CPA networks don't allow blackhat. BOOO. Yay for CPABuild though) you can easily modify and create your own landing pages. No HTML coding required! you have access to thousands of CPA niche idea. Better than that, CPABuild is FREE to use. Therefore, CPABuild is my go-to CPA network. Would like to know how you make money with dating cpa offers,just short of ideas here Thanks to you all in advance Advertise on BHW. Mar 26, #2. Kid Cash Newbie. Joined: Mar 24, Messages: 7 Likes Received: 0. I don't do dating offers but you could write a fake personal testimonial for the offer, submit to somewhere like articlebase.

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Tracking Payout 9. Support Competitive EPC in the industry Accept all types of traffic: search, email, social, adult and etc Regular bumps, bonuses and prizes for proven partners.

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Recommended Tools. ANC Partner. Adplexity Discount. Nobody has anything like it - Click Here to see Live Demo! Built-in Right-Click disabling option. My customers asked me to add this - I complied. Easily control parameters like lock-screen position and size. BlackHat CodeBreaker Version 2.

Version 4. You Control Haze color and Opacity.

Make $$+ A Day. On Complete AUTOPILOT With. BLACKHAT CODEBREAKER V Imagine A Script That Automatically Locks Content And Forces People To Sign Up. Imagine an Innovative script that Automatically Locks Content and literally "Forces" people to Complete your CPA Offers for you.; Imagine a script that is so customizable and takes just 5 minutes to install. Mar 10, CPAmatica is a new aspiring global affiliate network, highly specialized in dating; health & beauty niche always tries to focus all their efforts on the success of their affiliates. Join today and find your success with CPAmatica/5. May 07, Since I have been doing CPA marketing for years now, I would love to show you the key elements you need, in order to rank a Youtube video with CPA marketing from the blackhat perspective. With this being said, the first powerful element you need to learn about Youtube's ranking is the precious element of time.

Unlock your entire site, or just current directory Choose unlock duration after user fills in the CPA offer. Set any period you like. For example: Re-lock pages every time the visitor refreshes or loads a page. Give them one day after unlocking, but re-lock the following day.

Give them a full week to browse. Never re-lock - once your visitors fill a CPA offer for you, they're in for good.

AutoScroll to Top. Read my Bio:. Let me assure you that I'm NOT the regular internet-marketing newbie that's out for a quick buck. Where I come from, the defense industry, I was trained to deliver extremely high-quality products, bug free and highly innovative.

I started out as an aeronautical engineer, doing extremely innovative research on some highly futuristic topics. Yep - I was a true-blue R ocket Scientist :- the exact term is missiles engineer, but let's not be petty. After getting an additional M. I also moonlighted giving short courses on Agile Program Management.

During the course of my work I've earned about a dozen company awardsfirst as a developer, then as a manager. This was also what made me quit my J. You see, the final award I received was the Company Award for Innovation - my second such award only granted to patentable ideas and projects.

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This time my idea was truly unique - a breakthrough way to ease interfacing between software processes. What really got me is that I could have just as well developed and patented this one for myselfnot for my billion-dollar-defense-company employer. Had that been the case - I could have definitely taken my family on a lifelong vacation So I quit. Cold turkey. And started focusing my energy on Internet Marketing.

This was a few years ago. Judging from the account snapshots I posted below I guess you can say I'm doing just fine. Why did I tell you this? Because with BlackHat CodeBreaker I do my best to maintain the same standards of quality I maintained while in the defense sector. This is because they want free stuff. Again, if money is no issue to you, then you can purchase likes, comments, and subscriptions.

However, you need to be very cautious when buying these types of services. If you think they are too expensive, please feel free to use any other service.

May 04, | Smartlink CPA Network - Adult, Dating, Games, Sweepstakes - Weekly payments! Discussion in 'Affiliate programs - CPA networks' started by norkodeo, May 4, Tags: adult; I am posting here because the Blackhat forum is aimed at helping people. This is my review and hopefully, it will help save someone elses time. If their. Blackhat CPA BlackHatSystem - Start making Make $ a month with adults image Earn money online as a dating site BONUS - CPA: CPA CPA Prophet CPA Secrets $$$ EBook BlackHat Method of ; About Me. CPAMethods owns the exclusive rights to the number of top dating products, that's how you get the maximum possible payout. CPAMethods's product offers Smartlinks system that help adjusting your campaigns to reach your maximum EPM. How It Works. Take advantage of all favorite dating offers in one link.

However, do not screw yourself by getting low quality products out there. We want to do this because we will be portraying as the original video creator. The whole purpose of this method is to take the content and use it for yourself. By doing this, we save time and money by using a video that is already created. All we have to do is create a replica of the landing page the content creator had in his or her video.

We need to first do some research on good videos related to our niche. If we find something, we can save it.

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This step is actually the easiest. You know why? Since we are using the same video another person has created, we are just going to copy the look of his CPABuild landing page by just using his or her template and filling in the necessary parameters. If you are following directions and have read through the past two tutorials first, then you should have all your easy niches in a spreadsheet somewhere.

Well, now is the time! Now that you have found a Youtube video with CPABuild content directly for your niche, put it in that spreadsheet column like this.

Just repeat this same process for each niche that you have found as an easy niche to rank for. The more the better! Doing this allows you to be more organized. So, if your computer crashes and your history is gone, then you still have a detailed log on the video you have just found.

With this program, you are able to download any video you want. So, what you are going to do is refer back to your spreadsheet.

Great, now that we have the link, we are ready to download the video. Let me show you how. Okay, so this is the sneaky part of the tutorial. Now that we have found existing CPABuild affiliates and we have copied their videos, we want to replicate their landing page! This is so the user that gets fooled by our video will go to the same landing page and get the same experience that he or she saw in the video we copied.

These are the top 3 default game generators you will see other members using. It is up to you to distinguish what type of template is in the video that you have just downloaded. You can see this by just looking at the video and comparing the images! Again, this is so we can portray as the actual creator of this video and get leads by showing a replica of his or her landing page.

Now, in all honesty I use paid video production software. I have used this off and on but I will show you want you need to do in order to produce a great video.

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This production software is called Blender. One of the many ways I and other professionals have found out how Youtube finds copied videos is by the MD5 hash checksum. If they find you, they will not rank your video properly and will just tease you.

One way of getting past this is just by changing the meta data of the file itself or using some sort of program.

Dating cpa blackhat

This way is also better than changing the MD5 hash. The most simplistic and effective way I know of doing this is by utilizing the concepts that I have previously mentioned with getting likes, comments, and subscribers. For this particular method, we are going to be adding just a simple outro clip at the end of the video!

By doing this, it automatically makes our Youtube video unique and we are home free. Okay, now that we know why we need to add content, I am going to show you how to create the content into one video. This is so we can promote it on Youtube later! Blender is an open-source and free video production software.

We will be using the outro clip for this Youtube blackhat CPA method. It is now rendering your production into a playable video file. Congrats, you made your first video with Blender.

You need to attract to your audience and in this case, Youtube offers you a great way to do this. In my last tutorial I showed you how to sign up with vidIQ. After that, we need to either purchase services or manipulate the metrics that rank our Youtube video. If we do this correctly, we will be able to promote this to a larger audience, depending on our search volume. This is the most important part of the process. So, if you have little to no attention to be paid, save this tutorial for later.

In order to get something you need to ask. Now we need to optimize the video properly. Like I said, when we do this, we are telling Youtube what we want to rank for. So, this is a very important step. Like I said, this guide will take a long time to both interpret and implement. But anyways, now that you have uploaded your video and optimized it correctly, give yourself a pat on the back.

This guide took me a really long time to make so I apologize for the wait but I appreciate all of your support. With this being said, I really appreciate all of the shares and feedback I get.

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It really helps me out a lot. What could it be? When you have subscribed, you will get weekly useful and high quality informative emails with the latest money-making techniques!

How CPA Dating Offers Function

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Great as always. Yeah, sure!

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Sorry I thought I replied to your yesterday. Great guide.

CPA Method For Beginners ($ / Day)

The main problem is how to create many youtube accounts for free since people that start cpa marketing probably beginers and dont have money to invest into buying many youtube accounts. A lot of people go wrong with this. Chances are if you are starting out with CPA, you probably have an aged Youtube account. This guide is aimed towards the people who want to get started with little to no investment. I really like your thinking here though.

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It is debatable on whether or not I should add this. Thank you for your concerns. Great Tut bro. Is there any way to be your referrer?

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