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Forgot your password? Started by redhawknc1 , December 20, Just purchased a red Abu with white handles of serial number on the foot. How do i date this reel by that number? Any suggestions. A little red was the first reel I ever bought with my own money around ish as a kid of about 12 or Just kinda wanted another since that one has been long gone.

I will think so until proven differently, what say you? The second pic front view is actually closer to the actual color of the plates. Condition of the reel is a 9. Further comment by Per Erlandsen. These are my comments: There is something wrong here.

The reel shown in the picture is clearly an ABU stamped reel.

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If it were to fit with the original color test reels it should have been stamped Record. The famous test for selecting the color happened in when the Record Ambassadeur was being finalized for production and prior to the launch of the Mod SG. They come in five different colors: 20 or 21 red, 20 or 21 green, 20 or 21 black, 1 blue, 1 golden Brake plate is polished aluminum.

No Roman color coding numbers occur on any of these reels.

Dec 23,   BTW, Smooth drag has just started selling Carbontex washers for these reels, and might be a nice choice should the stock washers need replacing. Good luck, and enjoy. SS. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur STX Round Reel. $ - $ Abu Garcia Revo Premier Low Profile. Showing 1 - 15 of. Best Matches Most Popular Top Rated Price High to Low Price Low to High Newest. 15 30 45 60 All (61) Fishing Reels - Baitcast Reels, Spinning Reels, Spincast Reels. Since Abu Garcia has offered top quality fishing reels. Mar 21,   Red Abu Ambassadeur No. HOW TO DATE CODE. ORCA Online Forum - Feel free to talk or ask about ALL kinds of old tackle here, with an emphasis on old reels! 4 posts Page 1 of 1. fishbugman Super Board Poster Dating Ambassadeur Reels. Post .

There were disagreements about which color to use, Ake preferred the black reel, and it was finally decided to make 20 reels of the red, green and black variants for further testing to assess customer opinions. Why it is green is hard to say, it could be the color is not original, it could be the job of an employee who just wanted something different a private jobor it could be a reel made to a special order it is known that this happened from time to time. I have never heard of a green reel made to a special order, but I have heard of several black reels.

A reel from the batch of color test reels, however, it is not. I agree with you that id this Kind regards from Per Erlandsen. Abone 2 rare Champagne Ambassadeur and boxes marked G for gold! The photographs are just stunning and let's face folks that's the only way most of us are ever going to enjoy many of the these classics My attempt to secure this model is below san box and lightly used.

Toggle navigation realsreels. History History of A. Urfabriken Patents Custom or Forgery? Great story behind this reel First the pressure placed on the spool is by the calibrated left hand end cap. This is usually matched to just allow the lure to fall slowly when the reel is in free spool, faster the lure is allowed to drop the wilder and faster the cast will be.

If too tight then the cast will be shortened. There are no bearings in this reelrather the axles spin in brass bushes. Some old timers have advised that lapping these to a high degree of smoothness makes them as effective as ball bearings! Hope this helps in your understanding of the control processes involved in this reel mate! A very lightly used reel with minimal marking but still showing it was a "tested" reel by the great man!

Next to find is a green or black Record Ambassadeur now I guess! It was a variant of the ABU spinning reel handle. These smaller reels, some designated Ambassadeur like this model are delicate little gems to cast.

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There were numerous models, all annodised red, ranging fromA,the narrow spoolthe ultra rare as well as the and the narrow spool Push booton release was an innovative feature on the model. I have a prototype with internal electronics for casting control. This ABUsold in Europe, was designed with special "plastic" sideplates to make it more resistant to salt water.

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Abu date codes. We get asked this one all the time what do the numbers on my Ambassadeur reel seat mean? This chart may or may not make it easier, but it will shed a bit of light on the subject! Dating ABU Reels. N umbering on ABU Around this era, two other Ambassadeur reels, namely the B (still red, but with Clicker) and C (black with ball bearings rather than bushes) models were serialized also but were considered different to the standard red Ambassadeur This initial numbering process ended in and saw the. Also with small Ambassadeur reels, to prove what these tiny reels (tiny compared to the then usual Penn monsters) were worth. One of the anglers was the same Jan Schreiner. This trip appeared in the ABU catalog of which I have added a page: the man in the middle on page 17 is Jan Schreiner.

It's easy! By Gilbey Started 10 hours ago. By Captain Lew Started April By StripBandit09 Started 16 hours ago. By Tfisher Started January 23, By cblue5 Started 6 hours ago. By Spigola Started 4 hours ago. By gellfex Started 4 hours ago.

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By irishexit Started 15 hours ago. By bassking33 Started Friday at PM. Existing user? Dating Ambassadeur Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. To me, I think it's from late Good luck, and enjoy. Excellent looking reel. I would say that transaction went very well. Actually, the serial number on this reel has nothing to do with the year of production. Beforethe numbers were sequential. Anyway, you have a very nice Judging from the appearance, it has seen very little use.

Cleaned and lubed properly, it will be a good fishing reel. As Surfslinger mentioned, Carbontex drags are available PN and Thanks Jerry. Mint condition should have been twice that much!!!! Create an account or sign in to comment You need to register here in order to participate. Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? It has been brought to my attention that some collectors have side plate concerns after reading the paragraph above. In question is the left plate's numbered bearing housing with " hook" or "tear-drop" shape font on the leading edge of the number "7". There are variables to consider such as production model, limited models and year s made with and without "7" hook font.

The following information was given to me by Simon Shimomura but should not be considered as all-inclusive. Pre ABU production items do not have "7" hook font. Around mid's and beyond, ABU production used both "7" font versions. Simon Shimomura side plate manufactured before have "7" hook font. My web page is dedicated to classic-era Ambassadeur only. The information in this section is meant to bring attention to part detail for classic-era models only and the collectible affect it may have on them.

This is not necessarily the case with all ABU original or reproduction plates. One will usually find at least a small spot or two if not a sizeable area where anodizing appears to be rubbed off or incomplete. This is caused by buffing compound residue left undetected during the cleaning process just prior to anodizing.

The residue particles form a barrier between metal and dye causing incomplete anodization.

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Model stickers are another concern. Notice how the letters are jammed together and the "4" in is open at the top. This is a classic example of a reproduction sticker and is not original for reels made in the s.

Original stickers will have clear, sharp and defined spacing between each letter and the "4" will be closed at the top like the one I typed. Reproduction Sticker. Original Sticker. Reproduction handles are easily overlooked unless you know what to look for.

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Many handle styles used during the classic years which ended inwere reproduced in later years. In the example below, the handle in the foreground is original for reels made in the s. Notice the post pin is slightly dome shaped while the post pin on the reproduction handle in the background is noticeably flat and is level with the paddle. The reproduction also has a different texture on the paddle. It is much finer in texture compared to the green handle which is original.

All reproduction handles will have a flat post pin. This is the brown version of the bushing model, or so one might think? The earliest production for this model was with introduction to the public the following year.

Smooth foot for all ABU models ended in late with the new and improved foot with dimples around its lot number. The frame used here is for a common C with an early lot number of which was made in August The handle arm with mesh design was never offered on the brown and should be mirror finish only.

Correct star drag will have straight cut ends only, as this one is tear drop shaped. Take a close look at the brake plates color and you'll see it's black. Brake plates for original brown are silver. There is little doubt that all mechanical parts inside this reel are those from a C. End result, you just bought two used side plates! The CDL below is a forgery. Note the poor attempt at gold plating a common C frame with lot number This means they never received a design change during their short production life span.

First batch: Second batch: This example sold online for a large sum so be careful when considering highly sought after models. Marketed in Europe init was not sold in the United States.

Sometime inthe "MOD SG" mark was removed from the lower left side plate which leads us to the American version. Introduced to the American market inRecord Ambassadeur came equipped with a standard capacity spool. This reel never received an engraved letter designation.

Record Ambassadeur A is added to the line up in along with the debut of Record Ambassadeur and is the first known "A" model. According to Simon Shimomura's studies, it became apparent that a large capacity spool was needed.

Although never engraved with "A", A is listed for the first time in Garcia's catalog. In fact, the trade catalog is Garcia's official introduction to the public for the AmbassadeurA and model.

It would be twenty years later inwhen "A" was engraved beside the model number. A transition was taking place between as an unknown number of models had neither "Record" or "ABU" engraved above "Ambassadeur" on the left side plate.

Soon after the beginning of"ABU" is now engraved above "Ambassadeur" on all models. Production for "Record" engraved ceased by the end of Introduced inthis reel is commonly known to collectors as the with a clicker. Actually when first produced, it didn't have a clicker but was sold with a counter balanced handle and large capacity spool.

The box was marked "B" with matching serial number on the box bottom. About two years later a clicker was added. The reel itself was not engraved "B" until Introduced inthis was the first model mass produced with "C" engraved beside the model number. The De Luxe introduced inwas the first.

Since mass production of a ball bearing model started init made good marketing sense to engrave all future models that used ball bearings with the letter "C. Introduced inthe "D" designation stands for direct drive. Although earlier direct drive models were produced by ABU, the D was quite different.

It incorporated an adjustable drag system with the free spool concept. During line retrieval the reel is in direct drive. Taking your hand off the paddle allows the drag system to take over as the handle rotated backwards.

Adjustment of the knurled aluminum knob sets the desired tension of drag washer pressure. Models listed above with exception to ball bearing models, used bronze bushings. The complete list of bronze bushing models are listed here: D,A,B,D and As anglers wanted faster retrieving reels, ABU responded by introducing models with high speed gears. The original gear ratio was 3. ABU's first high speed model was the Ambassadeur C introduced in with a gear ratio of 4. The high speed designation is in the second digit such as C.

In the late s, ABU introduced its high speed model with the Thumbar. Designation for Thumbar is also in the second digit such as C.

From the time ABU's new Thumbar technology came into the market, it revolutionized the sport fishing reel. Virtually all bait casting reels today use similar technology. Information in this segment does not apply to model numbers higher than C. As I've mentioned before, the collector should pay attention to part design changes since many of them are interchangeable with different models. Some of the design changes are, but not limited to, handles, handle nuts, side plates, take down knobs, star drag wheels, spool tension caps and others.

It may sound overwhelming to figure all this out, but it can be determined with a little initiative. Simon Shimomura's books are an excellent guide to help answer these questions and one would be wise to purchase his books. The collector will find some reels that didn't reflect that change immediately.

Inbeveled rim side plates with screwdriver type take down knobs were new yet you also find groove rim with newer take down knobs too. Why is this? The answer is simple: It's the over lap of old style parts being used on next season's reels.

ABU would not simply throw away old stock parts. They were assembled to the latest models until exhausted. Design changes for other parts such as spool caps, handles, handle nuts, etc.

It should be noted that these differences most likely will not extend past one year. In other words, you shouldn't normally find a reel made in late with grooved rim side plates. Garcia's fishing season begins in July and ends in June the following year. This can be noted by opening the cover page of a Garcia Fishing Annual.

The date is located at the bottom right hand corner of the first page and it will precede the year found on the magazines spine. A reel purchased sometime during the Summer of could have old stock parts from assembled to it.

The wonderful world of collecting Abu tackle - Sweden's famous fishing brand

Here are two examples of the differences you may encounter with over lapping parts. This C has correct beveled rim plates, but has mushroom style take down knobs which are more commonly seen on grooved rims. This AMB. Note the early March date of this reel which is well within the year limit. Lot Part or design modifications were not necessarily confined to broader measures like side plate styles or reel foot designs but rather some of the changes were more specific in nature.

The Ambassadeur was introduced in while its narrow spool cousin made its debut in The first series of Ambassadeur is easily recognized by its carriage screw nut found on the left side plate. With the introduction of Ambassadeur inparts for the first series such as the carriage screw and others were redesigned to mirror those found in the This may be the earliest 1st.

The foot is stamped "Record" in the fish shaped logo with "Made in Sweden" below it. G decal replaces "Ambassadeur " cursive engraving. This change was another way to curtail cost and was more than likely introduced near the end of production. Left side plate part fit models 2nd series,and Another example of specific change was the D.

Buy abu reels picking reels-to-go new dating app no problem if you select online dating there are scuffs or multipliers. Click on models taking the ambassadeur main forum - abu with serial numbers. Join date views shimano date these reels are also . Vintage Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C Lure Bait Casting Reel. $ shipping. Ending Feb 16 at PM PST. Brand: Ambassadeur. Ambassadeur c3. Ending Feb 16 at PM PST. Brand: Ambassadeur. Ambassadeur Reels. $ shipping. Ending Feb 19 at PM PST. Brand: Ambassadeur. ABU AMBASSADEUR 4 SCREW REEL # Simon Shimomura is author of three books on collectible Ambassadeur reels and is considered an expert and historian of Ambassadeur. He manufactures his own line of custom-made "Classic Ambassadeur" under a license given to him by Pure Fishing (ABU-Garcia). The quality of his reels meets or exceeds the same quality standards set by ABU in the.

With introduction of the high speed D model init was delivered with a model sticker in lieu of engraving. Unlike it's D cousin, the D never had a clicker installed.

ABU saw this as an opportunity to cut cost by using the same left side plate for both models. Ambassadeur reels came in various marked cases through the years but the very first case offered had no markings at all.

Abu date codes

Each case came with correct paperwork for the reel packaged, a spare parts tube, oil bottle and wrench. All cases below appear in chronological order and their dates should be considered very close for the time period offered.

Record Amb. Chrome latch "Ambassadeur OF Sweden" in script, no crest, very rare. Brass latch, "Ambassadeur OF Sweden" in script, no crest rare. Very early 's. Brass latch "Ambassadeur Sweden" in script, no crest. The black synthetic leather cases came in three styles. The brown manufactured in late and early was packaged in the last case shown.

It should be noted that the correct handle for this case is the 80mm power handle with twin flat knobs. The 90mm chrome handles that were assembled to the brown in mid and on, would not fit inside any case. Some of the information provided here was from my dear friend Simon Shimomura. Used in for certain models.

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I would like to share some cleaning tips with you that I've learned through trial and error over the years. The information given hear has been practiced on every reel in my collection and includes the expensive presentation models which are plated in 24KT gold.

Please pay special attention to my explanations of where, and where not to use Acetone. This is a harsh stripper but used carefully, it can do wonders for a reels appearance. The composition make up of plastic parts in reels made in or later may be different.

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I suggest you spot test first before using this product. Rubber O-rings found on the left bearing housing should not be cleaned with Acetone either. You will see the various tools I use and are not necessarily the only tools you need.

You may find other tools more suitable to your liking, but these should give you a general idea. The four brushes in the middle are rifle bore brushes of different calibers.

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They come in handy for cleaning the inside diameters of various parts such as line guides, bearing housings, and the right hand sideplate where the drive shaft comes through. Q-tips are the basic cleaning tool. You'll need a large box of these and I recommend the count size. If you have a reel that's excessively dirty, you'll want to use one of your plastic bristle tooth brushes with dish soap and warm water to clean the thick grease and dirt from your parts.

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Once done, you can pour Acetone in a coffee cup and soak these parts. All metal parts can be cleaned easily using the Q-tip.

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Please use Acetone in a well ventilated area. I've shown a picture of the plastic parts you'll find in your classic reel that can safely be cleaned in Acetone.

The composition make-up of these plastic parts will not break down in Acetone.

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I don't know if the composition make-up of plastic in later reel models were changed up, so I strongly recommend you test it before cleaning. I can only verify my experience with this product for reels in their "original condition" mfg. Do not use Acetone on any Ambassadeur handle knob or paddle! Acetone will melt it. When cleaning the handle, make it your very last piece to clean.

Wash your hands to make sure the Acetone is removed and then clean your handle.

Dating ambassadeur reels

Black handle paddles can be brought back to full luster by using Armor-All. First, clean all dirt and grease from them. Using an eye dropper, apply Armor-All onto the paddle and rub it in with a Q-tip. Once dry, repeat this process two more times. If the paddle is excessively dry you made need to apply more but once it holds its original black color you shouldn't ever have to do this again.

For round handle knobs, a mild abrasive wax should do. Acetone can safely be used on your side plates with one small exception.

Reel models that have stickers showing their model numbers such as the C,C etc You will always use a Q-tip cleaning your parts, so use caution around the edges of your stickers. Dip the Q-tip and then squeeze the excess Acetone from it to keep it from running onto the sticker.

As an added precaution, tilt the side plate in a fashion to where the Acetone will always run away from the sticker. Frames are easily cleaned with Acetone and Q-tips just like all other parts. Acetone will not hurt the colored dye finish on these reels. Pull small pieces of cotton off the Q-tip and using tweezers, dip it in Acetone and clean those very small and tight areas.

Hard films will wash right off and chrome frames will look new again.

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