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Anyone who has encountered a twin flame, or even other soul relationships that mimic one, can attest that the experience is extremely powerful, heart-wrenching, challenging and, as a result, quite transformative. The following overview may validate some of what you have experienced or are noticing since you reunited permanently. For individuals or couples who are currently wrestling with key decisions about moving forward with a twin partner, the points below may assist you in making more informed choices regarding the timing and dynamics of your relationship on this plane. For those whose twin flame reunions appear to have been put on hold or postponed indefinitely in this incarnation, the points should help explain some of the reasons why, and some of the true benefits of those delays! CHALLENGE : Your sense of belonging and connection to the twin make the rest of the world and other relationships, interactions, and connections feel strained, flawed, and even unwanted. Despite the twin relationship in your life, you may feel extremely depressed or discouraged because the rest of the world really does NOT understand you now or share your perspectives.

Twin flames are here to change the planet, to bring the world back to true love.

The twin flames must suffer the same limitations to love that everyone else does so they can deeply understand that which they are working to heal in the long run through their twin flame reunion and mission. Their relationship or marriage is helping them to settle karma and learn their own lessons tht they agreed upon with this person before twin flame reunion can happen.

Dating after meeting twin flame

And then the presence of the twin flame and the disatisfaction it highlights to the one who feels stuck in an unhappy circumstance, causes them to retreat fursther into themselves so they really get in touch more with who they are at the core.

This helps to eventually develop the inutition.

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This development of intuition and the heart openeing in the process aligns the twin more with their soul self. This is when they become ready to xplore the option of moving on from their limiting relationship.

7 Twin Flame Stages You Have To Go Through To Find \"The One\". Dec 12,   The twin flame taboo. Dating a soul mate. For the longest time it seems, that the theory of twin flames has been that we are not meant for anybody else. This is . When twin flame's initially meet, often one or both are already in other relationships or are married. Sometimes, a little after meeting, some twin flames form a relationship with someone else. We often wonder how they could even attempt to love another once they have met their twin flame.

Surrender, be patient, find your own inner security and joy and then you will find the inner peace to go with the flow of your path and you will naturally always be living your highest good. All is happening to assist you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in.

Nov 12,   It totally depends upon case to case. I never dated my twin. He dated other people. The time he was dating, (that time - /96 we did not know a term twin flames) he knew i loved him, but he was not interested in me. Jul 23,   Because of this new change in your Life after meeting your Twin Flame, you start distancing yourself from old relationships that did not serve you any good, you begin to change your friends and most importantly, you crave to pursue a Life that involves having a relationship with your Twin Flame. Twin flames come from one soul that was split into two, and when both of these soul-parts reach a higher level of consciousness, by being reincarnated lifetime after lifetime, they will meet again. When you are lucky enough to meet your twin flame, it's like looking at yourself in the mirror.

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TWIN FLAMES - When Your Twin is in Another Relationship

May 9, When you meet your Twin Flame, you do not doubt within yourself that they are the one - you have that inner knowing and affirmation that this person was created to be your other-self. What would you do then if your Twin Flame is already Married or Dating someone else?

Talk to your Twin Flame about the complications of the situation because it concerns both of you.

From my experience, it is very difficult to hide the attraction that Twin Flames have towards each other. It is so easy for others to notice. It does not matter if other people can see the attraction that you have for each other or not but what matters the most is what you choose to do as the Twin Flame pair.

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Be Fair to everyone involved in your Karmic life because they will be affected by your actions and choices that you make when you awaken to your Twin Flame experience.

Remember that you had a life before you met your Twin Flame and there are so many people in your life who could be relying on you emotionally, financially and physically. Some of the people in your life who would be relying on you include your husband or boyfriend that you are already in a relationship with, your children, family relations, people that you work with and everyone else who is close to you in your life.

The Twin Flame experience sheds light on all the darkest corners of your Soul, and once you find enlightenment, you start to crave a significant change in your life that suits your Spiritual Awakening situation. Because of this new change in your Life after meeting your Twin Flame, you start distancing yourself from old relationships that did not serve you any good, you begin to change your friends and most importantly, you crave to pursue a Life that involves having a relationship with your Twin Flame.

Keep your Twin Flame out of your relationship problems.

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When I met my Twin Flame, I desperately wanted to be with him; I wanted to leave my marriage right away so that I could live happily ever after with him. I had expectations of what I wanted out of my Twin Flame relationship and I badly wanted to leave my marriage. I was so naive then about how the Twin Flame experience works and I had not anticipated the amount of Spiritual work involved when dealing with the awakening to Twin Flame Love.

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