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The U. The Breakdown Cover website reports that as the popularity of the newly formed AA grew the group began to issue badges to be attached to the front grill of a member's car. According to the AA website, the initial reason for motoring enthusiasts meeting at London's Trocadero restaurant on June 29, , was to find a way to bypass police speed traps for motorists. In the AA had just members, which subsequently grew such that, by , 83, motorists were members. Breakdown Cover reports that, by , the Automobile Association counted more than 12 million members. Versions of the AA badges issued throughout the history of the association have become collectors items in the 21st century, with various versions sought out by collectors of automobilia. The Breakdown Cover website explains the first badges were issued to AA members in April and were formed from brass.

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The first AA badges are known as secretary, or Stenson Cooke, badges because the word "secretary" was printed on the front of the brass badge and the phone number of the AA printed on the reverse.

The first secretary of the AA was Stenson Cooke. In brass badges were phased out to be replaced by nickel or white-metal chrome badges.

Related: vintage car badges rac badge vintage aa badge car badges used aa car badges motorcycle aa badge aa square badge aa pin badge aa sign coca cola classic cars. Refine. more Format Format. All listings - Current page Auction Buy it now Classified Ads. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Time: ending soonest;. AA grille badge & AA conversation booklet #1, used. AA grille badge in reasonable condition and also they usually became drivers or couriers for the war office at the time. aa members car badge with mounting bracket please inspect photos to make sure you are happy before bidding. The U.K.'s Automobile Association (AA) was formed on June 29, , by a group of motoring enthusiasts in London, England. The Breakdown Cover website reports that as the popularity of the newly formed AA grew the group began to issue badges to .

The basic styles used for creating AA badges are square or oval in shape with some being made in two pieces with the AA letters on one piece and a separate yellow background plate attached to an automobile radiator grill. The Breakdown Cover website reports the first style of AA badges featured a circular-shaped badge with a long leg at the bottom.

These were issued between and Square badges with a separate yellow background were released by the AA from to when they were replaced by a circular design.

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From to the AA badge was designed to incorporate the letter "M" into the design to stand for the Motoring Union, with which the AA merged in These numbers were often confused with membership numbers.

AA badges can be dated by their issue number; for example, numbers 1 towere issued between the years and Speciality badges carried issue numbers such as numbers with an R, S or T prefix that were issued to motorcycles from to Paul Cartmell began his career as a writer for documentaries and fictional films in the United Kingdom in the mids.

Working in documentary journalism, Cartmell wrote about a wide variety of subjects including racism in professional sports.

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The 'new' AA badge find is numbered V, and was found on church land. Badge number L, shown below, was found beneath the seat of a car I own. Unlike some, this badge - a pre-war example - is flat and quite lightweight, but features a reasonable amount of detail to the winged wheel at the top.

Motorcyclists and lorry drivers had their own variants of the badge.

May 03,   I have an old AA badge, the number on it is Are you able to narrow this one down to a particular year and/or vehicle? The number on the badge wasn't the membership number and unfortunately can't be tied back to a particular vehicle. You can read more about the history of AA badges here.

Next is a chrome commercial vehicle badge, numbered V This will be fitted to a lorry of my own. This style of lorry badge, with the basket weave background, was introduced at the beginning of the s. Handbooks are very popular items to hunt down, and usually don't cost much money, other than for the earliest examples that would command a premium.

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I always try to have the correct year's AA handbook casually sat on the back seat, or glove tray, of my old cars. They turn up in old bookshops, car boot sales, and regularly show up in online auctions click here to see what AA stuff is on today for instance.

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Some handbooks were hardback, others, like this Members Handbook fromare a softback publication, in this case featuring an AA Patrol Austin Minivan on the cover. Information given included the newest road signs, intelligent driving techniques, first aid advice, appointed AA garage locations, and pointers to diagnose problems yourself.

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AA hotels and various road maps also featured extensively. Interesting is the section on courtesy to those around you - recommending that you don't go around blaring horns, screeching tyres, slamming doors and bootlids, especially at night.

Aa Badges - Serial Numbering System Over the years we've sold quite a few old AA (Automobile Association badges - One question keeps popping up - which ones right for my car. I've been promising to publish a list that I received from a collector a few years ago, well here it is - most badges we see are from the late 50ss so unless you have a. was the th year of Automobile Association (AA) car badges, the first ones being issued to members way back in , when motoring was very much in its infancy. There are lots of old badges still in circulation, some in good condition like the one shown above, and other badges needing a fair bit of restoration. Precise details of the earliest AA car badges have not survived. We know that they were issued in April , and were of a uniform pattern. It is likely that the first two or three hundred were made only in brass. Quite soon 'white metal' (nickel-plated) versions became available, though how many is not known.

A few people could do with reading this section! AA Handbook Flipping back to the late s and the keen motorist would no doubt have this handbook nestled in his dashboard cubby hole.

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Similar information to the later editions is included in this one, including a handy slightly confusing car tax table in the opening pages. Car tax could be purchased throughout the year, with an end-date of December 31st.

Once you'd decided on the period of tax you needed, you go down the table, til you found the row for your vehicle's Horse Power rating a system devised I think by the RAC ironicallyand work your way across to find your car's tax rate.

Some great photographs of AA patrol vehicles also feature, including a motorcycle and sidecar combination converted to carry tools rather than the mother in law.

This Motoring, Stenson Cooke, pub. This book was published a few times, although most seem to be the later softback version rather than this hardback book, with dust jacket, that came out in ' The notes inside the jacket sum up the book. Every motorist should read how it was done".

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