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There are more than a few misconceptions about these two types of personalities. Most of those beliefs paint people in a bad light, especially when the good points of both types are hardly ever discussed. And even when they are, they are usually portrayed as a flaw instead of an asset. Type A people are assumed to be ambitious, driven, highly organized, and extremely conscientious. Type B people, on the other hand, are considered to be the opposite or a less intense version of a Type A person. In terms of dating, many people seem to think that Type A people are controlling and intense, whereas Type B people are more laid-back and easy to manipulate. But the problem with these simplistic assumptions is that the scope of both types of personalities go far beyond the surface.

We Type As like to beat ourselves up for careless mistakes, but Type B people don't really respond to that. The bright side to dating a Type B person is that they will never be as hard on you as you are on yourself. So, appreciate that you can neglect to clean up after yourself or make no weekend plans or get off at the wrong train stop once in a while without it getting to them. If you're up for the challenge, let them inspire you to gasp do nothing all day.

Often, it's that we could stand to be more like them. Yes, you can miss opportunities when you take time off work, but wouldn't it be nice to have more vacation? Sure, planning can help you make productive use of your time, but don't some of the best things happen spontaneously?

The saying that opposites attract can be true, so think of your relationship with a Type B person as a chance to practice all the skills that have been challenging for you. Both extremes are bad, so let your partner help you find your way somewhere closer to the middle. Lower Your Expectations.

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Voice Your Concerns Gently. Learn From Them. I just read two of your other blog posts that came up in my pinterest searches, then found this article.

Just what I needed to read today! This subject has been heavy on my mind lately. My boyfriend of 3 years and I are taking the next step by getting engaged and planning a wedding.

Holiday season and wedding planning involve more checklists and time restraints then we have worked with before. I really like your explanation of what a Type-B husband is thinking, the video vs.

Tips for Type-A Wives Married to Type-B Men

Maybe now that I have some insight on his thinking, I can explain my view and get a little help around the house. And more importantly, stop stressing and live in the moment. Needed to read this today! I am type A to the max and my husband is, without a doubt, type B.


Glad I found your blog! I have never once left a comment on the many blogs I read, but this helped me immensely! This is really going to help our marriage.

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Thank u!! This is totally us, lol. I hate relaxing. We balance each other out and each bring different strengths to the table! This was quite helpful. I never considered myself type A until I married a very Type B man.

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Somebody has to make lists and keep things in order right? I think you nailed it on the head. I was laughing and wanting to cry at the same time while reading this post. But this was different. Like all the previous comments made, you very well described what is going on in our house.

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Tania, amen! I think we could be great friends!

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I appreciate your thoughts and insight. I could learn a lot from you. It has done wonders! Erin, what a wonderful compliment. Rachel, thank you for this reassurance.

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When he has a time of weakness I am there for him and he does the same for me. Last summer we had a tree fall on our house after a bad storm rolled through the neighborhood.

Dating a type b woman

My husband made all of the phone calls, but I was the one to handle the contractors because I am more familiar with construction.

Once the repairs began I made sure that everything was in order and had to deal with the project manager to allow my husband to get his work done because he is self employed. Even when he the project manager miscalculated the amount of shingles that we needed and did not have enough to finsish the roof over the living room and the garage. Needless to say the project manager had a very bad Monday morning after he was yelled at by his district manager. When he got to our house that day, my husband and I were outside to greet him and to explain what happened.

My husband apologized once he found out that he got the guy in trouble. My husband is a soft spoken Godly man unless he is out preaching the gospel to someone. The project manager said that he was so upset when he got to work that he thought about sending 3 large guys here to rough us up, which did not go over well with me.

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I responded in an ever so stearn voice told the man that if he would have done that then they would have to deal with me. I told him that we do not speak like that to each other in this house, nor do we expect to be treated like that by a guest in our house or on our property.

After stating my peace on how I expect my family to be treated, I ever so kindly and in a pleasant tone asked the project manager how this was going to be resolved?

He responded in a very calm polite tone and attitude stating that he would go get the shingles to finish the job, which he did. Later that day, boy did I hear a lecture and a half from my husband who is not confrontational at all. After my lecture from my husband, the district manager showed up to talk to my husband and I.

We again apologized for the grief that we caused and told the district manager that we are very pleased with the work his crew were doing. We even thanked him for taking his time out of his busy day to visit. I also made a point of telling him that his guys are good at what they do and to keep them happy. Luckily it was later in the day and the little spitfire that I can be calmed down by this point, which was the first time in my life that I was able to let my grudge go.

Once everything was completed the project manager and his boss were talking and he told us that we are the nicest family, which I was kind of worried about me having to set the record straight that day, but I just had say something. I do not like people thinking that they can get away with things like this with me because that will never happen. This was one of those times that my husband needed a strong willed Type A wife like me and to handle a bully and set them straight.

The Lord Above knows all of us more perfect than we know ourselves. When I was a young adult, I prayed everyday for three years for a man that would be perfect for me that I could love forever. One day out of the clear blue I met my husband, granted he is not perfect and neither am I by any means, but my Type B husband keeps me the Type A in check daily as I do for him. We are there for each other always, my strengths are his weakness organization or walking file cabinet as he calls me and for me his strength is keeping me cool tempered and to help me keep things moving smoothly.

My husband the Type B is my biggest blessing one below my reassurance that Jesus died for my sins. Sorry for my rambling here but you are not alone with a Type B husband. Have a great day. Thanks again, Michele. All tips are very interesting and helpful for women. Do you have any tips for men? I should SO write this post.

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This right here is exactly what my wife said this morning is the problem in our marriage. She is a strong type A and I am definitely type B with some type A characteristics. She hates that she is always the one coming up with future plans. We are at an end pass in our marriage abuse she has lost her attraction for me. I wish the lord would speak this very thing to her heart and help her understand that we can live a happy life and that I have strengths that I can contribute.

Amazing that the lord shared this with me the exact dash we talked about this. Thank u. I pray God would soften the divide between you two! My goodness. You hit a nail on the head with my marriage. I am the type a list maker, while my husband runs from my lists. In the morning I have a mental checklist especially when I need to get out the door. I can have all children in the van and buckled into their carseats and still be waiting for my husband.

Sep 13,   Type A people behave the way they do because that's how they prefer to structure their lives - they don't necessarily expect you to do the same. It doesn't matter if you're a Type B, an introvert or an alien. Love is love, it's as simple as that. Dec 04,   Our Type A & Type B dynamic is NOT working!" rant to my husband, I retreated to Google and searched "How a Type A Wife Can Live With A Type B Husband" and I found this. I actually smiled and teared up reading anyone ever wanted to truly understand me, how my mind works, my husband and our dynamic, your post depicts us more. VIP Dating: Date Model Type B Women. Dating Model (Type B) women is really fun and exciting. Type B women are very sought after and a challenge to be in a relationship with. Typically being raised with just the mom or the dad, these woman are the more dependent types. Some have been taking care of themselves since age thirteen.

I wish I could get into his head and figure out why he does what he does. Jennifer, you know I relate.

Type A Personalities vs Type B Personalities (Type D, Type T too!)

Wow I feel better about myself. I am definitely turning into a more type B person due to the hubby and the kids, but there are days when the type A prevents me from loving the moment.

Rachel, thanks for the insight. Unfortunately it is too late for me. I do believe my now ex-wife has some other issues as well though anxiety, depression, anger issues. She filed at the beginning ofand by the beginning of the divorce was finalized. Lots more I could say, but there is no real purpose to do so. I just regret the pain and suffering our daughters went through, and likely still do to some degree.

Mar 01,   Relationship Tips For Type A Personalities Dating Type B Personalities. By Suzannah Weiss. March 1, "A Type B person might be passive and not as . Mar 08,   Type B, on the other hand, is more laid back, messy, "get it done when I can" kind of attitude. (If you were to identify them as Myers-Briggs' types, . Type B people, on the other hand, are considered to be the opposite or a less intense version of a Type A person. In terms of dating, many people seem to think that Type A people are controlling and intense, whereas Type B people are more laid-back and easy to manipulate.

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I actually smiled and teared up reading this. I appreciate so much his level headed thoughts, calm demeanor, and easy going approach to my strong personality and perfectionism. Thank you again.

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