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The handle color means nothing. When I was using Penn reels in the s I've since switched to other brands the handle color was how my brother and I told our Jigmasters apart. I had reels with red, green, and white handles and maybe other colors , all from the s. Anyway, Penn started shipping reels with aluminum spools in the mid s before then you were stuck with heavy plated steel or brass, or flimsy plastic, or you got an aftermarket aluminum spool from Newell. At that time they also began making reels with solid front and back panels before then they all used metal posts and added faster gears, calling them things like "HL" for High speed, Light weight. But other than that, Penns have changed very little - I can still get parts for my 's Jigmasters and my 's Senators. So the aluminum spool on your reel would place it no earlier than about , though it could be an older reel with a newer spool.

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Waffle clicker is 's,there post war,the leather washers should be replaced with the ht's. The greatest drag washer I ever used was on an old Pennthick oiled leather, perfect smooth startup, great control.


Go to tackle collectors,penn conventional index. Collectable reels and rods first page 1badf,I popped it up for you to find it.

Fishing reel parts and service and upgrades. We repair rods, reels, trolling motors, depth sounders, downriggers and Coleman Outdoor products. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. May 15,   Dating Penn reel by handle color. Thread starter FrankFish; Start date Jun 9, ; Sidebar. Home. Forums. Fishing Related. Fishing Reels. F. FrankFish Newbie. Dec 28, 5 0 0 in the water Name frank Boat 42, custom downeaster, Sorry Charlie Jun 9, #1 I once had a list of Penn reel handle colors by year. If anybody knows this info. Feb 04,   for example, my 14/0 with the aluminum spool and maroon handle. it has the picture of the sailfish and the fisherman on the boat on the side. i couldnt find out on a search, but i read that telling by the handle color may be a myth i have other senators, but this is certainly the oldest.

Guys im far from an expert. Its hard to date them to a specific year without original box with catalog. I can only give you a date range based on a combination of features.

That being said I am guessing late 50s to mid 60s. Expert at turning a f into a time machine so you can buy penn reels,yes. You need to register here in order to participate. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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how can i find out the age or year range for certain Penn Senator reels?

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But try it out first The greatest drag washer I ever used was on an old Pennthick oiled leather, perfect smooth startup, great control. One I bought new?

Many models of Penn conventional reels were made over a number of years.

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The Squidder is no longer made, but you can still buy a "new old stock" Squidder or Jigmaster at a number of tackle suppliers. Penn still makes reels today, but they don't have the "look and feel" of the older Penn reels.

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I've read a few snippets here and there that Penn reels and parts are now made in China, but I can't verify that fact. Gone are the burgundy side plates, replace by mostly black ones.

Dating a penn reel

Gone are the embossed fishing scenes found on the sides of older Penn reels. Gone are the embossed logos and fishing scenes on the side plates, replaced by plastic stick on logos that usually fall off and get lost after a few years.

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Henze was not only an inventor, I think, but he probably was a very smart business man. Many models of Penn conventional reels have interchangeable parts, which probably was done to save production costs. If you put a Longbeach 60 and a 65 together next to each other on the table, you can't tell the two apart. Many of the different models of reels were the same "size" - probably so that parts could be interchanged.

Would have been nice if Penn had stamped a production date on each reel, but that didn't happen. So that Squidder you have in the closet may have been made in - but then again, it may have been made in I've discovered a few subtle ways to help determine how old a Penn reel is.

At one point, I have no idea when, the reels were no longer made with wooden handles; the handles were made from plastic. So if you have a Penn with a wooden handle, it's probably pretty old.

The shape of the handles changed also, the easily recognized Penn plastic knob was originally shaped like a football - with pointed ends - and at some point the ends of the knob became rounded, so the pointed knobs are found on older reels.

Side plates have changed over the years too. At one time, the high end reels had an embossed scene on the side plate opposite the handle - a lighthouse, a fisherman on the beach, or a Marlin jumping. Some reels have simply the word "PENN" written on the side plate, and some of the later models have nothing at all - just a plain bakelite side plate with nothing written on it. When most people think of a Penn conventional reel, they picture the dark burgundy, later year brighter red, or black side plates.

Jan 17,   Dating a Penn Reel Post by Wayne B. Mon Nov 03, pm Dating Penn reels is sometimes difficult for me because Penn didn't use any coding system like some other mfgr's. Performance Parts. You hit the water with confidence knowing that you're fishing with PENN reels, the most well constructed reels available. However, as with any piece of machinery, maintenance and wear is inevitable. Moving parts will eventually need to be replaced, bail springs will eventually wear, bearing caps may come loose and fall overboard. Penn Greenie Spinfisher Vintage Spinning Reel in Box. Ending Friday at PM PST. Top Rated Plus Brand: Penn. Vintage Luxor Spinning Penn Drag Alcedo Micron Drag Reels Fishing. $ shipping. Ending Today at PM PST. 2 vintage spinning reelS,penn spin fisher-spinmaster diamond. $ shipping. Ending Tuesday at PM PST.

Penn actually made some models for a few years that were green and grey. If you ever see a picture of the green or grey Penns, you'll quickly realize why those colors didn't last for more than a few years.

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Apparently the green and gray reels are very scarce and collectors go after them with a passion. If I had one, I probably keep it in the closet because they are so ugly. Boxes have changed over the years too. The original boxes had the prices on them and looked like the one in the next picture.

Dating A Penn Reel - It's virtually impossible to figure out exactly what year a Penn reel was made. Would have been nice if Penn had stamped a production date on each reel, but that didn't happen. So that Squidder you have in the closet may have been made in - but . Apr 08,   I have got a couple of old penn reels and l do not know how old they are. Any help would be appreciated. the first one is a penn long beach It has black sideplates an ivory coloured knob,brass internals and leather and brass drags. My father said he got it around 88 from a friend. Second is a penn squidder left hand in maroon. Shop Bass Pro Shops for our collection of Penn Fishing Reels. Find saltwater reels, line counters, saltwater reels & more online at jankossencontemporary.com today.

InPenn changed to a much more modern looking blue box and in later years to green, red, and tan boxes. If you're lucky enough to find a reel still with it's original box and it looks like this one, then it's a pre reel. Fishing Articles.

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PENN is working hard to help you #fishthroughit. We are operating our distribution center in compliance with enhanced safety procedures for our team and within new government regulations where we operate. This may delay some deliveries, but we are committed to fulfilling your orders as quickly as possible.

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