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Homicide detectives perform crucial work in law enforcement, such as investigating deaths caused by criminal activity, examining crime scenes, interviewing witnesses, and pursuing suspects. These professionals form a major part of any police department and work for local, state, and federal agencies. Law enforcement is a demanding field, characterized by long hours, stressful work, and potentially unsafe working conditions. However, for those who desire to serve the public and use their intellect to solve crimes, working as a homicide detective can be a rewarding career path. Our guide offers a general overview of how to become a homicide detective, including education requirements, necessary skills, on-the-job training, and potential salary levels. While TV and movies offer a highly dramatized version of murder investigations, real-life detectives perform tasks familiar to most viewers: they interview witnesses, gather evidence, apprehend suspects, and assist in prosecution.

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Forensic evidence such as blood, hair or saliva may link suspects to the scene of crime, which may also link them to the crime itself. Coroners perform autopsies to determine cause of death and possible murder weapons.

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In this way they can identify a murder weapon and tie it back to a suspect. There are other forensic techniques to identify forged documents and identification documents as well as handwriting analysis to decode letters and other forms of correspondence.

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It is the job of the detective to produce the evidence that will get the guilty party convicted in court. Lastly, detectives have access to police records of convicted felons which they may review in hopes of producing a suspect. With a warrant, police are also able to search personal finance information and phone conversations.

Homicide Detective Defined. Homicide Detective Defined April 5, April 5, Homicide detectives must also have strong morals and convictions and be highly adept at gathering information and drawing conclusions based on facts and observations. A homicide detective is a valuable member of a police force that has significant experience in criminal investigations, as well as a college degree in an area related to the profession.

Aug 14,   A lot of people who chose law enforcement as a career do so with the goal of becoming a detective or criminal investigator, and with good's a certain satisfaction that comes from solving a complex case, much like putting together a difficult puzzle. be understanding, thats the main point. Like said above, this is a 24/ 7 job. criminals dont go on vacation and they dont take breaks. Being a detective vs a street cop, yes his hours are absolutly crazy and will wreck havoc on ANY relationship. Dec 07,   Experiences dating a cop/homicide detective Discussion in 'Romance Alley' started by Caramelskin, Nov 27,

Typical areas of study for homicide investigators include:. In addition, given the often highly scientific nature of homicide detective jobs, it is now quite common for individuals interested in homicide investigations to pursue degrees in such areas as:.

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The first years working as a criminal investigator are usually spent working in other areas of investigation, such as auto theft, robbery, and larceny. What is a Homicide Detective?

Homicide detectives are often the most seasoned and expert detectives within a criminal investigations division. Although the general term "homicide" is used when describing this police position, homicide detectives actually investigate deaths that occur due to any number of circumstances, such as: Manslaughter; Suicide; Unattended deaths. Jan 22,   The road leading to employment as a homicide investigator begins with becoming a police officer, and according to the All Criminal Justice Schools website, at least three years of patrol duty. The minimum requirements for police officers - high school diploma or GED and police academy training - vary by department.

Criminal investigators have a broader career path than homicide investigators because of the variety of employers who need their services. Within any of the country's state police departments, criminal investigators have opportunities to rise through the ranks within a division to regional commander and above.

Dec 23,   A homicide detective is a member of law enforcement that coordinates murder investigations. These detectives work with a team of forensic experts to determine cause of death and indentify potential suspects. Becoming a homicide detective usually requires an advanced degree and several years of experience working in the police department. Dec 12,   Best Answer: Some of it is being a detective, some of it is him. Law enforcement is a very demanding profession, but he can make time for you if he really wants to. Unfortunately, if he is a lifelong bachelor, he may have strongly ingrained habits of . Like most careers in law enforcement, homicide detectives can work highly irregular hours that often vary based on the circumstances of a case. Detectives must be prepared to work more than 40 hours per week, and overtime is common.

Alternatively, states like Virginia, offer law enforcement career tracks in areas such as security services and public safety compliance, each with levels of advancement. Criminal investigators also have the option of private sector employment with financial institutions, insurance companies, retail operations, colleges and legal firms, or even in private practice.

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