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I can tell you his boys are clowning his ss for it and giving him high fives While your home cause you cant get into bars, he's doing his thing!!!!!! Guys ONLY go for younger girls cause of two reasons Sorry but its the truth!!!! Please just guard your heart and be carefull and use protection!!!!

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Section (1), while not expressly allowing such relationships, notes that a person 24 years old or older who engages in contact with a to year-old has committed a second-degree felony. Under this statute, an adult who is not yet 24 years old may date and even have a sexual relationship with a teenager who is at least Ok so I'm dating a 24 year old and my mom is threatening to call the cops on him as a way of controling me and keeping in the house and forcing me to do what she says. Id like to know if he culd get in any trouble, since the age of consent is 16 and he's not any authority to me and I'm Jun 08,   It is a little bit unusual. It will raise a few eyebrows. The details of this question are: Didn't date in high school but now found an interesting man/boy, it may get serious. I really like him and am not intimidated by the age gap. This may soun.

Add Opinion. One of the lady's I'm going to school with if I thing 17 year younger than her husband and they, sure people joke around a little about it, no one cares. If you love her go for her age is just a number when your around that age.

Dating a 24 year old

WovenEclipse Yoda. Nope : age is no issue with love :D And you're both over 18 so there should be no problems anyway :.

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I'm 24 and my boyfriend is Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. JhonnyAppleSeed Xper 4.

Hey Steve: I'm 24 Years Old And Have Never Had A Girlfriend

She's legal. It's worth a try. If you have to ask yourself that question.

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Then is obvious it is yes. A 33 year old is in a different places in their life from a 24 year old. If you both like each other If you change your mind, here's how to allow notifications:. Stay in the loop!

As a 24 year old guy, I just left a relationship with a 22 yr old girl - who was intelligent, but immature for her age. I would like to date someone of a similar maturity as myself, however that is very difficult as that would mean dating someone older - who might generally be turned off by a young guy - e.g. Mar 16,   Don McLean is dating a woman young enough to be his granddaughter. The "American Pie" singer is 74 years old, and for the past few months, he's been romancing a year-old Jennifer Kline. Aug 15,   It's hard for sure, you're both in different chapters of your life. It's funny actually, a friend of mine, when were both 18 (god that makes me feel old saying that, I'm 23 now, ick) she dated a 24 year olde, it didn't last long - but was it the age difference, not really, the maturity levels were different, but I think anything can be overcome, age as well.

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Jennifer Kline, AOL. Happy birthday to the love of my entire life.

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Horrible quality photo but here is us in SD. So many amazing things coming up Don doing some of his BBC interviews in this black cube!

Happy birthday to meeee! I'm thankful for him.

I disagree with you, I am 35 and have just started dating again after seperating from my ex of 17 years. He was 20 years older than me, in that sense, we naturally reached a place where by we wanted different things in life however, I am finding that it is guys that are in their mid 20's that are attracted to me and I have a lot in common with them. Is a 12 year gap too much if i am 36 year old guy with a 24 year old girl My long distance boyfriend has suddenly've been together for 2 years,we've spent quwe We've been dating for 5 years and we've had some amazingly crazy times. Mar 16,   Less than a year after Don McLean's domestic assault charge was dropped after the singer plead guilty in July , the year-old has found love with a Author: Sasha Savitsky.

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