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Networks will put just about anything on television these days. From a naked dating show to documenting a woman's pound life, nothing is too outrageous for viewers anymore. The more extreme the better-and if you want some serious bonus points, throw in some shocking storylines. Throughout television history, there have always been those moments and characters that were extra controversial. Here are a few of the most memorable. Game of Thrones is no stranger to controversy, but one season five scene left fans calling for a boycott.

By Lauren Sarner.

This is a guest article by journalist and blogger Lucy Clarke. Shocked viewers watched through squinted eyes as Channel 4's controversial new dating show, Naked Attraction, hosted by Anna Richardson, unveiled nine bare penises and five vaginas in just 48 minutes of airtime. The never-seen-before format, where singles see each other fully naked before they meet in [ ]. Despite numerous complaints being laid against it, controversial dating show Naked Attraction is returning to NZ screens tonight. The show, which revolves around a . Aug 23,   Forget about Married at First Sight! Channel Seven have dropped the trailer for their bizarre new dating series, The Proposal. The new show will see singles go from first impressions to getting.

July 8, pm ated July 8, pm. How controversial is the British version? Controversial enough to routinely air footage of contestants in various states of undress throughout its five seasons - unmentionables on full display. Controversial enough to shoot couples actually getting it on - sometimes in front of their castmates, once on top of the sheets. Stuck single? This essentially leaves contestants with two options: to nurture one relationship amid the stresses of daily competitions, tempting new hotties and vote-offs - or to quickly, and perhaps sneakily, find someone new to couple up with.

Shows like "The Bachelor" and "Love Island" have had their fair share of controversial moments and scene-stealing cast members. While reality dating TV shows have evolved over the years, one thing remains the same: Every season of a heavily-produced show like "The Bachelor," there's bound to be at least one controversy, with some even spilling over into the tabloids. Jul 13,   Controversial UK dating show Naked Attraction will return to New Zealand screens on Friday. Controversial reality show Naked Attraction is . A controversial British reality show is landing on American shores. "Love Island" is set in a luxury villa on Fiji, where hot contestants must immediately pair up and undergo challenges. The last Author: Lauren Sarner.

The last pair standing wins the joy of shared partnership, and also a handsome cash prize. Some contestants get whisked away to Casa Amor - a nearby villa, packed with new eye candy - while their panicking partners sit at home. Finding yourself suddenly solo is just one way to get kicked off the show: Audience members and fellow islanders can vote off contestants, too.

Controversial dating show

Fans say the ujankossencontemporary.comedictable elimination rules add to the fun of it all. Archie was a bigot, prejudiced against anyone who wasn't born in America, and disregarded anyone who did not agree with his conservative ideals.

With his blatant sexism and frequent use of racial epithets, Bunker always seemed to be pushing the envelope just a little bit more in every episode. South Park is not afraid to "go there.

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Prior to the episode airing on Comedy Central, the network banned the showrunners from using a visual of the prophet, which was reportedly due to safety concerns. This did not make Stone or Parker happy campers, so rather than showing a picture of Muhammad, they posted a message onscreen reading, "Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Muhammad on their network. In Januaryyear-old Englishman Mark Howe was found guilty of the murder of his mother after a jury determined he had slipped into her bedroom late at night and used a inch knife to slash her more than 50 times around the face, throat and chest.

He dumped the weapon and claimed to know nothing of the attack, but it soon became clear that Howe was not only guilty, but that he had been inspired to commit the murder by a TV show. An examination of his internet history revealed that he searched for "Dexter's kill knife" as well as "what does a sociopath need to do to blend in seamlessly with society," underlining his fascination with the TV serial killer and creating a debate over whether the show should be taken off the air.

It wasn't the first murder to be blamed on Showtime's hit crime drama. Inaspiring Canadian filmmaker Mark Twitchell who had been going under the name Dexter Morgan on Facebook lured two men to his home under the pretense of making a horror film about a sword-wielding mass murderer.

Is Channel 4's Naked Attraction The Most Controversial Dating Show Ever?

Twitchell killed one of the men; the other managed to escape. Seinfeld was always a show that wasn't afraid to push the boundaries of good taste in search of a laugh, though one episode "crossed the line between humor and bigotry" according to Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer.

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He was one of numerous viewers of Puerto Rican heritage to be offended by a plot that saw the main characters caught up in a traffic jam caused by the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer come to a halt on their way back from a Mets game and waste no time in angering those enjoying the parade. Kramer accidentally sets a Puerto Rican flag on fire with a sparkler and then proceeds to stomp it out on the ground, causing angry bystanders to toss their car down a stairwell.

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Both the comment and the flag-burning provoked outrage, with Manuel Minabel, president of National Puerto Rican Coalition, calling it an "unquestionable insult" to the country and demanding an apology from NBC. The network quickly complied.

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When U. The episode in question features a year-old boy ingesting a large dose of Viagra and running down the street with his erection on show to the world though only his behind is visible to the viewer -which U. This isn't the case in the States. The Parents Television Council was quick to react, insisting that the Department of Justice open an investigation into what they deemed the exploitation of minors on Skins.

Fearing they would be breaking federal child pornography statutes by airing the episode, MTV executives relented and ordered it to be changed. Some of Britain's greatest exports have been created at the UK's famous Pinewood Studios, from entries in the long-running James Bond franchise to the hugely successful Harry Potter series.

Not everything that comes out of the world renowned Buckinghamshire studio is guaranteed to be a success, however, and one of the most unusual British sitcoms of all time is proof.

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The Board of Deputies of British Jews labelled the sitcom antisemitic, and the now-defunct Galaxy channel was forced to pull it after just a single pilot episode.

The show is often ranked among the most tasteless ever created, but Atkinson has always insisted his intentions were misunderstood. After Heil Honey I'm Home! This isn't about denying what happened, it's about being human in the face of inhumanity. Family Guy is another show that has invited accusations of antisemitism thrown at it in the past, though season 3 episode "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" struck a particular nerve with a number of viewers.

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The episode in which Peter kidnaps a stranded Jewish man and sets him to work handling his money was finally aired on Fox four years after the rest of the season, though the network refused to relent when it came to season 8 finale "Partial Terms of Endearment.

The so-called "abortion episode" was made but rejected, with Fox exercising their right not to air it and instead releasing it as a standalone DVD that played on the episode's notoriety.

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It was a decision that creator Seth MacFarlane saw as a copout aimed at placating conservative viewers. While making out with Viall on a date early in the season, Bristowe moved the actions behind closed doors, and ultimately had sex with him.

The Worst Dating Show Contestant On TV (The Bachelorette)

Seeing as most "Bachelor" couples wait until the Fantasy Suites to have sex, Bristowe was widely criticized for her decision to sleep with Viallwho joined the show midseason after he and Bristowe started talking off-camera. During Jake Pavelka's season of "The Bachelor," frontrunner Papa was eliminated from the show after she reportedly engaged in a physical relationship with one of the producers.

The Newsroom - Campus rape

Host Chris Harrison broke the news to Papa in a cringe-worthy scenetelling her that the staffer in question was no longer working for the "Bachelor," and that she needed to leave the mansion immediately.

While Papa later denied that she had a relationship with a producer on the show, Harrison was clear that multiple people had seen him and Papa together.

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Before Kufrin's season could even get underway, Yrigoyen was already making headlines for reportedly liking transphobic, sexist, and anti-immigrant posts on Instagram. Screenshots posted by former "Bachelor" contestant Ashley Spivey to Twitter show that Yrigoyen liked posts about immigrant children being thrown over border walls, and memes denigrating women's appearances and trans people.

Oct 11,   From a naked dating show to documenting a woman's pound life, nothing is too outrageous for viewers anymore. The more extreme the better-and if you want some serious bonus points, throw in some shocking storylines. Throughout television history, there have always been those moments and characters that were extra Grunge Staff. Jul 14,   Controversial nude dating show Naked Attraction is back on TV Last ate July 12 Controversial UK dating show Naked Attraction will return to New Zealand screens on Friday. Jan 09,   Controversial new dating show sees participants strip down and get into bed within 60 seconds of meeting IT'S SAID to be one of the most 'diverse' dating shows to .

You've got to read what you're supporting and liking,'" he said. Much like with Yrigoyen's tweets, Garrett's past controversial statements resurfaced after someone in this case, a reporter did some digging. Screenshots show Garrett tweeting things like "I wholeheartedly support inhuman torture of terrorists" and "Guys There is a reason for this.

Garrett's tweets landed him in some hot water after they resurfaced during his stint on "The Bachelorette" in Adding insult to injury for many was the fact that Lindsay, an accomplished attorney, was the first black Bachelorette in the show's history - yet producers still allowed Garrett on the show. He was eventually eliminated from the show in week 5, following a confrontation with contestant Kenny King, a black wrestler.

Adim's conviction stemmed from a incident where he groped and assaulted a woman on a harbor cruise ship in Boston, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Producers on "The Bachelorette" say they had no knowledge of Adim's arrest and conviction and said they checked his background before casting him on the show.

Adim, who was required to register as a sex offender as part of his convictionwas eliminated by Kufrin during week six of her season. The pageant queen was stripped of her title after she had sex with contestant Alex Bowen during his first night in the villa.

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