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Not that I am in any way condoning drinking and firearm use, just mentioning the law. The most ridiculous part is that judges, DAs and others are also not required to have a CC permit or have any other training required of the peasantry. So much for egalitarianism. Politicians and public servants should be held to a higher standard not a lower one just my opinion. I consider these early winnowing results to be an excellent filter on who might be a match.

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My wife and I met the old fashioned way. A double blind date she was the other guys date. If you are at this years expo you can ask her about it.

DBrogue I will be and I will.

I look forward to meeting you both. I am way too picky I guess. Besides picky, I guess I am getting too old as well.

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Or maybe that is actually wisdom? Or discernment?

Aug 19,   Concealed Carry Match Concealed Carry Match Traverse City, MI -(jankossencontemporary.com)- In the wide world of dating sites, one newcomer stands out . Sep 16,   Concealed Carry Match isn't the only dating site on the web targeting gun enthusiasts, but is the only one that Lund said caters to concealed carriers. Follow Ashley on Twitter: @AshleyMayTweets. Under the FAQ tab, the site says: "Perhaps you are a gun owner, or maybe you like the idea of dating someone who is a concealed carry permit owner. Whatever the case may be, all are welcome to explore and join Concealed Carry Match." AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio.

Naw, not my style. Zee 20 years? Married my wife 46 years ago. Took a trip to see a family friend for the weekend and went shooting most of the second day. She even gave a Winchester chambered in a try.

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She like rifles better than handguns but she has her own revolver. She is a keeper.

Is Your Concealed Carry a Secret? - FateofDestinee

Well I had another 20 years married, split between ex 1 and ex 2 took me three tries to get it right. Zee I am in the same boat. Third times the charm or Three strikes and your out.

Been trading messages for several days. She reflects light very well figure that one out.

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She has a real estate investment business. Use me until I am used up.


Dave17 February 12,pm DBrogue February 12,pm The site is currently offering a free 14 day trial when members sign up for a 1 week trial, or free registration with limited access.

The uptick of female concealed carry permit holders in the U. The women on our site know what they are looking for in a partner and are not hesitant to display their confidence from the get-go.

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In an election year shrouded in political drama and debates over gun control, Lund insists that the site is not politically driven. This is drama that we are trying to avoid.

Concealed Carry Match, a new Second Amendment themed dating website, aims to give gun owners a safe alternative to traditional dating. The dating site uses a paid membership platform that allows. Aug 28,   Concealed Carry Match isn't the only dating site on the web targeting gun enthusiasts. But it's really good one. And to be successful at online dating, there are some tips here on jankossencontemporary.com to follow so that you have the best chance of meeting someone compatible that you can form a meaningful relationship with based on your shared Author: Nevadacarry. Pro Trump, sexual wish list, desire to obtain ltc and carry but I couldn't scare her off. Her father and brother are NRA members. Just got the ltc, gun and tonight I pick up my club membership card so i can begin training. Sig Sauer P been carrying concealed a couple weeks with a round in the chamber. I'm up for the solemn responsibility.

The site does ask members to share their political viewpoints, along with a range of other serious-to-funny questions, but members can answer personality-based questions at their discretion. The website looks good and works, but the features need improvement.

'Concealed Carry Match' Invites Gun Enthusiasts to Find Their 'Adorable #Deplorable'

Searching for a mate is mainly a manual process. One can sort through the profiles pretty easily to determine what they are looking for. Now if you want a catalog of guys and gals to sort through, try POF or swiping on Tinder.

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Right now, the website needs to be searchable by location, able to discriminate by state or location based on zip code. If popularity takes off, more details need to be added to profiles in searchable categories.

Concealed carry match dating

At more than a few hundred members per sex, manually looking for someone will be a disincentive. Would I seriously use this website?

Like many barebones dating websites, Concealed Carry Match's membership comes with an auto-renew feature, making it an ideal moneymaker for every customer who forgot about it, or can't seem to. 3. Because this is a concealed carry match, in addition to the usual strong side carry position, the following carry positions will be also be allowed: Mexican, Small-Of-Back, Back-Pocket, Ankle and Cross Draw. 4. The shooter will need to bring enough loaded magazines/speed loaders to the line to shoot the entire 3 runs of each stage. USA Carry has provided essential concealed carry resources since , such as our Concealed Carry Maps, Concealed Carry Info by State, Firearm Forums as well as Concealed Carry and Firearm-Related articles, reviews, news and jankossencontemporary.com: Luke Mccoy.

Sure, if there were more members.

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