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Insight, Volume I, p. Sadly, Adam rebelled against his Creator. His rebellion brought devastating consequences to the human family and to all life on earth. Insight, Volume II, p. They focus instead on humans. It is an established scientific fact that dinosaurs experienced sickness and suffering. When God created humans and animals to live on this earth, he did not purpose for them to be killers.

They were created to have peaceful relations with one another. Thus conditions were altogether different from what they are today. None of the animals in the garden of Eden were killers. They were not a threat to man, nor was man a threat to any animal. What was the food of the animals? So when God designed humans, he put them in a peaceful paradise called Eden.

He made them to be at peace with the animals, with no violence or killing for food among animals or man. Romans And God permitted this so that all could see what the course of independence would cost mankind, the animals and the earth. For these thousands of years God has allowed this so that once and for all time the sad consequences of rebellion would be manifest.

Thus, independence from God and his laws is what turned man into the way of imperfection, violence and death. Also, as man turned toward lawlessness, the earthly creation, too, became chaotic. Man lost his loving dominion over the animals. Since humans could not control themselves peacefully, it is no surprise that the animals are in the same condition.

The animals-who had a vegetarian diet in Eden, as did humans-began to live off one another, some even eating humans when possible. It is an established fact that dinosaurs ate meat and preyed on each other. Dinosaur bones are regularly found in lower earth layers than are human bones, leading many to conclude that they belong to an earlier time period But has this been established with any certainty?

One method being used to measure the age of fossils is called radiocarbon dating. However, there are severe problems with the system. First, when the fossil is considered to be about 50, years old, its level of radioactivity has fallen so low that it can be detected only with great difficulty.

Second, even in more recent specimens, this level has fallen so low that it is still extremely difficult to measure accurately. Third, scientists can measure the present-day rate of radioactive carbon formation but have no way of measuring carbon concentrations in the distant past.

While the radioactive dating method is innovative, it is still based on speculation and assumption. In contrast, the Bible account in the first chapter of Genesis simply states the general order of creation. Despite what Awake! Dinosaur fossils are mineralized. No Carbon from the dinosaur exists to be dated!

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The Bible does not provide specific answers to this question. Not all types of dinosaurs were of such gigantic size. Hence, even if they had survived till the Flood, this would not have required taking pairs of the mammoth varieties into the ark. Rutherford introduced the idea in Watchtower literature that Jesus did not die on a cross, but this was an idea that at the time was being promoted by some Protestant Preachers, such as E. The arguments in the Creation book have been taken from Creationist books, including the misapplication of science quotes.

If the information is correct and properly referenced, then it is not an issue what the source was, but Witnesses should be realistic that doctrine is not magically revealed to the leaders by Holy Spirit. Images in the Watchtower have also landed the Watchtower in trouble. According to one illustrator from Bethel, it was common for some artists to source and copy pictures from magazines. One of the more illegal examples was the cover of the Watchtower Sep During an the following Johnny Walker advertisement appeared in magazines such as the U.

The Watchtower plagiarised the advertisement, with slight alterations for the cover of the Watchtower Sep On becoming aware of this violation of copyright, the distributor of Johnny Walker, Somerset Importers, contacted the Watchtower. It was agreed to change future printings, including in the Bound volume and foreign editions.

This was released when I was a teenage boy, and I fondly remember the picture on page The woman was so beautiful that I could clearly understand the temptation that the angels must have felt whilst looking down upon the earth. What I did not know at the time was that this woman was a real person, Pascale Petit, who appeared in Playboy November and some raunchy movies, such as the European sex comedy Frau Wirtin hat auch einen Grafen.

The inclusion of this picture in the Live Forever book was a potential copyright infringement, as the image of Pascale Petit was taken directly from the cover of the 13th August German magazine Stern. A further example of Watchtower copying other sources is the Bible Stories book, with several illustrations closely resembling images from The Bible Story by Arthur S.

Young Earth Debunked (Questions for Jehovahs Witnesses) [2020]

Maxwell Review and Herald Publishing Association In actual fact, Jehovah's Witnesses do make a dedication and baptism to an organisation. The second baptism question is. The Watchtower used to abide by the Biblical procedure outlined at Matthew of baptising in the name of the Father, Son and holy spirit, but in holy spirit was replaced with God's spirit-directed organization, as discussed at Changing Baptism Arrangement.

The Watchtower made definitive statements that this worldly system would end in and and strong implications regarding Yet following the failure of these predictions, it claimed the fault was that of faithful members, shirking admission of its responsibility in setting these expectations.

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When describing a tragic period of persecution in Liberia ina Watchtower claimed only a few compromised their faith, with the majority maintaining integrity. However, the Yearbook had shown that in fact the majority of Jehovah's Witnesses compromised their faith.

After being caught out by readers, Watchtower was forced to admit:. The Yearbook pp.

Dating done by carbon 14 (radioactive carbon) and paleography (the study of ancient scripts) confirms that the oldest of these scrolls are from about B.C.E. to B.C.E. What the Critics Say. A major reason for questioning the Bible's own timetable is the Bible's claim to divine inspiration. Jehovah's Witnesses are told to have complete trust in the information the Governing Body provides them. Examples of numerous misquotes are included in this article, showing that such trust is not warranted. Jehovah's Witnesses are utterly convinced that their church's leadership - the Governing Body - is both trustworthy and unquestionable. Apr 27,   Jehovah's Witnesses believe that God created dinosaurs sometime between 20, (+/-) and 6, years ago. They also believe that dinosaurs probably lived with humans. We can be sure of this for the following reasons: Despite what Awake! says, Carbon dating is.

Booth was paid by Watchtower as a missionary and in the Watchtower contained an article titled "Good Tidings Spreading in Africa", which discussed the work of Kamwana in Nyassalan. The followers that Kamwana managed to convert became known as members of "The Watchtower Movement. Inthe Watchtower released a booklet called The Watchtower Story in an attempt to distance itself from this group.

The booklet dishonestly said:. There are a number of pacifist and neutral religions that do not go to war, such as Quakers, Christadelphians, Worldwide Church of God and Anabaptists.

This remarkable phrase

Some Pacifists go further than Witnesses in their avoidance of war by even refusing to pay the "War Tax" component of income tax in the United States. This is discussed in detail at Jehovah's Witnesses and War.

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Surely, Jehovah's Witnesses are aware of enough of their history to know of the Russellites and Bible Student groups that broke away, particularly following Russell's death, though these groups would claim Rutherford broke away from the true religion as set up by Russell. It may be said that the quote was referring to Jehovah's Witnesses specifically since the official name was chosen inrather than the Jehovah's Witnesses that have existed since Adam Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose p.

New sects have been constantly forming. In Romania, one group of Witnesses spent decades isolated during communism, with access primarily to Rutherford's works.

On gaining freedom, they were offended at the many doctrinal changes in recent Watchtower publications, and set up The True Faith Jehovah's Witnesses. Since the Internet, there have been many small splinter groups starting.

"Limping upon two different opinions"

New doctrine does not contradict but clarifies old doctrine. The progression of doctrine is described as tacking, moving from side to side but ever forward.

This is not the case in many doctrinal changes, where the doctrine has gone back and forth between two or more interpretations. For instance, the Watchtower used to teach that the Superior Authorities of Romans were Governments. Inthis was changed to being Jehovah and Jesus. Inthis went back to being Governments. Yet when discussing this topic, Watchtower publications, such as Watchtower Nov 1 p. When vaccinations first became popular, the Golden Age now Awake!

This led to great difficult for Jehovah's Witness children as schools started to make them a mandatory requirement, along with obtaining visas for travel. After preaching against vaccinations for 30 years, in Watchtower reversed its stance, specifically stating it would not be drawn into any legal responsibility. Who knows what harm Jehovah's Witness children suffered through preventable diseases, yet rather than an apology, Watchtower denies the period of its history.

In the article "Winning the Battle for Your Mind," Watchtower July page 28 includes a quote regarding propaganda:. Watchtower's misuse of ellipses is very important when considered in light of the Watchtower article, which says to trust a single source of information, follow the organisation regardless of how imperfect and dismiss alternative information regardless of how plausible. The Watchtower quotes the Gazette for support that in War War 1 changed the world for the worse.

Taken in context the article says something quite different. Between these carefully chosen comments and the ellipses the Gazette includes the following paragraph. The 20th century is certainly no worse than the 13th for mass slaughter, nor than the ancient empires for regimentation. The Watchtower employs a range of methods to convince members that blood transfusions are unsafe. This is such an important topic, due to ongoing lives being lost, that it is recommended to consider the information at Blood Transfusionsand also Jehovah's Witnesses, Blood Transfusion, and the Tort of Misrepresentation by Kerry Louderback-Wood.

One outstanding misquote regards the risk of refusing a transfusion for renal transplantation. Not only is a full stop added, but the quote hides the context that shows a significant increase in death rate for Jehovah's Witness renal transplant patients with anaemia. For instance, page 11 quotes from The New York Times July 18 that "A panel of health officials [all] answered no" to accepting blood from a person who tested positive for Lyme disease.

Carbon dating jehovahs witnesses

What is not stated is that there have never been any "cases of Lyme disease linked to blood transfusion. The year B. This topic is so detailed that it warrants its own discussion at - - Last Days.

Relevant to this article is that while the Watchtower says Jerusalem was destroyed in B. To arrive at the spurious date of B. For this reason, the Watchtower has resorted to misrepresenting quotes to make it appear its date system is correct. For example, in the following quote the Insight Book inserts the year B. Though done correctly by use of [ ], the reader is left with the impression this date is supported by the original source. The reader may get the impression that Eilat is supporting the year B.

See articles at jpost. The Watchtower discourages advanced education. The following quote contains a number of flaws in how information should be presented. First, no source for the quote is provided, so it is difficult and time consuming to verify. It turns out to be from the Encyclopedia of Sermons and that Phelps was a nineteenth century preacher.

Such information is important in understanding the purpose and bias of such a comment. More importantly, the quote misrepresents the intention of Phelps' sentence, by the use of "" to hide the first part of the quote.

In context we have a preacher recommending university, yet the Watchtower presents the quote in such manner to make it appear Phelps is downplaying the value of advanced education. There is a volume of evidence that Jesus died on a Cross. See Cross or Stake. Since there is little evidence to support their theory that Jesus died on a stake, the Watchtower has resorted to misquoting.

The Imperial Bible-Dictionary is partially quoted to make it appear that stauros must mean a stake. By partial quoting, it hides critical information that stauros was being used to refer to a cross in the first century.

The Imperial Dictionary shows that crosses were the prominent form of execution in Jesus day, and it was Constantine that put an end to them, quite the opposite of what the Watchtower used the quote for. The Appendix to the and editions of The New World Translation and the Kingdom Interlinear reproduces a woodcut illustration by Lipsius of a stake, stating, "This is the manner in which Jesus was impaled", giving the distinct impression that Lipsius supports Jesus death on a stake.

A Watchtower article attempts to give the same impression that Lipsius supported a stake. This misrepresents Lipsius, who taught that Jesus died on a cross. His book included a total of 16 woodcuts, 9 depicting various forms of crucifixion.

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Under one of the crucifixion woodcuts is inscribed in Latin with, "In the Lord's cross there were four pieces of wood, the upright beam, the crossbar, a tree trunk placed below, and the title placed above.

The Watchtower also draws on unreliable sources for support.

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The research provided by Parsons regarding crux is flawed. For instance, he quotes Livy as using crux to mean stake Livy, xxviii. Livy used the word palus not crux in this passage - "Bound to a stake deligati ad palum they were scouraged and beheaded" Parsons also quotes Lucian saying Jesus was "fastened to a skolops;" De Morte Peregrini and claims Lucian used skolops to mean a single piece of wood.

The worst example of dishonesty amongst Watchtower literature regards the Trinity. When attacking the Trinity doctrine, the Watchtower resorts to a multitude of deceptive tactics, including the straw man technique of misdefining the Trinity, misquoting sources, and presenting specifically false information. The doctrine of the Trinity is that there are "three persons in one God". At times, the Watchtower uses the straw man technique of misdefining the Trinity doctrine as "three Gods in one", such as in the following quote, so as to attack this incorrect definition.

When discussing the Trinity, they have almost never mentioned the concept of economic and ontological equality, yet this is key to understanding the Trinity. Nor do they discuss Modalism, which is an alternate doctrine about the nature of God that is believed by many Pentecostals.

Watchtower discussion melds Trinitarian and Modal concepts into one, and then attacks the inaccurate hybrid straw man that they themselves have created. The Watchtower also presents the history of the Trinity incorrectly, attempting to lead its followers to believe the Trinity did not develop until centuries after Jesus, and under pressure from Constantine.

Should You Believe in the Trinity?

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Page 5 claims "this is no proof in itself that Tertullian taught the Trinity. Partyka for an in-depth article with full source quotes of the partial quotes used in the Watchtower brochure Should you Believe the Trinity. In each case it is readily apparent that the Watchtower Society has distorted what the early Church Fathers were attempting to say.

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Quotations are only partially referenced, making it difficult and time consuming to locate the original quote for verification purposes. The following partial Watchtower quotes are compared with the original quote to highlight how significantly the Watchtower is prepared to misrepresent sources to convince followers of their viewpoint.

By Evolution or by Creation? Evolutionary theory is mis-represented, Creationists are put forward as Scientists, and Scientists are quoted out of context. At times, a scientific article will state a problem, which the article then addresses with a proposed solution.

The Creation book will quote the problem as if is it an unsolved confession from a scientist, such as the Gould and Eldredge quote that follows from Discoverneglecting to advise that the article addresses the problem. Many have been sourced by Jan Hauglan Feb These are of similarly poor quality, and the document Weighed and Found Wanting shows how both misrepresent evolution and distort almost every quote included.

Watchtower articles on evolution contain a consistent pattern of poor research, such as quotes from both the January and August Awake! The following attributes a quotation to Dawkins. This is not a quote from Dawkins, but from Ridley.

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The Awake! January manages to be deceptive in 3 different ways within its first half page. It starts by using another famous scientist to garner misleading support for creation, quoting Rama Singh as saying "The opposition to evolution goes beyond religious fundamentalism and includes a great many people from educated sections of the population.

Whilst the quote is accurate, it misrepresents Singh's intention.

Oct 20,   Jehovah's Witnesses Dating. JWMatch is a safe and fun place for Jehovah's Witnesses and Friends to build loving and trusting friendships that can lead to lasting, offline relationships. The beauty of meeting and relating online is that you can gradually collect information from people before you make a choice about pursuing the relationship in the real world. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the principles and commands found in the Bible can help us to make decisions that both please God and benefit us. (Isaiah , 18) We did not create these principles and commands, but we do live by them. Consider how some of these relate to the subject of dating. * Marriage is a permanent union. jankossencontemporary.com's identity crisis: Jehovah's Witnesses "do not agree with creationism" August 20, October 3, Cedars Views apostate, creationism, creationist, evidence of evolution, evolution, FAQ, identity crisis, jehovahs witnesses, jankossencontemporary.com, mentally diseased, new earth creationists, superbugs, Watch Tower Society.

Singh continues in the same paragraph, "There are several reasons why facts of evolution are not easily comprehensible by the general masses. Prompted by Singh officially complaining about Awake! The second scientist quoted, Gerard, is not identified as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Whilst only a first name is given in the English Awake! Evolution does not study the "origin of life," research into the "origin of life" is referred to as abiogenesis.

Evolution is the study of " the process by which changes in plants and animals happen over time. On the other hand, even Richard Dawkins admits we know little about the origin of life. Jehovah's Witnesses sadly trust Watchtower writers on matters of science, whose bias overwhelmingly affects the accuracy of the information they present.

Their research skills are so fundamentally inadequate they are unable to correctly identify the source of information, let alone accurately understand and explain matters of science. The Watchtower is also known to misquote Scriptures, such as putting a full stop where there was not one, which changes the true meaning of the verse. The Watchtower concentrates on a select few Scriptures to support their doctrine and by hand picking and quoting catchy portions of Scriptures, the doctrine may seem solid, when it is not.

For example, in order to support the concept of soul being non-existent at death, Reasoning From the Scriptures p. This is misleading, as it adds a full stop, whilst in the Scripture there is a comma. In entirety it states:. Ecclesiastes is a poetic work about the vanity of life, and it is not generally taken literally.

The aforementioned Scripture cannot be taken as literal, as the sentence continues with the comment that there is no remembrance of the dead. One of the most significant flaws in the New World Translation is the inclusion of the word Jehovah in the New Testament. Of the many thousands of early New Testament fragments, not a single one includes God's name.

Including Jehovah means that many Scriptures have their meaning changed. This has an important effect, as the Watchtower attempts to use this Scripture to prove that only Jehovah's Witnesses will be saved. Just prior to this verse, Romans states, "Jesus is Lord Kurios ". It follows that Romans refers to Jesus, and identifies Jesus as the requirement for salvation. Not content with mis-translating the Bible, the Watchtower criticises other religions that don't use the word Jehovah through deceptive quoting of their sources.

What the Revised Standard Version quote says in full carries a different meaning backed by solid reasoning. The article Pagan Practices shows that Watchtower forbids a number of practices by using the line of reasoning that they are of pagan origins. It inconsistently allows Jehovah's Witnesses to use a wedding ring, despite acknowledging that it is pagan.

In one instance it has included a quote that claims the wedding ring is pagan, but on other occasions removes that part of the quote, preventing followers recognising that their reasoning on pagan practices is neither consistent or logical. The full quote is:. A rhetorical fallacy is a line of argumentation that is poorly constructed or misleading, such that the information direct a persons to an incorrect conclusion. Rhetorical Fallacies goes into detail on numerous of these that are to be found in the Watchtower.

These are common in everyday conversation and written material, and often unintentional, but it is worth understanding these so as to spot them when they occur. The Watchtower will refer to unreliable sources, not credible in the field that they are being quoted for. An example is how Hitching is presented as a scientist to highlight flaws in evolution, when in fact he is a paranormalist. Blanket statements are made regarding what experts have said, without any supporting quote or identification of whom those experts may be.

For instance, regarding a global floo accepted almost universally by scientists are impossible, the Watchtower claims:. Which Neuroscientists make such a claim, as the article fails to produce any? This is in fact an urban myth spanning back to the 's - see faculty. Psychics, such as Caroline Myss and Uri Geller, have taken advantage of this myth to manipulate the gullible into believing it as a source of their powers.

A similar Watchtower quote is taken from an advocate of Eastern religion and transcendental meditation. Notice that the name of the author is not mentioned, nor details of the book, other than it's title.

The quote is from page 7 of The Brain Bookin the chapter "The Spearhead of Evolution", which describes the brain as the "culmination of millions of years of evolution". The author is Peter Russell, and his biography at peterrussell.

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As explained at Quora. This supposedly supports that humans can live forever on earth. That is not endless capacity, it is not even a speck in the stream of time of forever. Eternity is infinitely more time that one million years. In the 's, the Watchtower discussed how Greber was a spiritualist and attributed his Bible translation to communication with the spirit world. Despite this, Watchtower publications quoted Greber's translation during the 's and 's for support of its own translation of Johnand Matthew ,53, including in The Word - Who Is He According to John p.

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