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It has been oiled once in a while.

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Overall, it's very little used. I've looked around and found a general idea on the year of manufacture but was hoping someone might be able to help me pinpoint this a little more accurately then my findings.

Oct 01,   Page 2-Hello, I recently purchased a Buffet R13 and I was trying to research the serial numbe, which is When I enter it into the the serial number finder on Buffet's website it says it was made in The clarinet professor at the school I attend says its much earlier than , and when I did further research, I found a few sites that said from all the . Be aware that the serial numbers for B12 (Schreiber made) clarinets have NOTHING to do with the Buffet serial list which only relates to the professional models made by Buffet in France. Even the E13 (and earlier Evette) type intermediate models made in France have a totally different serial list being either Knnnnn or Knnnnnn. This is serial , but it probably was not made on 14Oct82 as the Buffet site says, since that site is only accurate for the French-made instruments. One can see French Buffet serial numbers at their own information look-up site.

I am reading some conflicting things and would just like to be a little more sure. Any ideas? I was not going to purchase this, but I got a great deal on it making it difficult to pass up.

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Am going to be putting some money into it on a re-pad, but there are no cracks in the wood or any kind of other visible damage. I know all horns play differently but would this be considered a decent year for buffet?

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That's going to be pre-R13, which probably means that its collector value is lower or higher if you find the right buyer, I suppose. That means it might not have the polycylindrical bore that the R13 is known for, but hey, Buffet just introduced a new line of clarinets that has a cylindrical bore and called that a feature.

So maybe you are just ahead of the curve! I recently bought a Buffet that I still need to get overhauled. It seems like a nice horn, but needs too much work to tell much about it specifically. I am not a clarinet collector or someone who buys and sells tons of instruments, so maybe someone who's done an extensive survey has more to say about this than me can chime in here, but I don't think there's been a time when Buffets were categorically good or categorically bad.

Individual instruments are different and I'd say there's a good chance that any professional quality Buffet from any era will play well if it's properly set up.

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Whether or not that instrument is suited to you, your body and your playing style is another matter altogether. Of course they came before the R13, so that is reflected in the prices. But that doesn't mean it cannot be a nice instrument.

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Especially if you do not want to play in a clarinet section, but for instance in a jazz combo, it can be a great clarinet. Re: Buffet Crampon Serial Numbers That year is supposed to be correct, but in general, Buffet and maybe all clarinets are too variable to say whether any year is decent.

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I've checked many from almost any decade. I guess I could say that statistically, the 40s seem to have less excellent clarinets than newer ones.

Most have been average or less.

Buffet clarinet serial number dating

On the other hand, one of the best clarinets of any brand I've played was a Buffet from the late 40s. Even intonation was as good as any new clarinet with excellent full tone.

Backun vs Buffet Clarinets (Why I switched to Backun)

Re: Buffet Crampon Serial Numbers. Originally Posted by clarnibass. That year is supposed to be correct, but in general, Buffet and maybe all clarinets are too variable to say whether any year is decent.

rows  Buffet Crampon clarinets Professional clarinets since , factory established . rows  Jean Louis Buffet was already making musical instruments as early as the 's. In , Leon Crampon became a partner. If you come across an "F" preceding the serial number of an R13, this indicates that the instrument has been built to an A - A and is intended for use by European ensembles. The R13 was designed by Robert Carree, the. Below are approximations taken from the Buffet-Crampon website which allows serial number searches , Dec 15, , Oct 17, , May 15, , Sept 16, , June 24, , Nov 7, (or maybe July 11) , noting returned: It seems as though they have a very long lay over for christmas and new.

Re: Buffet Crampon Serial Numbers This is an interesting find from Wichita Band and what they say on Buffet Clarinets: It's important to note that Buffet's current website informs us that the "model R13" was introduced in Regretfully, this is not correct. I have, in my library, copies of Buffet's and catalogs, the latter clearly showing "model R13" clarinets. So this and a several other readings on the subject have me scratching my head here in terms of conflicting stories.

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I have a modern R13 and the aforementioned "pre-R13" and they are definitely different. The older horn has much larger toneholes and some of the keywork is distinctly different. Re: Buffet Crampon Serial Numbers Well I have also read some other things in terms of the older vs some of the later R13's that stated even though there were subtle changes during some of the different periods that they were still considered R13's and the top of the line that Buffet had to offer at the time.

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So it sounds like there have been changes and little tweaks that were made through the years. Whatever the case I see some of the so called pre R13's in immaculate condition on the Wichita band instrument site going for anywhere between 1, and 2, Someone must like them from this time period as they are selling from the site for sure.

Was just looking for an answer to the year dilemma.

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Very interesting what everyones concept is and what everyone else hears or reads. Bottom line is if its a good clarinet, then its a good clarinet I suppose. As it has been mentioned there are lemons in all different periods.

How Can You Find Out the Manufacturer Date of a Buffet Crampon Clarinet by Serial Number?

All I have to do it keep my fingers crossed that once it goes in for a re- pad that it turns out to be a good player and not a dog.

Re: Buffet Crampon Serial Numbers As I understand it, the first version of what is generally referred to as the R was a re-design of the bore and some keywork by Robert Carree. It was introduced in C. Clarinets prior to that have are different in bore and some key and tone hole design differences.

Model: Start # End # Early Buffet-Crampon: 1 7, Early Evette & Schaeffer: 7, 29, Apogee: 19, 30, Early Evette. Clarinet number one was produced in , and the most recent serial number on is , manufactured in According to, clarinets manufactured between and are some of the most desirable; their serial numbers lie in the to range. With more than 50 thousand members we offer a Buffet Clarinet Serial Number Dating guaranteed to find someone you are interested in. We are so confident that you'll start hooking up with someone within 10 minutes. If you don't get a sex buddy within two weeks of using our site, we'll upgrade your free account Buffet Clarinet Serial Number Dating to premium for a whole /

Subsequently, in the mid to late 60's there were more design changes that lead to the so called "golden era" R 's. Although they may be good horns, horns made prior to the redesign sell for less.

I find it interesting that Wichita Band is correcting Buffet about their own history and horns. It's not about the number, it's about the design, especially the bore.

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InLeon Crampon became a partner. If you come across an "F" preceding the serial number of an R13, this indicates that the instrument has been built to an A - A and is intended for use by European ensembles.

The R13 was designed by Robert Carree, the head acoustician for Buffet c.

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This may have been the first intentional use of the so-called "poly-cylindrical" bore design of the Buffet clarinet. It became the prototype for all future Buffet clarinet designs from that point onward. As a result, it may be safely assumed that anything from 61, was manufacturered with this design in mind. Many of the documents which contained accurate information regarding serial numbers have been lost and as a result, there is a gap from - Buffet states, however, that approximately units per year were manufactured during this period.

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