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Like most superheroes, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes was orphaned at a young age and acquired his powers after an accident nearly took his life. Friendships are complicated sometimes. In fact, actor Sebastian Stan told us in a recent cover story that playing Barnes in the Marvel movies has been celebrated by combat veterans, who often tell Stan his character helps them cope with post-traumatic stress. As a soldier, Barnes' powers were his combat skills: hand-to-hand he was a boxing champion , guns, grenades. Barnes is injured and falls hundreds of feet down into an icy river.

Kind of? Barnes then becomes something of a homicidal wild card, getting captured, getting brainwashed again, trying to kill everyone again, remembering, having everyone try to kill him; he basically causes the breakup of the Avengers, kind of.

After his arm is destroyed by Iron Man, Barnes is granted asylum in Wakanda where he goes back into his ice sleep to remove the rest of his Winter Soldier programming. Barnes emerges from his sleep cured, but is then recruited back into the fight as Thanos' forces march on Wakanda.

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At this point, we can finally consider Barnes an Avenger. And then he's dusted. After the dusting, Barnes returns for another battle with Thanos, where he and the other Avengers are finally successful. After the battle, Rogers returns toages, and then reunites with Bucky.

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That's where we left him. Disney's new series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldierwill follow the adventures of Barnes and Falcon, as the latter becomes the new Captain America.

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Odds of Barnes having Winter Soldier relapses? Very high. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

"Did you talk with y/n lately?" he blurted before taking a bite and looking away to avoid Sam's gaze. "Maybe. You're interested?" Sam smirked, glad to know that he knew things that Bucky didn't which meant that he could have some fun with him. "Kinda- I mean, no- I mean-" "Hey. Read Dating Bucky Barnes Includes from the story Avengers Preferences by Andie_AmericanPsycho with 12, reads. thor, avengerspreferences, captainamerica. * P Reviews: Dating Bucky Barnes would include: Having the habit to wake up at in the morning, just to check if he had nightmares again. Nat-Nat and Steve being by your side 24/7, you are Bucky's precious (Y/N). No one is going to touch you without your permission or your boyfriend's. Playing with magnets on his metal arm.

Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Love you ; Bucky lingers at the bar as long as he can without feeling guilty. Not yet.

Bucky Barnes and dating in the 40's. So, wow. Yeah. Another one of those "I've been reading a lot of. and. (insert my opinion here)." So, yes, I keep reading about Bucky as the ladies man: all sexed up and such. It's a bit baffling to me, as this is a very modern way of thinking. Read dating. from the story bucky barnes ? imagines by wienersoIdier (??????????) with 3, reads. avengers, sebastianstanfanfic, thewintersoldier. da Reviews: Dec 19,   Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier, remains one of Marvel's most interesting heroes; Actor Sebastian Stan told us his character even helps real-life veterans.

Dating Bucky Barnes Would Involve Straddling his lap and kissing his neck in bed. A lot of them. Amazing, mind-blowing sex! Bucky being extremely protective over you.

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Always having to move his hair out of his eyes. Bucky asking Steve for advice the first time he asked you out on a date and then asking him what 21st century girls like. Shy Bucky! Teaching Bucky the new styles of dancing.

After the two of you been with each other for a long time, he opens up more to you.

Charming, flirty s Bucky that Steve would always talk about. Sudden flirty comments and new nicknames all the time.


Just say it. Bucky Barnes bucky barnes imagine dating bucky barnes Marvel The Avengers Winter Soldier the white wolf bucky barnes x reader. Help your friend!

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Originally posted by veronikaphoenix. I write Marvel and Criminal Minds! Steam billowed around the coffee that sat in a plain grey mug on the kitchen table. Stark Tower was rarely cold, but winter in New York was out to bite this year. Sat, looking at his mug was Bucky.

Bucky barnes dating

Tired, and alone at nearly midnight. He was expressionless, sleep deprivation shone across his skin as he mumbled aimlessly about things he needed to remember - worthless things, but he needed them. He looked out the window, the glowing streets of New York staring back at him. The lights seemed so dark at night, yet so bright. He felt happier at night, safer.

The door clicked behind him. He knew who it was from their footsteps. Is that a crime now?

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He smiled as you placed down your bags. She talked a lot, stayed on track, which was good. It took longer than I thought.

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You mean a lot to Steve, so you mean a lot to Peggy too. Or, uh, taking to the labs? What about those emails you mentioned? I know you hate Buck, but you need to try. I love you, and you need to sleep.

Nothing bad will happen. You two lay in bed for a few minutes, for Bucky it felt like hours, before he began to ramble in avoidance. When the pale pink sunlight flowed through the curtains, Bucky groaned, placing the pillow that you had previously been sleeping on over his head.

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He knew that you had to leave early to finish a mission with Sam and Steve, but he still missed you. He rolled over, disregarding the pillow falling onto the floor, throwing the covers back and standing.

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