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For example: Jhope comes and tells Namjoon who loves you that he had sex with you. Namjoon would be awkward about the whole situation, rolling his eyes as Jin continued to go on and on about how he had spent last night at your place and taken things to the next level. He was already mad at the fact you two were dating and the images of you both together in such an intimate way were making his anger grow. He disliked the thought of you being with Namjoon, but he hated the thought of his hands on your body. Yoongi would be pouting the whole time Hoseok told him abot your night together, not really caring if Hoseok noticed. No matter how hard he tried to shake the thoughts away, they returned making him more angry. Taehyung would find it hard to control his facial expression when Jimin told him that he had sex with you last night, he felt disgusted.

You're amazing and can come and go as you damn well please!!!

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"You have two choices, you can leave and let me continue, or you can close that door and come help me" bts bts reaction bts smut bts rap monster bts jin bts suga bts jhope bts jimin bts v bts jungkook kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin kim taehyung jeon jungkook. Read BTS Finding out that you are Dating Jungkook from the story bts scenarios by bangtanistry (jean.) with 39, reads. j-hope, jin, bangtanboys. Bangtan's r Reviews:

Been going through it mentally but good thing is that I got a new phone yesterday and I love it! And oooh new phone?

Bts reaction to you dating jungkook

None of it sounds mean at all! You can do whatever u want with your blog! If they don't like something, then they should leave! I mean, this is not a job and you don't have to write if you don't want to either It's not like u get paid for this or like we're wasting our money on you!

You're just sharing your amazing writing with us and we should be grateful!

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Dont feel pressured though because honestly its the worst feeling. If he hurts you, how am I supposed to beat him up? Originally posted by jikookdetails.

Sep 17,   BTS member, Jungkook, sparked rumored that he's dating a female tattoo artist after leaked CCTV footage showed the pair hanging out earlier this . BTS Reaction - You're Dating Another Member You've been dating one of your brother's band members for a couple of months. Of course, your brother doesn't know this. bts bts reactions bts jin bts suga bts j-hope bts rm bts jimin bts v bts jungkook kim seokjin seokjin jin suga min yoongi yoongi rm kim namjoon namjoon park jimin jimin. BTS Reaction: Them trying to set you up with Jungkook when you are already dating. stubby-the-dean requested: Could I request a reaction of the BTS members trying to set you up with Jungkook, but.

Taehyung sighs. He saw this coming. You know I hate it when you cry.

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Originally posted by syubjoon. No matter how great he is or how many cookies you make, my answer is no. You can tell the exact moment he does because his shoulders slump and he pouts. Originally posted by jjeonguk.

- BTS Reaction - You're Dating Another Member

Shout out to everyone whose mental health is dependent on routines in this time of everything being shut down, moved online, or shrouded in complete uncertainty. I was tagged by geonhak-moons.

Read Dating Jeon Jungkook Will Include from the story bts ; reactions and preferences by waanggg (??? ?????) with 2, reads. cute, tae, bangtan. - Cu Reviews: Dec 13,   i lost my previous answer cause my phone hanged. but this is a brief summary. they are not dating anyone but they also could because dawn from pentagon was with hyuna. it was kept in a relationship for two years. they all have driving licences exc. BTS Reaction | Dating another member. Anon request: Can you do a bts reaction where they are head over heels over you but you are dating some other member .

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I was tagged by geonhak-moons Thank you!

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This is why they have such a problem with plastic bags. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Any of them.

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I told you. You can date Yoongi.


Shuffle Tag I was tagged by geonhak-moons Rules: you usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music the listen to! Just out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite writings of mine?

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