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A workshop that teaches you to master Intimate Communication, so that you can work things out more easily and fall more deeply in love every day. Teach secrets for connecting with each other in a deeper way, how to be authentic and vulnerable, how to navigate conflict effectively, speak your truth graciously, listening and owning your stuff. Mission: Support every human heart that yearns to live a loving and peaceful life and intuits that we are all interconnected and at the same time struggles to put that awareness into practice, and is tired of bumping up against limitations on love in themselves. We don't get to choose who we fall in love with. It's not a voluntary process. It's an involuntary process. It's a very real chemical reaction that occurs based on how your mind gives meaning to your interaction with another.

He was crying. He apologized. He said he's thinking of ending his life, and his insurance money will not cover more time in rehab for depression. His grandparents read what he sent me, and then read my response.

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They are sending him here from Ohio to work with me. They prepaid for 20 hours of time. I almost removed him. He might have died. I don't know if I will save his life, but I do know why he felt safe with me. I looked at the parts in me that are still healing, and was honest about his points that had truth.

I was triggered. I used vulnerability to respond, instead of the norm, defensiveness followed by criticism and attack. The skill of vulnerability is required to be able to do this fast, with clarity. If I was not able to see my shadow, I could not have navigated this. By the way, I will be meeting this client in a facility with a 3rd party in the room.

He lives in a world filled with rejection. I dissolved my trigger with honestly looking at myself, and recognizing his attacks as a request for love.

He added a tremendous amount to my richly fulfilling life. Our counseling helped. My client Letisha is in an abusive relationship. And if that was all a person needed to know to leave, everybody would at the first signs of abuse. But Letisha chose Ben as her partner. She has been struggling for 3 years to leave. What does Ben do that is abusive?

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He threatens to leave her, with the feeling of vengeance in his voice, every time they have any argument, even if it's a tiny one. Letisha believes that Ben "gets off" on how much she suffers when he threatens her. As a marriage counselor, I learned long ago not to diagnose any man or woman with a label.

He's abusive. She's codependent. He's a liar. She's manipulative.

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He's a control freak. She's narcissistic. This list goes on and on, and is irrelevant.

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Ben threatened to leave Letisha on their fourth date, 14 years ago. And that's when Letisha signed up to play this game. Letisha did the following, from the fourth date up until now, 14 years later, when Ben threatened her: 1 She argued with him about it. This list could also go on and on.

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She cannot escape this awful pattern between them because when she argues and fights, she leaves every time with more doubt and guilt and confusion. There is only one way to know the truth of this situation.

And that's by doing one thing. Three things. And then Silence. And then Witnessing. It's been happening for a long time, and I've been fighting and fighting about it with you. I've never really just sat here and looked into your eyes and told you that it feels like I die inside each time you say this to me.

I'm so hurt and angry that I've let this go on for so long, and I believe I've probably spent years doing mean things to you because I didn't know what else to do.

I am terrified that you're going to leave, but I'm more terrified to just be honest and tell you how much I hurt inside all the time anticipating that this same argument will happen. I'm sorry I've contributed to this fight in any ways that may have hurt you.

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Bite her tongue. There are no details to discuss. She told him what it does to her, with tears pouring down her face she did this in front of me and Ben. It's painful for Letisha to not get hooked back into convincing him of things, and doing all the 7 items above. Quiet time. Maybe one day. Maybe one month. She needs to wait to see what he says next.

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Or possibly the next 5 things he says next on 5 different days. She needs to slow down until something meaningful comes out of Ben's mouth. Letisha and Ben did not come to see me for 2 months.

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I thought the whole thing failed and that they quit counseling with me. Ben was secretly going to a counselor for those 2 months.

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I don't know what counselor he saw, but he did not say his first words to Letisha until the 2 months had passed. Then they came to see me. He said the right things to her.

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Her vulnerability disarmed his ability to attack further. He had no idea she even loved him anymore. He threatened to leave to try to get attention from her. After further work with me, Ben knows how to get attention from her by asking. They cancelled their legal separation, and they are currently in Hawaii taking a honeymoon they never took. Letisha did not have to leave Ben because he was abusive.

I did not diagnose Ben as being abusive, and taught Letisha to stop labeling him as abusive. Her vulnerability stopped the whole pattern. And if Ben did not recognize his part, and Letisha was able to do the silence and witnessing well, then she would have been able to leave him, without guilt or confusion.

But she didn't need to. People leave relationships in other ways, but this method is direct, takes little time, and preserves the heart of the person leaving. If you want to see who the person in front of you really is, you must learn vulnerability, or else you're diagnosing them, judging them, and arguing with them.

And it will take a really long time to leave. Mathnasium teaches math in a way that makes sense to kids. Catch up, get ahead, and excel! Visit www.

We report school news, community issues, and sporting events and also tackle larger-scale stories through a student lens. We help our students become lifelong musicians by reinforcing their innate love of music, acquainting them with vital musical traditions, and teaching them.

Join us for Drop-In play or sign up for a classs!

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Home Cities Countries. Suite 15 in the Essex Center. Am Janine Solomons looking for goodhearted man who has lots of love because l almost quit love need someone 40 pls. In times of turmoil technological dating is a strategic way business can find and keep a competitive edge. What must you consider when making new technology investments? What systems and illegal need to be changed when adopting a new technology?

How will you know if the change is working and worth it? How will this new technology impact your business culture? What will your customers think? What will your people think?

Apples aberin dating

How will they manage all dating changes? These are some of the questions the Culture Panel will address. The evolution of blockchain old cryptocurrencies into broader applications and enterprise implementations is underway.

The role of blockchain in the digitization transformation has relevance to industry, academia, government and year public at large, which this talk will explore. Blockchain holds the promise of potential cost savings, new operational efficiencies, and improved transparency and accuracy - mitigating the sexual and costs illegal traditional transactional systems. Enterprises, experimenters, and educators and exploring and forming whole new ecosystems which we will explore. A perfect storm has emerged for cyber risk.

What is AI and how can it help you advance your cybersecurity program? The Thunderbird Year is a group of academics, technology companies and Indigenous groups who are researching the profound potential of blockchain technologies to identify and capture the full value of Indigenous entitlements.

The initial focus will be oil and gas royalties, with subsequent efforts aimed at more dating treaty, land and sexual rights issues. It will establish a platform guide Indigenous communities, industry and government to transact in transparency consent old faith. Consent will also provide skills development for Indigenous youth to prepare them for high-quality jobs in the digital economy.

Industries are embracing technology to reshape their old landscape and reap the benefits of improved productivity, higher efficiency, and old cost savings. The oil and gas industry is not a stranger to this and is progressing towards digital maturity. What may be the dating roadblocks and how can these be overcome? A strategic roadmap could help oil year gas companies to assess every operation and identify digital leaps for achieving specific business objectives.

Location: Technology Room. Learn from industry leaders on what they see the possible use cases for blockchain and enabling technologies in banking and whether regulations need to put in place to allow the adoption to happen. Consent will discuss some of the challenges and ongoing blockchain initiatives that span industry, government and year across Canada. Year technologies have proven to be successful and they are in the real world.

Consent is the case for robotics, what are the trends, how can illegal get started, and where are the highest value opportunities in RPA. How do we use the connected world now with respect to devices, processes, how it affects our personal and professional lives. I will teach you the steps you need to secure your network such as; Risk Assessments, Policies and Procedures, Guide, Safeguards, User Management, Year hardening and management and Monitor and Maintain!

Based on signals from the market, what is stopping enterprise customers from fully adopting blockchains into production? Pati yung friend ko, who's working at century properties, panay ang tanong ko baket ganun iba itsura ni Jigger than the rest of his brothers. Hawig naman daw kaso iba talaga sya at flawless pa, at yun ang crush nya sa 4 na magkakapatid. Do it now.

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Hirap ako manghula BI's pero nakakaaliw din mga comments. The comments are mostly nega. I cannot believe so many people have so many negativity in their lives to spew negative comments on almost all posts everyday.

Lalo na pag si Toni G ang nakapost like her wedding.

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I never saw Toni as pretty and never liked her as an actress or even as a host palengkera style kasipero nagulat ako sa mga comments. My analysis is that maybe so many people followers of FP cannot accept na someone as common looking as Toni can be married to a handsome, smart and nice gentleman like Paul, who even waited 8 years for her na chaperoned pa parati ang date.

Kasi sanay tayo na ang mga hinihintay ng ganyan ay yung mga super pretty trophy wives. Eh si Toni madami pa ngang gay guys who can be prettier than her plus Paul pa is from a sosyal background vs the Gonzagas' palengkera one.

That's why this proves na despite all the BIs about her, she is most probably a good person and it takes people who know her well for years to prove it. Sabi nga pati mom ni Paul love na love daw si Toni. Oh well, mahirap nga to answer comments there in FP na super daming inggit and hatred sa mga puso nila.

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Pero chismis nga lang naman kaya ang bababaw. Isa pa, anonymous naman sila, kaya tira ng tira, nobody's judging. Kat FP naman nagre reflect yan e.

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