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La Luna Sangre transl. The Blood Moon is a Philippine horror - fantasy drama television series. It is the third installment of Lobo and the sequel to Imortal. The prophecy of the Blood Moon is the heart of this fictional series. Malia is 21 years old when Supremo locates their camp and massacres everyone. Supremo and his vampires replace LLU's business and political influence and assimilate into mainstream society in the metropolis. In the 14 years since the massacre, the peaceful cooperation of the three species established by the LLU organization is gone, werewolves are hiding and humans are in peril once again.

BINABASA MO ANG. ENCANTADIA: Ang Bagong Tagapagmana Ng Mga Brilyante Fantasy. Nagkaroon ng mga anak ang mga sanggre ang bawat sa kanila ay tagapagmana ng kanilang mga brilyante upang hindi na muli pa itong pag-intirisan ng mga hathor kung saan nabibilang si jankossencontemporary.coms: "Ina!! Ang sabay-sabay na sambit ng mga sanggre 'Ama!! Ang wika naman ni amihan kay raquim at saka niya niyakap ang kanyang ama na namiss niya ng lubusan. "Ama kong hari!! Wika naman ni ybarro at sabay yumukod ang mga diwata upang magbigay pugay sa dating hari ng Sapiro na si haring armeo "Kinagagalak ko kayong makita mga anak ko!Reviews: 5.

It is one of the stunning declarations of Mr. How true is this claim? How about, if his claim is not true and Mr. Eli Soriano is a false prophet?

We will study this very carefully - his authenticity as a true messenger of God and his teachings. Biblically speaking, there are many verses that Mr.

Ang dating mga sanggre

Soriano is using to identify that he is the one being referred to by that particular verse. In Filipino translation. Soriano took the Filipino translation, thinking that this is suitable for him that he is the poor wise man. Knowing that he is the one that will save or deliver the small city by his wisdom. He strongly believes that this verse is a prophecy and not a part of a story being told in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Sad to say, in reality, the verse is not a prophecy that will happen in the future; this is a story that had happened during the time of King Solomon. That is very erroneous information to claim what is not his. Besides it is not the fulfillment of something foretold to the establishment of their church. When the Bible spoke of something in the future it is really sure to happen, it is not a prophecy that is like the thinking of ordinary man that it might or it might not be looking for chances.

It will be fulfilled just like what God have said in Isaiah b. I have planned it, and I will do it. Surely what God have spoken and He will do it. In a scrutiny of their statement, there is no clear cut prophecy that was fulfilled in their group. The real fulfillment of a prophecy in the Bible has many elements. The prophecy to the person and to the Church 2.

The time that it would take place 3. The place that it would occur 4. The promised thing. These elements are not applicable to Ecclesiasteseither Mr. Soriano is wise and poor.

In a very careful study, he is not the first to claim that he is wise. It was first claimed by Mr. Nicolas Perez, the leader of the first religion he joined to.

Soriano made his own group with multiple names. Several elements of prophecy would not apply; the prophecy to the person - is it Mr. Perez or Mr. Soriano was the person being told in the verse?

MCGI History

Is it the congregation of Mr. Perez or the congregation of Mr. Who was the king that suppressed them? These are the questions that should be answered.

Soriano taught that it is Kingdom, not a king, the kingdom of Catholicism which he is trying deconstruct. Automatically it is wrong. Conclusively, how can he strongly claim that what he is leading is the true church that all people should join to and he is the true messenger, when somebody is claiming the same title? That is a very big disrespect to his beloved mentor Mr. Ponder on these things and you will find out.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Soraya confirms Tristan's duplicity to Supremo.

The real history of the MCGI/Ang Dating Daan has been whitewashed and hidden from Soriano's followers to conceal the origins of their unbiblical and satanic teachings. Here below is the real history of the this man made cult. The Truth about Ang Dating Daan La Luna Sangre (transl. The Blood Moon) is a Philippine horror-fantasy drama television jankossencontemporary.comed by Richard Arellano, Rory Quintos and Mae Cruz-Alviar, it stars Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla and Richard is the third installment of Lobo and the sequel to series premiered on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on No. of episodes: (list of episodes). Ang Dating Daan (Tagalog for The Old Path) is a religious radio and television program in the Philippines produced by the Members of the Church of God is primarily hosted by Eli Portugal and Brazil, it is broadcast as O Caminho Antigo which is a direct translation for The Old Latin America, it is broadcast as El Camino Antiguo which is also a direct Opening theme: Rhapsody on a Theme of .

Malia's astuteness once again brings her to the truth behind Tristan's real intentions and tries to convince him to join forces with her. Supremo declares war on his brother, but he gauges the moment he can distract Tristan to possess the two cursed inks. But without intel from Soraya, Supremo is unaware that Malia and Tristan are allies once again. Nonetheless, he banks on Soraya to immobilize the LLU from within. Elsewhere, two crucial laboratory experiments reach crossroads.

Prof T's research for an anti-vampire serum is at a dead end, but he stumbles upon an ingredient that humans can use as a weapon of mass destruction against the supernaturals. Meanwhile, Lemuel's serum for curing vampires using the pulverized ingredients of the First Werewolf's Fang reaches another dead end. Desperate to change Tristan's mind, Lemuel pretends his formula heals James, a vampire who becomes mortal once again.

Unaware of the ruse, Tristan and Malia have renewed hope, he changes his plan to annihilate the supernaturals. Hope gets Tristan's heart beating again, which means his powers are weakened and his cursed mark is vulnerable for Supremo to steal.

Soraya and her black werewolves escape to join Supremo, adding werewolves to replace the vampire horde he lost.

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They enter the Moonchasers headquarters and kill the unsuspecting Professor Ellie. Amid Tristan's face-off with Supremo, Sandrino hears Tristan's heart beating. As Lucho said it would, the cursed ink is drawn to the being who is consumed by hatred. Supremo's hatred wins over Tristan's righteousness and as the cursed ink consumes him, Malia and the LLU escape with Tristan. Darkness descends on the population as Sandrino and his vampires rule once again, this time alongside Soraya and the Black Lobos.

The peace agreement between the three species is destroyed. Humans are systematically harvested for the blood farms or transformed into vampires. Malia's defeat brings Sandrino and Soraya forward as they reclaim their place in the social hierarchy. With not enough time left to save humanity, Malia contemplates time travel as Jacintha did to kill a weaker Sandrino, but Tristan won't allow it, insisting they fight Supremo together in the present.

Malia, Tristan and a remnant of their group hide in the safe house to regroup. After convincing him to abandon his revenge to destroy all the supernaturals with his acid red rain, Malia and Tristan bid goodbye to Prof T and erase his memories of their time together.

The Super Moon comes without incident but it has an unusual effect on Supremo. Two distinct beings emerge, the second one totally consumed by hatred, more brutal than the first, and he overpowers the older being altogether. His own vampire allies fear him more when he indiscriminately kills his own vampires.

The new Supremo escalates his force's onslaught of death on the population, taxing the strength and resources of the LLU trying to protect them. Realizing Supremo's ultimate goal to destroy everyone, mortal and supernaturals, Soraya's remaining pack return to the LLU, and Greta kills Soraya in a final face-off.

Amidst the grief and loss suffered, Malia's full transformation occurs, becoming a red-caped hybrid werewolf with vampiric characteristics and powers similar to Jacintha. A new and dark prophecy challenges Malia and Tristan when Jethro sees the penultimate moment before the apocalyptic war where everyone is killed. Similarly, Supremo faces an obstacle as he battles to overcome any remaining good that used to be in his heart. Earlier, Lucho explains that the cursed ink can be defeated by a single act of goodness on Supremo's part, be it compassion or sacrifice.

Does this signal a lost cause considering Supremo's unfettered powers and his all-consuming hatred or is this a foreshadowing of the outcome of the war? Once again, we are reminded about Jacintha's refusal to kill the child Sandrino in the forest. In many places all over the metropolis, Supremo's mass hypnotism of the population begins, as mortals gather at various locations to commit mass suicide.

At the communications facility where Supremo waits, Tristan meets his brother, ready to sacrifice his life. He reminds Sandrino of his humanity, of his life before the cursed ink, and this gives the Supremo pause as he battles to overpower the good in him. Unfortunately, the cursed ink seemingly prevails absorbing Sandrino once again.

The Supremo seizes Tristan and Malia as both are mortally wounded. But just as Supremo prepares to deliver the final blow, the couple link hands and a surge of energy flows between them just as seen in Jethro's prophecy. Turns out, together they can successfully defeat Supremo, already weakening by the opposing humanity remaining in Sandrino. Sandrino's personality once again emerges just as the Supremo's personality disintegrates into ashes with the cursed ink. Thanking Tristan for saving him from his evil self, Sandrino professes his love for his brother and disintegrates into ashes as well.

In the epilogue, Malia notes that hardships will always be part of life even though the threat of the curse ink is now gone as long as there are mortals, werewolves, and vampires that have ill intentions. Portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo adult and Erika Clemente chil the main female character of the series, she is the New Chosen One who defeats the evil vampire marked with the cursed ink, hybrid offspring of Mateo and Lia, and Supremo's enemy.

The series follows her path to fulfilling her destiny as protector of the races.

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After Supremo kills her parents, Malia lives in Manila assuming two identities: Miyo Alcantara male and Toni Lumakad female to penetrate Supremo's organization. Police assassinate Miyo but she resurrects from the dead with powers stronger than other vampires. She gathers the remnant survivors of the massacre and reorganizes the La Liga Unida. Malia strives to protect the three races from the evil of Supremo and restore the peaceful coexistence of the species that her ancestors fought to establish.

She does not give up on Tristan and wins him back to their side, successfully averting a war that would end their kind. She gains her full powers when she transforms into a red-caped hybrid combination of werewolf and vampire with powers similar to Jacintha. He is the main male character of the series. The story tracks his life journey as he pursues revenge against vampires who destroyed his family. He joins the Moonchasers, a vigilante group that protects humans against vampires.

Moonchasers' headmaster, Prof. T describes him as a warrior and "special, but difficult to control. He rejects Sandrino and the evil vampires when he learns of his true nature, and despite Sandrino's warnings about man's treacherous nature and their fear and hatred towards vampires, Tristan holds on to the belief that the humans will not betray him.

After Jacintha kills Tristan, Sandrino raises him from his death and awakens the cursed ink granting Tristan unparalleled strength. Tristan becomes the Imperator of Supremo's vampires. Tristan secretly protects humans from increasing vampire attacks and plans to annihilate the supernatural species but is conflicted about Malia's fate because he loves her.

Tristan's path is foreshadowed early in the series when his stepfather Tonio advises the six-year-old that his real battle would be waged in his heart. Tristan takes the ultimate risk to face Supremo, hoping to appeal to any remaining piece of humanity Sandrino felt towards his brother, to end the apocalypse. Portrayed by Richard Gutierrez adult and Zyren Leigh Luansing chil was the main antagonist of the series.

He has three aliases: Sandrino, Supremo and Gilbert Imperial. The story records Sandrino Villalobo's tragic existence after a series of unfortunate incidents sends him on a trajectory towards evil. Sandrino's father, the vampire Magnus rapes his mother, Maria Villalobo, to sire the chosen one. Deprived of food, starvation leads him to feed on live chickens and drink animal blood. In a fit of rage, he kills Maria when she attempts to push him off the balcony. He escapes into the forest with Barang, lonely until he meets Rica Sison, a Luna officer who loves and becomes pregnant by his father.

She is the only person who shows him kindness and acceptance. When the Lunas capture Rica and kill Sandrino, Barang invokes the spell of the Cursed Ink, conferring upon him a protection from all weapons and transforms him into a vampire. Barang fuels his anger until the curse consumes his soul. He assumes the leadership of his race and becomes the Supremo, the King of evil vampires and architect of a utopian world without werewolves where humans exist solely as their food source.

On the night Jacintha stabs him with the First Werewolf's fang and destroys the curse inside him, Supremo loses the cursed ink's protection but does not die. Through the Ancient Book of Spells, he discovers the infinite power both marks grant and gets it when he defeats Tristan. Possessing both marks creates two distinct personalities: the Supremo consumed with hatred, consequently overpowering Sandrino who still retained his humanity.

The battle between Supremo and Sandrino is significant to the outcome of the story. He was successfully killed by Malia and Tristan and thanked Tristan for saving him from his evil self. Portrayed by Angel Locsinshe plays two characters in this series.

Lia becomes a mortal woman when she and Mateo transfer their special powers and protection onto their infant daughter, Malia, who is stillborn. Her family's peaceful life in San Isidro is disrupted when Supremo discovers their whereabouts. She is killed by Supremo, along with her husband Mateo. Angel's second character portrayal is Jacintha Magsaysay. Jacintha's mission is to facilitate the path for Malia to defeat Supremo.

Gilbert Imperial hires her as his Political Strategist when he runs for President of the Philippines. On the night of the blood moon, she uses the First Werewolf's fang to end the cursed ink inside Sandrino, stripping him of his invincibility and weakening him.

She reluctantly kills Tristan before he turns into a vampire. In the night of La Luna Sangre, after her mission is done, it was implied that she is the future Malia Rodriguez before disappearing into thin air. The two appeared in six films Must Be The two trained in Pekiti and Wushu martial arts as part of the television series project. La Luna Sangre was first revealed during the network's trade launch on November In October 4,iWant TV exclusively expands La Luna Sangre universe with a "Youtopia" web series which centers on a group of friends whose friendships and trust in each other are tested, as they cross paths with the vampires of Sandrino's army.

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