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By Alex Heigl. Dodd, 43, has been seeing Leventhal, 59, since August, when she split from her previous beau, plastic surgeon Brian Reagan, who has denied that infidelity was the cause of their breakup. Kelly was previously married to Michael Dodd, with whom she shares a daughter, Jolie. Read Next. Mark Ruffalo talks corporate-abuse saga 'Dark Waters'. This story has been shared 22, times. This story has been shared 18, times.

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CNN congressional correspondent Sunlen Serfaty is in motherhood. She and her husband are blessed with a baby girl!

Anchor is an all-in-one platform where you can create, distribute, and monetize your podcast from any device, for free. Rearrange segments Save. Easy-to-use creation tools. Record or upload, and edit from any device with tools designed to make you sound great, regardless of your skill level. free hosting & distribution. Named for the nearby Hocking River, the Hocking Glass Company was founded in in Lancaster, Ohio. After a merger with Anchor Cap Corporation in , Hocking Glass became Anchor Hocking Corporation. Still manufacturing in Lancaster, OH for over year. Anchor Hocking is proud of its humble roots and steady growth to become one of the. An anchor is a device, normally made of metal, used to connect a vessel to the bed of a body of water to prevent the craft from drifting due to wind or jankossencontemporary.com word derives from Latin ancora, which itself comes from the Greek ?????? (ankura). Anchors can either be temporary or permanent. Permanent anchors are used in the creation of a mooring, and are rarely moved; a .

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Tags : journalist mother of Amal Clooney mother of two. Tags : Amal Clooney's mother journalist Political Journalist. Tags : Australian author Author journalist. These are used where the vessel is permanently or semi-permanently sited, for example in the case of lightvessels or channel marker buoys. The anchor needs to hold the vessel in all weathers, including the most severe stormbut needs to be lifted only occasionally, at most - for example, only if the vessel is to be towed into port for maintenance.

An alternative to using an anchor under these circumstances, especially if the anchor need never be lifted at all, may be to use a pile driven into the seabed. Permanent anchors come in a wide range of types and have no standard form. A slab of rock with an iron staple in it to attach a chain to would serve the purpose, as would any dense object of appropriate weight for instance, an engine block.

Modern moorings may be anchored by augerswhich look and act very much like oversized screws drilled into the seabed, or by barbed metal beams pounded in or even driven in with explosives like pilings, or by a variety of other non-mass means of getting a grip on the bottom.

One method of building a mooring is to use three or more conventional anchors laid out with short lengths of chain attached to a swivel, so no matter which direction the vessel moves, one or more anchors will be aligned to resist the force.

The mushroom anchor is suitable where the seabed is composed of silt or fine sand. It was invented by Robert Stevensonfor use by an ton converted fishing boat, Pharoswhich was used as a lightvessel between and near to Bell Rock whilst the lighthouse was being constructed.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Kelly Dodd took to Instagram Wednesday night to announce her engagement to Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal. "I Author: Alex Heigl. Why going with the flow of things is a superior approach to dating and life instead of trying to force a commitment, changing your schedule to match the other persons or trying to lock the other person down to a commitment. If you have not read my book, "How To Be A 3Man" yet, that would be a good starting place for you. It is available in Kindle, iBook, Paperback, Hardcover . Sep 04,   After the nine years of long life journey, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend said 'quit' their relationship. Anderson revealed their break-up through the statement to the US Weekly. He announced on Thursday, March "Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago. We are still family to each other, and love each other Author: Isha Khanal.

It was equipped with a 1. It is shaped like an inverted mushroom, the head becoming buried in the silt. A counterweight is often provided at the other end of the shank to lay it down before it becomes buried.

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A mushroom anchor will normally sink in the silt to the point where it has displaced its own weight in bottom material, thus greatly increasing its holding power. These anchors are only suitable for a silt or mud bottom, since they rely upon suction and cohesion of the bottom material, which rocky or coarse sand bottoms lack.

The holding power of this anchor is at best about twice its weight until it becomes buried, when it can be as much as ten times its weight. This is an anchor which relies solely on being a heavy weight.

Anchor powers more of the world's podcasts than any other platform.

It is usually just a large block of concrete or stone at the end of the chain. Its holding power is defined by its weight underwater i. Consequently, deadweight anchors are used where mushroom anchors are unsuitable, for example in rock, gravel or coarse sand.

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An advantage of a deadweight anchor over a mushroom is that if it does become dragged, then it continues to provide its original holding force. The disadvantage of using deadweight anchors in conditions where a mushroom anchor could be used is that it needs to be around ten times the weight of the equivalent mushroom anchor.

Auger anchors can be used to anchor permanent moorings, floating docks, fish farms, etc. These anchors, which have one or more slightly pitched self-drilling threads, must be screwed into the seabed with the use of a tool, so require access to the bottom, either at low tide or by use of a diver.

Hence they can be difficult to install in deep water without special equipment.

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Weight for weight, augers have a higher holding than other permanent designs, and so can be cheap and relatively easily installed, although difficult to set in extremely soft mud. There is a need in the oil-and-gas industry to resist large anchoring forces when laying pipelines and for drilling vessels.

Some examples are the Stevin range supplied by Vrijhof Ankers. Large plate anchors such as the Stevmanta are used for permanent moorings.

The elements of anchoring gear include the anchor, the cable also called a rodethe method of attaching the two together, the method of attaching the cable to the ship, charts, and a method of learning the depth of the water. Vessels may carry a number of anchors: bower anchors formerly known as sheet anchors [ citation needed ] are the main anchors used by a vessel and normally carried at the bow of the vessel.

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A kedge anchor is a light anchor used for warping an anchoralso known as kedgingor more commonly on yachts for mooring quickly or in benign conditions. A stream anchorwhich is usually heavier than a kedge anchorcan be used for kedging or warping in addition to temporary mooring and restraining stern movement in tidal conditions or in waters where vessel movement needs to be restricted, such as rivers and channels.

Charts are vital to good anchoring. Knowing the location of potential dangers, as well as being useful in estimating the effects of weather and tide in the anchorage, is essential in choosing a good place to drop the hook. One can get by without referring to charts, but they are an important tool and a part of good anchoring gear, and a skilled mariner would not choose to anchor without them.

The depth of water is necessary for determining scopewhich is the ratio of length of cable to the depth measured from the highest point usually the anchor roller or bow chock to the seabed. For this reason it is important to have a reliable and accurate method of measuring the depth of water.

The anchor rode or "cable" that connects the anchor to the vessel is made up of chain, sometime with rope "warp". All anchors should have some chain rode; chain is heavy but it resists abrasion from coral, sharp rocks, or shellfish beds, whereas a rope warp is susceptible to abrasion. A combination rode should be arranged so that the rope element should be suspended in the water and not in contact with the sea bed. Being strong and elastic, nylon rope is very suitable as an anchor warp. Polyester Terylene is stronger but less elastic than nylon.

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Both ropes sink, so they avoid fouling other craft in crowded anchorages and do not absorb much water. Neither breaks down quickly in sunlight. Polypropylene, "polyprop", is not suited to warps as it floats and is much weaker than nylon and barely stronger than natural fibres. Polyprop breaks down in sunlight and becomes hard and unpleasant to handle.

Natural fibres such as manila or hemp are still used in developing nations but absorb much water, are relatively weak and rot. They do give good grip and are often very cheap. All anchors should have chain at least equal to the boat's length. Some skippers prefer an all chain warp for added security in coral waters.

The chain should be shackled to the warp through a steel eye or spliced to the chain using a chain splice. The shackle pin should be securely wired.

Since the anchor date is a system parameter, overriding the anchor date resets the system anchor date. Resetting the anchor date always triggers a recalculation of the repetitive planning periods. The anchor date is automatically ated to the beginning of the current planning period when the current date moves out of a prior planning period.

Either galvanized or stainless steel is suitable for eyes and shackles, galvanised steel being the stronger of the two. Larger yachts may add swivels to the rode.

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These should not be connected to the anchor itself, but should be somewhere in the chain. Most modern stainless steel swivels will pass easily over windlass gypsies and through hawseholes. In moderate conditions the ratio of warp to water depth should be In rougher conditions it should be up to twice this with the extra length giving more stretch to resist the anchor breaking out.

There is little benefit in having a scope of more than The basic anchoring consists of determining the location, dropping the anchor, laying out the scope, setting the hook, and assessing where the vessel ends up.

The ship will seek a location which is sufficiently protected; has suitable holding ground, enough depth at low tide and enough room for the boat to swing. The location to drop the anchor should be approached from down wind or down current, whichever is stronger. As the chosen spot is approached, the vessel should be stopped or even beginning to drift back. The anchor should be lowered quickly but under control until it is on the bottom see anchor windlass.

The vessel should continue to drift back, and the cable should be veered out under control so it will be relatively straight. Once the desired scope is laid out, the vessel should be gently forced astern, usually using the auxiliary motor but possibly by backing a sail.

Kelly Dodd of 'RHOC' engaged to Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal

A hand on the anchor line may telegraph a series of jerks and jolts, indicating the anchor is dragging, or a smooth tension indicative of digging in. As the anchor begins to dig in and resist backward force, the engine may be throttled up to get a thorough set. If the anchor continues to drag, or sets after having dragged too far, it should be retrieved and moved back to the desired position or another location chosen. There are techniques of anchoring to limit the swing of a vessel if the anchorage has limited room:.

Lowering a concentrated, heavy weight down the anchor line - rope or chain - directly in front of the bow to the seabed behaves like a heavy chain rode and lowers the angle of pull on the anchor.

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In light conditions, a kellet will reduce the swing of the vessel considerably. In heavier conditions these effects disappear as the rode becomes straightened and the weight ineffective. Known as an "anchor chum weight" or "angel" in the UK.

To set anchors in this way, first one anchor is set in the normal fashion. Then, taking in on the first cable as the boat is motored into the wind and letting slack while drifting back, a second anchor is set approximately a half-scope away from the first on a line perpendicular to the wind. After this second anchor is set, the scope on the first is taken up until the vessel is lying between the two anchors and the load is taken equally on each cable.

This moor also to some degree limits the range of a vessel's swing to a narrower oval.

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Care should be taken that other vessels will not swing down on the boat due to the limited swing range. Not to be mistaken with the Bahamian moorbelow. In the bow and stern technique, an anchor is set off each the bow and the stern, which can severely limit a vessel's swing range and also align it to steady wind, current or wave conditions.

One method of accomplishing this moor is to set a bow anchor normally, then drop back to the limit of the bow cable or to double the desired scope, e. View this post on Instagram. Time to break out the bubbly.

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