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Want to learn more about Amish traditions, culture, and heritage? Want to see how The Amish Village changes over the seasons? We pack our blog with helpful articles all about the Amish culture and some news about The Amish Village. The importance of family is part of what makes the Amish community such a tight-knit group and choosing a spouse to build a family with is a crucial and joyous element of that. Dating customs and wedding traditions among the Amish vary from community to community. Dating among the Amish typically begins around age 16 with most Amish couples marrying between the ages of 20 and To find a prospective date, the young adults socialize at functions such as frolics, church, or home visits.

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The Mennonites and some of the Amish just cannot help having their homes, their yards and front fences looking spic and span. What else would keep the latter in better condition than fresh paint? Blue is a favorite color and it has religious significance. So where there is a blue gate there may be a girl eligible for marriage.

Bundling is a convenient way to court-not necessarily the "last straw" to get rid of a daughter. It is an honorable custom, and has been practiced in all countries and in all ages.

Amish dating rules

The custom at one time was to place the girls in bags and to allow their "fellows," or beaux, to crawl into bed with them.

Certainly it must have been a lot more comfortable to "court a girl in bed" than on an old sofa or an old, hard, wood-box!

Marriages usually take place on Tuesday or Thursday, at the home of the bride. It is customary, although not obligatory, to announce a contemplated marriage usually two weeks before-hand, probably to afford her more time for removing "hope chests" and such other items as a plain girl would have collected, to her new home, and to allow her the extra preparations for the wedding dinner. A wedding means, besides the marriage ceremony, a day of feasting and good times lasting into the night.

This practice seems to conform to practices among the Jews. A sermon also is delivered at the wedding, at which time certain knowledge and information is imparted to the newly-weds. Now this is not an "invention" of these people! The marriage feast should be a big one, and on occasion there have been prepared for a repast, as many as 10 turkeys, 10 chickens, 50 lbs. Sometimes games of several sorts are played in the house, or outside, preferably in the barn where the accommodations were sufficient for such large numbers.

Since it is usually the younger element that likes its fun, and particularly in the barn, it was extremely fortunate that a wedding ceremony in Mifflin county involved an older couple, instead of a young one. Smallpox unfortunately came to this wedding, and had it been that younger folks would have attended in goodly numbers, and had they gone afterwards to the barn to play their exciting games, one can sec an epidemic among them.

A number of people in the vicinity and elsewhere in the State and nearby states were affected. An Amish Wedding in Mifflin county just a few years ago must have been interesting to behold, and we tell it as nearly as we can, as told to us. Two weeks prior to the wedding the bride and the groom are "published" wedding announced.

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The practical reason is because Amish trades are usually agricultural or craftsmanship orientated, which is why they offer more hands on apprenticeships. In the religion cts Amish believe that higher educated can promote ideas that are counter Amish beliefs.

When it comes to dating, all romantic relationships must end in marriage. Women are expected to get married at a young age and must have children.

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Not every Amish women gets married, but if you do not find yourself a partner those a part of the Amish faith believe that there must be something wrong with you.

Marriage is important to the Amish community because it ensures that the faith will continue.

Oct 11,   If the couple remains on the family farm, their parents may, at retirement, move to a separate house on the property and Eventually leave the management of the farm to the younger couple. No provision is made for divorce, nor is separation a part of Amish expectations for conformity to church-based rules of behavior. Amish dating customs provide young Amish adults with a means of finding a lifelong partner while following the rules of the church. In the outside world teenagers mix with the opposite sex on a daily basis during high school. Many go on to college or tech school where they can dip into a large pool of likely dating candidates. Can Amish marry non-Amish? - Amish America.

Even though it is not uncommon for Amish women to work outside of the house and farm, some Amish women even own their own businesses. However, Amish women are expected to do all the housework and take care of the family. If the husband needs help with the farm, Amish women are expected to help their husbands out with farm duties.

Amish husbands tend to not want their wife to work because they want to be seen as the primary income for the family. If a Amish women brings in more money than the husband then it gives the family a bad image. Since Amish women are expected to get married and have children, it is their primary job to take care of their children.

Amish children rarely have babysitters unless it is necessary and in most cases it is a family member or a member of the community.

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The mother is expected to put their children needs above their own and do whatever it takes to ensure their children are living by the Amish rules. Whatever their children do in the community is a reflection on how the mother took care of that child. Amish women must wear the tradition clothing. Amish women are only allowed to wear long cotton dresses that are made out of plain fabric and must have no zippers or buttons. It is common for Amish women to buy the same fabric in bulk to make identical dresses for themselves.

The fabric must not have any pattern and are typically cool colours that blue or lavender. Amish women clothing provide a modest look and must not show off their body figure. It is not uncommon for Amish women to make money, however the money that they do make is to only be theirs and theirs only.

Amish women are allowed to contribute to the family financially if it is necessary, however they are told to keep their money. Not being able to contribute financially goes back to the notion that the husband must be the sole provider for the family when it comes to money.

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Amish women are barely given any freedom outside of the house. When seen in public with their husband they have to be totally submissive and follow whatever he says. Amish women are often seen walking behind their husbands and when in their buggy the husband is always the one driving. The Amish are aware of regional variation, and occasionally experience difficulty in understanding speakers from outside their own area.

The common theme among all Amish clothing is plainness ; clothing should not call attention to the wearer by cut, color, or any other feature. Hook-and-eye closures or straight pins are used as fasteners on dress clothing rather than buttons, zippers, or velcro. Snaps are used on everyday clothes, and plain buttons for work shirts and trousers.

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The historic restriction on buttons is attributed to tradition and their potential for ostentation. Some groups tend to limit color to black trousers, dresses and white shirtswhile others allow muted colors. Dark blue denim work clothing is common within some groups as well.

The Old Order Amish often sew their own clothing, and work clothing can become quite worn and patched with use. Women wear calf-length plain-cut dresses in a solid color. Aprons are often worn at home, usually, in white typically for the unmarried or purple or black for the marrie and are always worn when attending church. A cape, which consists of a triangular piece of cloth, is usually worn, beginning around the teenage years, and pinned into the apron.

In the colder months, a long woolen cloak may be worn. Heavy bonnets are worn over the prayer coverings when Amish women are out and about in cold weather, with the exception of the Nebraska Amish, who do not wear bonnets.

Bundling (Amish Mafia)

Girls in some areas may wear colored bonnets until age nine; older girls and women wear black bonnets. Single women wear a white cape to church until about the age of thirty. Everyday capes are colored, matching the dress, until about age forty when only black is used.

Men typically wear dark-colored trousers, some with a dark vest or coat, suspenders in some communitiesbroad-brimmed straw hats in the warmer months, and black felt hats in the colder months. However, some, mostly teenagers, may deviate from these customs to convey someone's individuality.

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Mustaches are forbidden because they are associated with European military officers and militarism in general. Amish furniture is furniture marketed as being made by the Amishprimarily of PennsylvaniaOhioand Indiana. Amish furniture making is often a skill passed through many generations. Because Amish beliefs prevent the use of electricity, many woodworking tools in Amish shops are powered by a hydraulic and pneumatic power that is run on diesel generators.

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No piece of furniture is ever identical to another because of the care taken to select the wood. The grain is different on every piece of wood, and the craftsmen often try to highlight the features of each individual piece. Amish music is primarily German in origin, including ancient singing styles not found anywhere in Europe.


Singing is a major part of Amish churches and some songs take over fifteen minutes to sing. It is always the second song sung at an Amish church service and is often sung at Amish weddings. Older Amish hymns are monophonic, without meter, and feature drawn-out tones with slowly articulated ornamentation. Usually, there is no harmony in the music. Pennsylvania spirituals are more contemporary and include a wide variety of influences.

Although a few Amish learn to play traditional instruments such as the harmonica or the accordion, instruments are not played in public. Thus, singing is usually unaccompanied. They are usually held in barns on a Sunday evening after a worship service and are an essential element in Amish courting practices as the young participants are encouraged to engage in social discourse between songs. While singing in church is in German, singing outside of the church is more often in English than in Pennsylvania German, even though the Amish know many traditional worldly Pennsylvania German songs.

The most popular performer of worldly Pennsylvania German songs is John Schmi who is also very popular among the Amish.

BUNDLING AND MARRIAGE CUSTOMS ARE INTERESTING AND UNIQUE. Births.-Upon the birth of a son they make much ado, because he may be a plowman or a wagoner; if it is a girl there will be another one to milk the. p. cows, or a lass who will get herself a husband who will be a good Amish or Mennonite amongst them. On the heels of the "20 Unique Ways Amish Raise Their Kids" article, another click-magnet piece popped up on my news feed this jankossencontemporary.com one is called "15 Insane Rules All Amish Kids Must Follow." I take "Insane" in this context to mean crazy, odd, or absurd (that is, according to the article writer/editor).

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