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We give the '90s quite a bit of flack sometimes. It was, after all, a pretty cringeworthy era, and the last decade to be fairly lean on new technology that is, if you don't count upgrading your Walkman to a Discman. But the '90s weren't all bad. There were some really great things that we took for granted back then. Like a youthful Leonardo DiCaprio. Britney Spears, generally. And dating.

90s dating

Writing your feelings on a piece of paper and passing it to your crush was the most nerve-wracking thing you could do, but it could also be the most rewarding when a note was passed to you. It's basically primitive texting, but there's something very romantic about holding a piece of paper with feelings written on it that you just don't get from looking at your phone.

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How do you decide what to do about your crush these days? Text your friends? Google it? Back in the '90s, we would make cootie catchers and let them make all the tough decisions.

We didn't always hear what we wanted to, but hey, the suspense of counting as we pinched the paper together waiting to lift a panel and reveal an answer was pretty fun.

Also leaving all your big life decisions up to what's essentially a homemade eight ball really takes the stress out of decision-making.

Remember when you'd have two, even three-hour-long phone conversations with the person you were dating?

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And the giddy feeling you'd have when you hung up? Talking on the phone was how you got to know someone between dates in the '90s, and it was much more personal than texting and social media.

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In the '90s, when you had a big date, your friends would come by or you'd go to a friend's house to help try on outfits, maybe have drinks, and generally gossip and preen. This pre-date ritual was much more fun than "meeting someone after work" or texting your friends outfit options.

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There was much more face time and friend involvement in the pre-date in the '90s, and we should bring that ritual back. It certainly makes the whole thing more exciting and more of an occasion, and it means you get to hang out with your friends more, so everyone wins.

When you're in the throes of romance, there's nothing sweeter than a mixtape. Someone taking the time to choose a selection of songs which both remind them of your relationship and which they think you would like is melt-you-into-a-puddle adorable.

I know we don't have tapes any more, but we should definitely bring back making lovely little playlists as a dating ritual.

Dating: Do's And Dont's (1949)

If you're a normal human, do it on Spotify. If you're as cute as a little bunny, burn it on a CD and draw a cover for it.

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If you're a tiny baby cuddling a tiny puppy sitting in a basket full of tiny kittens, pull out your own tape deck and get cracking. Music was a big and very personal part of dating in the '90s.

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Especially when you'd spend half an evening trying to call up your local radio station to dedicate a song to your crush. And there was nothing like the sweet melancholy of listening to the radio and hoping someone would dedicate a song to you.

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In the '90s, if you wanted to learn about your date, you had to ask THEM questions. Breakups are hard, no matter what decade it is.

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To think ending a relationship with someone you loved used to have to go down in person! It hurts more in the moment, but at least you can walk away with respect for the person.

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Well, until you awkwardly bumped into him at Caldor. You think we enjoy removing our comfy leggings to squeeze into skinny jeans that make our butts look good?

Greetings, 21st Century - now, I must spend an hour fighting nature with a flat iron before appearing socially acceptable. Perfect first-date convo starter! How is he at bison-hunting? Is he the nervous type who fords the river, or does he caulk the wagons and float like a true pioneer?

Dec 02,   If fashion is anything to go by, the '90s was a golden era. Although Mom jeans and crop tops may have made a comeback, dating trends from before the millennium might be best left behind (along with beanie babies and butterfly clips).Author: Keely Geist. The bizarre world of dating: the '90s vs. today It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Scratch that. It was only the worst of times. May 17,   Singled Out - Dating is a numbers game. On Singled Out the show starts off with 50 horny singles competing for one special someone. The most important thing about this show is Author: Rose Surnow.

Next thing you knew, the two of you were cruising down a never-before charted back road, with nothing to rely on but a PAPER map and each other. Brooke Sager is an NYC-based contributing writer for who still listens to Hanson and would never date a guy who chose to ford the river.

Dating Apps. Dating apps are becoming just as big as traditional dating sites. So using dating apps effectively is another important dating skill didn't exist back in the '90s. The key to using dating apps effectively starts with using quality pictures in your profile. You want your pictures to go beyond just showing what you look like, and. Mar 09,   Dating in the '90s was better than today. Dying of dysentery. Firing up Windows 98 and playing a game of Oregon Trail with your significant other was the original "Netflix and Chill."Author: Brooke Sager.

Long before swiping left No wayyy, you met your girlfriend at a bar? Clean breakups Breakups are hard, no matter what decade it is.

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