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Every relationship goes through dating stages. There are five to be exact. In these five stages of love, you'll experience attraction, dating, disappointment, stability and, finally, commitment. Through these five stages of a relationship, you'll learn if you and your partner are destined for a lifetime commitment. How long you stay in one stage depends on the couple. Some couples never advance to the later stages because of incompatibility or emotional immaturity. Because each relationship is unique, it can be difficult to pinpoint the stages of a relationship by month.

You may have been in several relationships in your life, and all of them may have been very different from the earlier one. But there are a few traits about every single relationship that binds all relationships along a similar path. Relationships, just like life, have their own stages. It starts off with infatuation and goes through several stages along the way.

Have you ever met a couple who seemed like they were going to stay together forever, but ended up breaking up a few years later? Are you in a new relationship? Stage 1 The infatuation stage. This is the first stage in every relationship. It almost always starts with an intense attraction and an uncontrollable urge to be with each other. In this stage, both of you overlook any flaws of each other and only focus on the good sides.

Stage 2 The understanding stage. In this stage, both of you start getting to know each other better.

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You have long conversations with your partner that stretches late into the night, and everything about your partner interests and fascinates you. Stage 3 The stage of disturbances. This stage usually forces its way into a happy romance after a few months of blissful courting.

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Do you remember the first fight or angry disagreement you and your partner had? Stage 4 The opinion maker. In this stage, both of you create opinions about each other.

5 months dating stage

When these opinions and expectations about your partner differ now and then in real life, it can either leave you ecstatic or depressed. You feel ecstatic. At the same time, you expect him to pick you up from the airport on time. But he arrives an hour later because he forgot all about picking you up. It depresses you. Stage 5 The moulding stage.

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You have your own expectations from an ideal partner. And in this stage, both of you try hard to mould each other to fit your own wants in a perfect partner. This stage is a lot about give and take, and both partners constantly try to subtly convince each other to change their behavior towards the relationship.

This is a power struggle, and one that can end the relationship if both partners are domineering.

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Stage 6 The happy stage. In this stage, the relationship cruises along perfectly and both of you may be blissfully happy with each other. Almost always, this is the stage when both of you feel like a perfect match. You may even decide to get engaged or get married. This happy stage is also the stage of attachment when both of you truly feel connected to each other and love each other intensely. Stage 7 The stage of doubts. And somewhere along the way, doubts start to creep in.

The intensity of the doubts depend on how happy both of you are in the relationship. You start to think of your past relationships, your exes, and other prospective partners. You tie your happiness in life with your relationship. In this stage, you start comparing your relationship with other couples and other relationships.

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Would your relationship survive this stage? Stage 8 The sexual exploration or bust stage. This is the stage when your sex life starts to play a pivotal role.

Both your sex drives may change or one of you may get disinterested in sex. In this stage, you either give up on passionate sex or constantly look for ways to make sex more exciting. If sexual interests start differing here, one of you may end up having an affair. But on the other hand, if you find creative ways to make sex more exciting, your relationship could get better and bring both of you a lot closer.

Stage #8 The sexual exploration or bust stage. This is the stage when your sex life starts to play a pivotal role. Both your sex drives may change or one of you may get disinterested in sex. In this stage, you either give up on passionate sex or constantly look for ways to make sex more exciting. If sexual interests start differing here, one of. What you should expect after 5 months of dating (or so) includes:The relationship now focuses on how the two of you work through disagreements, differences of opinions and ideas as well as different approaches to sex, communication and is also an opportunity to both learn and use problem-solving skills with your partner Stage three is also an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with your partner as each of you recognizes that you are loved and accepted for being your true is where trust develops in a relationship.

Stage 9 The stage of complete trust. This is the happy stage when both of you love each other and trust each other completely.

But at the same time, the unbreakable trust in each other could also turn into taking each other for granted. But with stability in love comes the urge to take each other for granted.

Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. Here are the 9 relationship stages that all couples go through, no matter how the love starts. I really hope we make it to stage 4 and beyond. Sammy, talk to him. He may feel as fed up as you. Be honest, even if it hurts him. Theres this girl I really like and care about. On two days back she asked me to go for a dinner with her and we had a nice time.

Then next day she was really sad due to some personal problem and when i met her she wept while hugging me and said thanks for consoling. Now I asked her for coffee on Monday and she agreed. Now How shud i go about it on coffee.

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Should I express my feelings openly. I always doubt him and we broke up several times, he is always the one who is coming back to me. We both are tired to break up now and perhaps, waiting for the right time to break. I reached stage 9 after 6 years in a relationship and our sexual attraction died out right about then.

It is now 26 years later in the same relationship and we are good platonic friends and partners if you can label it but not lovers anymore for 20 years. She had a fling about 12 years ago which she admitted to and I accepted because I did not give her much attention while building my business.

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I have not been with another women for frigging 20 years and I am going through mid life crises so severe it is ripping me to pieces. It is impossible to get the sexual attraction back with her - it is not a choice. In the gym women of all ages are checking me out and smiling and I am on the verge of just going for it no matter the consequences.

Time to turn a page after quarter century? What stage is the 20 years of mono-agony? Get outwhile you are young!! Vac - I understand I am 27 and have been with the same boyfriend since I was Sex was never that amazing because it was inconsistent because at first he was getting off anabolic steroirds and I think his testosterone production had to neutralize.

Things got better for a while but I have always felt like I was on a different chapter than him sexually. We have had lots of problems in general this past year and I broke up with him for a short while but we got back together because we had lived together the past 3 years and its basically way too much co,plication to break up and I think we both believe that there is nothing better out there.

Especially the latter.

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I dont know what to do. I am so confused. Missy- I feel for you and of course I have been there too. From what you say, there is no other path than downhill from there. If sexual attraction and compatibility is not there it will not come back, no matter how much you wish for it. Does the honeymoon phase really exist?

Recognizing the Five Stages in a Relationship

Does falling out of the honeymoon phase mean falling out of love? To help provide some clarity, we asked two dating experts, Bela Gandhi, founder of Smart Dating Academyand Nora DeKeyser, matchmaker for Three Day Rulefor their takes on the most common stages of a romantic relationship. Surprisingly, both women had similar ideas for what partners can expect as a relationship goes from casual dates to seriously coupled.

Meet the Expert. Below are the five stages of a relationship nearly every couple experiences, according to two dating experts. Testing the tepid waters of "do they like me, do they like me not," can be the toughest part. Saddling up the courage to even approach the other person, drafting up clever texts-while exciting, the very first steps of a potential relationship include the biggest challenges of all.

After this stage, things get less awkward and you can finally start feeling comfortable around the other person. If you've made it past the initial awkwardness, couples enter one of the most exciting periods: the attraction stage of a relationship; also called the honeymoon phase. This is a golden period where, as Gandhi puts it, "You're lit up like a chandelier around this person.

But how do you know when you're transitioning out of the honeymoon phase versus falling out of love? Gandhi elaborates on the difference between the two, stating, "Falling out of love will probably mean that even though you truly care for and love your partner, you realize that they are not right for you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Knowing how relationships progress can help you in starting and maintaining relationships. Chemically, humans cannot help who attracts them.

The 5 Stages of a Relationship

This is why some people prefer the look of blonds, while others would choose a brunette. This initial attraction begins the five stages of dating, because a relationship that does not have that initial attraction will fail.

Likewise, you may find yourself attracted to the person's personality in addition to looks. Both of these cts of attraction are important. Once this attraction is reciprocated, a relationship is formed. Naturally, as a relationship progresses doubts begin to form in your mind. At this point, you find yourself at a crossroads in the dating process.

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You must decide whether this person will remain in your life, or if he is not what you desire in a mate. However, do not automatically assume that your ambivalence is a red flag, because you are simply passing through the second of the five stages of dating.

1. It Might Be Just LUST

If you have overcome your ambivalence, you will have a desire to commit to this person. Likewise, if your significant other has overcome ambivalence about you, then your relationship has moved into a place of commitment.

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During this stage, you will come to a mutual agreement of exclusivity.

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