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There are just certain things you are going to want to know before dating a fireman. In my experience, I had to learn along the way. But at the end of all the calls, constantly smelling his gear in the car and sometimes even cancelled plans, I sure do love my firefighter! No matter the circumstances, if you have a fireman on your hands, he will jet to the car and be on his way. I have learned that these nights are not optional. Yes, other people miss them, but not my firefighter. You will learn the lingo.

This is a team. Integrity means treating all your patients with care and respect even when no one is watching. Understand it before you criticize it.

20 things to know before dating a firefighter

Submitted by Captain James L. Speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you will ever regret. If it were easy, everyone would want to do it. Division of Fire. Stop yelling! Vigilant and unafraid, Volunteer or city paid, Scientific men are these, Fighting fire, a dread disease.

Pray for them As they go past Every ride may be their last. Train hard, fight easy. Compassion is not a page in your protocal book; it comes from within you.

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As firefighters and paramedics, we must have and never lose our sense of compassion for the sick, the injured and the ones who call for no apparent reason. If you think training is expensive, check out the cost of ignorance.

Know your zone and read your map. Each Code 3 U-turn gets brighter and louder. Wherever you go in this great family of the fire service, never forget where it is you came from and those who helped you get there. Good and bad, all form what becomes your character. Always train realistically because we respond to reality!

When you tell your lieutenant you need training, prepare to ladder the walls of your station at hours, to perfect airbag placement by hours and to load hose before midnight, thinking all the time how much you love your partner for including you. Pain is temporary; pride is forever.

I am not a fireman for a living; I am a fireman for life. Engine3, Weatherford. What is your duty? Whatever the day demands. Larry responded to the World Trade Center from his home on Sept.

The Truths about Dating a Firefighter

This was his district for more than 20 years. All he had was a bell cap and handie-talkie he got off an injured FF. Larry began doing what he knows best, helping re-establish a sector incident command structure. Think like a terrorist and plan like a responder. Amateurs practice until they get it right; professionals practice until they cannot get it wrong.

Which one are you? Bravery is performing a task or action without thinking about the consequences. Courage is performing the same task or action knowing full well what the results are going to be.

There are three types of men: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what just happened. Someone took the time to name every street and tool; the least you could do to complement this is to learn what they named them.

The difference between training and education is this: we train to know how to do something and educate to know why it works. If company officers pay attention to the little things on the training ground, the company will be able to handle the big things on the fire ground.

Fire fighting is not just something we do, it is a way of life. The bigger the man, the finer his simplicity. Some day a pin punctures it, and the result is pathetic. Build then your popularity on qualities of justice and fairness to all.

Everything dries out; nothing un-burns. Wilson, chief of operations, retired, Charlotte Fire Department. Understand this now: Rekindle is not in my vocabulary.

No one trains to fail; they just fail to train. People get into this business because they care. We need to train them how to act on their caring. A firefighter should always try as hard to get into the fire department as he or she did to get onto the firedepartment.

Pace Flowood, Mississippi. Maver, battalion chief, Charlotte Fire Department. There is no such thing as sexism in a fire station. Fire treats everyone the same, and no one wants to come back one member short.

Ever notice the guys with the blackest helmets always have the cleanest turnout pants? Fire District. If I make a few friends along the way, Great! If not, oh well.

See the good in each, build on it, and use it to improve your organization. Bramell, Tracy Fire Department. When we leave, it had better be cold!

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Think about it! Scott Gillespie, B. He was put in that position for a reason! Support your volunteers! Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these. Practice simply increases your repertoire of ways to recover from your mistakes.

Engine companies make rescues by putting the fire out!

18 Things To Know Before Dating A Firefighter

Once that is accomplished, there are no more rescue problems! Do good anyway! Scott Gillespie, BFD. They either help us or hurt us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle. Stick together. The skin on your ears will thank you. Fire Department. Prove it!! Millhouse, M. McCart, H. You know, the ones outside, standing. I would do the rest of the job for FREE. Dane, engineer, B Shift. The position may, in the eyes of some, appear to be a lowly one; but we who know the work which the fireman has to do, believe that his is a noble calling.

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He may be able to fool himself and even other officers, but he cannot fool his company. I must find out where they are going, so I can lead them. Chris Shields, Lyncourt Fire Dept. Apply what you learn. A - Attic space Do you have smoke issuing from the attic?

B - Basement Smoke or flames visible from basement windows?

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C - Contents Color of smoke. Try hard, then try harder. Make the hard right choice. Make it behave! Learn and do it. So be ready to Adapt, Overcome. Dale Turner. Skinner, chief, Daytona Beach Fla.

Loose one of themloose your life.

20 years ago this article would be focused on what a woman can expect when dating a fireman, today these tips also apply to a man dating a female firefighter. Things have changed a . Apr 12,   Your firefighter, society, and personal stories can teach you only a couple things about dating a career firefighter. To save time, I have compiled a thorough list of pointers I wish I had known before The Man became a career firefighter. First and foremost, firefighters come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities: from the guy. 1. When working at a new house for the first time, shut-up, work hard, and pay attention. I can promise you that everyone is paying attention to you. 2. The young firefighter knows the rules, but the old one knows the exceptions. 3. Let the tool do the work. 4. Be like a duck. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.

Treat it like petrol vapors, and cool those gases. Train hard; work safe. It works! One of the causes may be the interference your body creates. Try holding the unit up and away from you; there may be noticeable improvement.

Sam Smith - Fire On Fire (From "Watership Down")

Switch 42 and And if you wonder why. Never doubt the reasons for doing the same training scenario over and over. It will become habit for when you need it. The biggest part of these of these are just plain old good rules for life! Thanks guys and or gals for all you do. Always work in a safe manner as taught in the academy. Last but not least, you will be used for your ability to roll hose, and you will be criticized for it, shut up and take it. When involved in a crisis situation, you will not rise to the occasion, but rather default to your level of training.

If you need a transfer request, ask and one will be provided. You should feel that you work at the best station in the best department. We expect you to be the best firefighter on the best shift.

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We want other firefighters at other stations to be envious of your position. By the way, I have a list of firefighters who have called me about working here and they are all good people. Remember everyone will make mistakes. Own up to your blunder. Always try and do the right thing. I will back you up if you can explain and justify why you did something wrong.

When you go on a call, treat everyone like you would treat your Momma. Communicate properly and cordially especially when dealing with the public. They are the ones who support us when it is time to negotiate our benefits. Remember, they are paying your salary and vote on the next pay raise you may get.

This is a dangerous job. Use your common sense and experience to make decisions. We risk a lot to save a lot and risk little to save little. You will see many disturbing things on the street that will make your stomach turn. Suck it up and learn how to deal with the stress of the job while you are on the call. Inside a burning building if you think you are in trouble, call a Mayday.

Whether it is a day to day situation or an emergency, when given a difficult task, be able to grasp the element of the order, complete the task in the safest manner. You are always in the public eye.

Your day off may be your day off, but people know what you do for a living, probably by the FD tee shirt your wearing. Make good decisions. Your annual and comp leave is a luxury. Your sick leave is there for when you are sick or injured. Do not abuse them. You live at the firehouse when you are here, clean up after yourself.

If you see a dirty dish lying around, put it in the dishwasher. Just look at it as shop talk, nothing more. When you are looking for something to do, I suggest something active. Good things to try when dating a firefighter would be ziplining, or riding go carts.

We like excitement and being outside. Sporting events are much better than a play or opera. The hours we work are a little hard to get used to. If your date is a full time firefighter, there is a good chance he or she works 24 at a time and then has 48 hours off.

A lot of times we are up a good part of the night and need a little catch up sleep the day after shift. If you get serious and decide to marry a firefighter, you can plan on only being in the same bed with them half of the time as every third night they will be sleeping at the firehouse.

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That schedule also has a good side. Firefighters get to enjoy time off during the week which can be great. If you are going to try and impress a firefighter with your cooking, you will really need to do it right. Firefighters are used to some top notch cooking, and we almost always feel we have to give our opinion.

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Being a firefighter is a great job. Dating or marrying a firefighter can also be a great experience as long as you know what to expect. Missing your birthday might not be good, but sneaking away for an afternoon date can make up for that. Date a firefighter, you might like it. Blog at WordPress. Search for:. Get used to nights alone- and attending birthdays, holidays, events, and family gatherings alone, as well.

If the two of you have plans between 6 and 8pm, or 9 and 11am, you have to face that you might be going alone. Probies, and some buffs will point out features of nearly every building you pass: Is it new code or old code? The guys from the academy and those in the house will just be last names to you. A lot. While different, both are necessary for the protection of lives and property across the globe.

Mar 18,   Things To Know Before Dating A Firefighter. by Capt. D Lewis. Mar 18, 1. If they are even within 20 minutes of the station, they will always leave you to go on a call. No matter the circumstances, if you have a fireman on your hands, he will jet to the car and be on his way. There are a lot more things to know before dating a fireman. Mar 17,   Things To Know Before Dating A Firefighter. March 17, #firefighter #firefighters #survival #wife 1. If they are even within 20 minutes of the station, they will always leave you to go on a call. No matter the circumstances, if you have a fireman on your hands, he will jet to the car and be on his way.

So, get used to blue shirts. Department, sporting event, memorial, and every other damn shirt is some variation of blue. When shopping for or discussing what you need around the house or apartment, be prepared for suggestions like water cans and halligans. Movies like Backdraft and Ladder 49 will never be the same for you. Chances are, your regularly scheduled programs will be replaced with the likes of Rescue Me and Chicago Fire.

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