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At the age of 18, him then 25, we got married. Almost 20 years later we are still very happy and even more in love than we were then. So it can be right Like my mother said, "the two of you just seemed right together". Now if you have reason to be concerned about this guy other than the age difference, maybe chat to your future SIL directly but remember, at 17 they often know it all.

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Aug 4, 5. The mother of my two kids was 17 when I met her and I was No, the marriage didn't work out, but I have two beautiful kids and neither one of us regrets the decisions we made. Aug 4, 6. Where is it illegal for 17 year olds to date 25 year olds? Aug 4, 7. Thank you for all your responses.

Are They Too Old/Young for You???

They are greatly appreciated. I have spoken to her 17 year old and she will of course only listen and say that she loves him and she could see themselves getting married.

Apr 20,   **We have all heard of the "well to do" man that ditchest his devoted wife for a pretty lil' young thing. Don't forget, that middle aged, now bitter wife once was his 'pretty lil' young thing'.** The difference between ages 17 to 25, really is gre. Sep 18,   There is absolutely no illegality when a year-old dates a year-old. Mr. Padove is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Indiana and is located in Highland, Indiana serving the Chicagoland area to Indianapolis. The response herein is not legal advice and .

I know that her parents are walking with Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with him. Their faith is not in question but instead their protection for their child. I completely understand that age difference is not always a problem but she is not even close to being an adult. She has almost ruined their whole family already with DUI's, plural within the last 6 months.

The 25 year old has already had a fiancee himself and will not be seen with her in daylight. I am trying to help her father realize that this is not right and since I am not a parent myself it is difficult for me to explain correctly.

I'm 25 and I'm starting to date a 17 year old, I wonder if it really is wrong.?

I am afraid that since he is all that she has right now and he is the center of her life when he does decide the relationship is through like he has already done before, she may become suicidal once again. Their family shrink has told them multiple times that she is not stable and so they feel they just need to let this blow over.

I feel that when the relationship ends she will be scarred for life and more suicidal then ever.

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She has no friends besides him period. She cannot be with her old friends because they use drugs and she is now drug tested weekly.

17 year old dating 25 year old

Her boyfriend has also been her boss at work for almost 1. He also has a criminal record from past experiences with drugs. I am afraid for her safety now and even more so when they do break up.

He is not looking for a relationship and the father admits that they are just having sex. I pray everyday for the wisdom to help them. Aug 4, 8. Well, you don't say for sure which state they are in. But with that age differential and with him being her boss, I believe he is guilty of some form of criminal sexual conduct.

Illinois I believe it's over 5 years difference in age with 13 to 17 year old is punishable with 3 to 7 years in jail. Michigan I believe the age of consent is But I'm not sure if it's criminal. And I believe in Wisconsin, her age with the fact he is her boss makes it criminal. I believe your responsibility, if they are having sex is to report the conduct to the state's attorney.

No the 17 year old is a minor and the 25 year old is an adult. The adult could be charged with rape and abuse if sex is involved. I'm 25 and I'm starting to date a 17 year old, I wonder if it really is wrong.? While that might not matter if you were 45 and she was 25, at 17, she hasn't had a chance to sow any wild oats. I have just found out that my 17 year old daughter is going out with a local 25 year old. I feel the age gap is way too big at her age. We're in the UK, so it's perfectly legal. He does seem a very sensible person. He owns his own successful business although he still lives with parents.

Just like any other sexual assault. Now odds are high he or she will do absolutely nothing, but being questioned about something that could send you to jail and make you a lifetime sexual offender has a way of making people do a little self examination.

So there's likely a very good reason he doesn't want to be seen with her in the light of day.

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Evidence you know. Now if you think that it would be better for her, you can do the old go to him and let him know that if he doesn't quit and quit now, that you will report it.

You aren't doing that for his benefit but her's on account of her mental illness. A mental illness that by the way just might be the thing that would get an attorney to act. She's vulnerable due to her depression, she's vulnerable due to him being her boss. Her father is trying to not face reality. She's going to get severely hurt over this at some point, she actually already has been, just right now she's living a fantasy that somehow he loves her and they are going to get married.

Guys don't marry women they hide.

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I realize it's tough, and I realize that in all likelihood you, and not he would be seen as the bad guy if you report this, but I do believe it is your Christian duty to do so. Not reporting serious crime is a form of rebellion against the state and it's authority.

Aug 08,   Yes, I think is much better than Or The laws were made to protect kids from predators and slave sales. A seventeen year old can feel like life is moving forward when they're around someone more serious about work goals than their peers, which is a possible outcome. Oct 10,   If you're little sister is doing things like stealing your parents car, and money, and staying out, she's defintely not responsible enough to have a relationship with an older man. And as for this. Oct 10,   I found out my younger sister who just turned 17 was dating a 25 year old man. I looked the the statue for our state & it says that A person 24 years of age or older who engages in sexual activity with a person 16 or 17 years of age commits a felony of the second degree. My parents arent happy with her relationship but they wont do anything or press any charges.

Just like the father, you aren't responsible if the state doesn't act, but you are responsible if you don't report it. Aug 4, 9. Sounds like the relationship is just a small part of your worries.

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All you can do is be there for her and make sure the appropriate helps are put in place. And as for this creeper, if he finds himself at 25 dating a 17 year old, he cannot get anyone his own age because he's an immature loser and preys on the young and niave.

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I think you did the right thing, the only sad part is, you had to act like the parent. What state do you live in? In Texas 17 is legal to do things of that nature so make sure that pertains to your state.

I'm guessing it does by how quickly he broke it off, which also shows how much he cared about her. You're sister needs to realize that and she'll get over it I promise. I'm extremely open minded, in fact my last relationship lasted 5 and a half years, I was 19 and she was 39 when we met. I am not like most people and that was very different than usual.

That being said So, generally speaking, this sounds like a horrible idea. At 25, most people should be looking for something a bit more serious, and at 17, most people should be looking at My opinion, given that I know nothing about either of these people except that one of them, or one of their friends, asked this on - jankossencontemporary.com, is that this is probably a bad idea and bound to get imbalanced and unhealthy quickly.

I'd say proceed with extreme caution, or do not proceed at all. I think you did the right thing. Kids at the age of 17 don't really know the capacity of love, and she's probably just infatuated with the idea of being in love.

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Personally I think you did the right thing. If some one that's 25 is dating a 17 year old I would wonder where and how they met. They're both at completely different points in their lives and should probably wait until your sister is old enough. The biggest worries your sister has right now is school, Grad and having enough money for clothes. Her boyfriend is probably dealing with his rent and tuition money and a plethora of other things.

Also, it's terrible that she stole your parents car and bank cards. I think you should sit down and have a serious conversation with her. UNTIL i read about your sis stealing your parent's bank card with him making multiple charges on your parents acct. You made the right choice. That guy is a creep. But what is with this murder thing at the end?

I'm confused.

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