Not meaningful. can you get in trouble for dating an illegal immigrant word honour

He might be getting deported and its breaking my heart, Im just wondering if anything could happen to me for marrying him? I loved him with all my heart and thought I could change him from his criminal past and ways but it Turns out I couldn't. Just by knowing he is an illegal alien you are aiding and abetting him and that could be jail time. Let me put it to you like this: I'm a law enforcement officer and I married an illegal alien. Illegal aliens are often in violation of only civil laws, not criminal. Just make sure if you get married that you start the process to make him legal.

Citizenship and Marriage. Can an American get into trouble dating an illegal immigrant? Wiki User Related Questions Asked in Relationships Can an 18 year old male get in trouble dating a 15 year old girl? Dating is not illegal. Having sex would be illegal. Asked in Illinois Can a 19 yr old boy from Iowa get into trouble for dating a 15 yr old girl from Illinois?

However, it is illegal if he has sex with her or transports her across a state line.

Can you get in trouble for dating an illegal immigrant

Asked in Relationships If I am 15 and dating a 18 teen year old is that legal? Dating is legal. Having sex is illegal.

There are no laws about dating. Sexual contact is another issue and is most likely illegal. You can certainly get into trouble with your parents, or with health issues, but there is nothing illegal about someone 16 or older dating or having sexual contact with an older person in Georgia.

Asked in Christian Beadles Will christian beadles date you if you are ten? Apparently no, he would not because dating under age can be illegal as it may cause kayos.

May 08, Used far more often is the law prohibiting bringing in and harboring certain aliens (INA ), which makes it a felony to knowingly: 1) . You can certainly get into trouble with your parents, or with health issues, but there is nothing illegal about someone 16 or older dating or having sexual contact with . Dec 24, However, if you learn that your potential partner is an illegal immigrant, it may be cause for concern. You need to learn the process for marrying an illegal immigrant and if you could get into trouble for doing so. You want to spend the rest of your life with your partner, but you don't want to go to jail, receive a fine or get separated.

Asked in Dating What is the illegal age for dating in the US? Sex is. I wouldn't know anything illegal about dating alone. Well if you find anything tell me, because then I'm in trouble too ; I'm 19 and my gf is 16 too.

Yes, you can get in trouble for letting an illegal alien live with you. Harboring and abetting illegal aliens is a felony under federal law. Asked in Citizenship and Marriage, Immigration, State. Feb 28, no. the only way you can get in trouble with an illegal immigrant is if you're 'using an immigrant for commercial gain'. like, if you're running a sweatshop full of illegals. Source(s): an illegal canadian is the mother of my child. we've told all kinds of people, including several government officials, that she's here illegally. nobody cares.

Asked in Teen Dating Is there a dating service for kids ? Well no it's illegal if the host gets caught they r gonna be in big trouble.

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It isn't illegal. But there is a reason he's dating someone so much younger than himself and that would be illegal. Asked in Relationships, Dating You are 16 and you are dating a guy who is 19 turning 20 in a few months Is that illegal in Ohio? Asked in State Laws What is considered illegal dating in Michigan? If you are asking about having sex, then ask another question. No a girl who is 18 cannot get in trouble for dating a 16 year old. My thoughts are with you.

One of the most common questions spouses ask when confronting a marriage crisis is this: How can I save my marriage if my partner doesn't want to help find a solution? How do I succeed I am trying to save my marriage on my own? It is a typical enough story: one partner leaves, the other stays.

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One remains 'in love', the other is uncertain. Whatever it is that has caused a couple to be apart, the one person who remains bears the prospect, fear, doubt, desire, hope of saving his or her marriage' alone.

Report his whereabouts to INS.

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These people love to use people for marriage because they believe it gives them an automatic green card, it doesn't and then citizens who become involved with these criminals suffer. I want to give a supporting reason behind my logic.

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Marriage is a way to make the process of citizenship easier. Immigration law is very complex in nature. I believe you.

Marrying an Illegal Immigrant

It is not instant, nor should it be. A lot of Mexicans are family oriented people, hard working, religious, polite, and an overall plus to society. However there is always a flipside of the coin.

Relationship Advice for today, warnings for dating immigrants Americans!

There are some that are drug-dealers, criminals, etc. Although i believe some people not just mexicans had a rough start in life, and see the "light" and straighten up. It comes down to "principle ahead of passion", "holding ethics ahead of emotion". Either if it is murder, theft, assault, drugs, etc.

People always have a view like they are a victim, or that nothing matters anyways, or total apathy. These people do not want to work, build, contribute, protect are way of life.

Can i get in trouble for marrying an illegal alien?

Imagine if no one wanted to work, and they murdered, stole, cheated, and always wanted a high. I will go further what if our parents, grand parents were that way.

America would be a third world country. People never would have got up to go to factorys building cars, appliances, etc we enjoy never would have got up to go to their construction jobs roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, bridges People would never have studied long nights to become a doctor to save lives. Be cause all these people would be out robbing, shooting, dealing drugs, and all of them saying they have a "reason" they don't care, or "this is who I am.

It so happens that more than a few illegal aliens are hard workers, and do not want to cause trouble, However, we want to make sure the right ones get in. We do not want people coming in we do not know about, and are under the radar like illegal aliens.

If someone comes here and does something bizare, or cruel, www. Google cultural defence, imagine you know a little girl being Circumcised, and the family said it is their culture. Not all cultures are equal thus making multi-culturalism flaud from it's conception. Now their are things from other cultures that we can take, and learn from, however the people who come here must become Americans.

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So we have 1 Speak english, 2 adhere to our culture, 3 work hard most of them do 4 follow the law, 5 Have no incurable, contagious diseases. These may sound harsh, however it helps us maintain our standard of living. Would you want to have a person infected with polio in your house, stores, schools, etc.

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I have nothing personal against anyone that has a virus, however I do not want them around me, or my loved ones. If they can be "cured" great, until then they need to stay in their country. Maybe like a second world nation, or a third world nation.

Jan 27, Ok, your friends are wrong. Unless your company has some policy against you not dating an illegal immigrant (which would be an illegal policy by the way), this is not a basis to lose your job. Neither will you be arrested for aiding and abetting. If that were the case then millions of people married to these immigrants would be in prison. Jun 11, Hello again, Unfortunately I can not give you immigration law advise but I can tell you that filing of an I petition and waiver would be the only way to attempt to resolve the problem. Filing of the waiver would not be part of the military law but rather immigration law. I would suggest that you retain an immigration attorney to assist you with that process only because you . Jan 04, Let me put it to you like this: I'm a law enforcement officer and I married an illegal alien. Illegal aliens are often in violation of only civil laws, not criminal. Just make sure if you get married that you start the process to make him legal. If you don't, that's when you .

Those people Mass media, corporations, acedemia, hollywood, try to paint it that way. Heck, there are alot of Mexican families who feel betrayed that illegals are getting by with sneaking into this country, and given amnesty.

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Alot of Mexican families who waited for years to become citizens get pissed that the problem they fled from is coming to this country. Trust me, they know the're is a problem. Is because they want cheap, cheap labor. It has nothing to do with feeling sorry for them, and wanting to give them a chance. They want us to live like dogs, and they know the immigrants are hardworking people who just want work. That way the greedy corporations, along with the fat greedy investers can make more, and more money.

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