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By iliveforjoy , March 20, in Random. If they are really dating then I would fully support them anyway. That's a very long post. Whatever,even if it's proven true one day. I hope the fans are matured to accept them.

Jan 01,   The description of Velvet - Free Dating App Velvet app - is a new social choice game. Velvet is an easy and fun way to find out exactly how much others like you, choose and discover who is the number one for you!Category: APP. Aug 05,   The description of Red Velvet Dating Daytime or night, whether you are on the road, at work, or at a local bar - getting a date can now happen any place and any time. Just try the Red Velvet Dating dating app; it stands out thanks to its great interface, terrific features, and thousands of local hot singles looking for love, romance, soulmates Category: APP. May 11,   SM Entertainment has given fans a chance to go on a date-albeit a virtual reality (VR) one-with Red Velvet's Irene! On May 11, the company launched the .

Sungjae, Chanyeol, V is linked to her name. She's pretty much popular for boys as Seulgi and Irene.

Red velvet dating app

But Irene is goddess and people linked her with everyone who have a dick. And Seulgi has been confessed by many male idol but they are just fanboy and sometimes have zero moment so i can't figure it out. The difference is Joy has many moment with all the guys that been linked to her.

And imo, Seulgi is ideal type only but Joy feels like she's snatching, she's close with them. And the most importand is she's flirty type not in a bad way, i can't make a right form but it feels like Seulgi is the girl who treasure only one guy but Joy keep the boys in her area it just a felling whenever i ser her.

Red Velvet Dating

I think chanyeol closer to Seulgi and Wendy. But the one who got dating rumour with him is Joy.

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It strange how the scandal blow up in korea because all the supposed proofs are reaching to sky. All the glancing is can't be confirmed and it most likely a sign of attraction because she a hot woman and Chanyeol just show basic male instinct. Chanyeol is playboy and many rumour said that already. After the rumour spread out, they suddenly awkward each other. Joy look scared even to glancing, bowing or standing beside him. And i have to mentioned that the first moment that caused their scandal is even linked to Sungjae.

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Heechul teased her about Yook and Chanyeol look jealous and bla. IMO, heechul would not teasing her about Sungjae if Chanyeol is in relationship with her. And from my point of view, Heechul is close enough to Joy or Chanyeol so the news will go to him atleast. So i don't think they are dating, not even close. The only thing that i noticed is Chanyeol wants to know her at first but the scandal make him turn back meanwhile Joy put a wall, cause she knows if she dating him, she will dead by Exo-L.

They are random but they probably true. I will congrutulating her if they are dating because this boy is hella hot. If it's true, she's snatching the right dick.

In fact, i will support everyone who dating my girl who iam to mad tbh but VJoy is suspicious.

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More than Vrene tbh. Then, they have 3 rumour already. There's no smoke without fire. They get support in Korea, Melody and RV is blend really well. Both fans are even knowing that something involve in them. The reason i believe in them is because BTOBRV is close enough Changsub mention Irene, Eunkwang stated seulgi as her ideal type, he even calling her in close manner in Yang nam but they never mention each other at all.

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It confusing because in another occasion he's thrown an obvious code that screaming they are dating like wtf wrong with you Sungjae-ssi.

I can't pointing all of that because the list of their proofs is too many.

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I watched wgm and that program fake asf but deep inside i can't throwing a fact that they been together about 1 year. Sungjae being obvious lately and when i comment about it, they shipper said is not lately, they throw a hint ever since WGM ended. IMO, some moment are reaching to the sky, but some moment is not a joke, i can't think any excuse instead agreeing what they shipper say.

It's too obvious and i hope they tone down it a bit. Seriously i want VJoy to end up being true but if they are dating i don't mind. The reaction probably more warm than with V and Chanyeol because Joy wil get bashed to death and i feel bad for her too. She's flirty type but i guess she more reserved to boys. Idk, i just think she having crush for some boys but not actually dating with any of them.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. ? ? In which I attempt to give my ship a happy ending ? ? ??. When it came to relationships, Joohyun had had her fair share. She spent years on dating apps, putting on makeup and outfits just to take profile pictures for the array of profiles she had. But it. Read Red Velvet Dating Door from the story KPOP DATING DOOR by ACACIA20 with 1, reads. kpopgame, jungkook, game.

The conclucion: maybe Have a crush for Jungkook and either do him. But my sister is an Army and she said if Jungkook dating rn, he's more into non-celebrity type. So it was strange for me when Jungkook said that by his own mouth. But then, i think twice because i see playboy aura in him so i doubt he keep interest to Yeri only.

My english is fucked up iam sorry english is still difficult for me but i guess you still can take a context from this. And i'm red velvet fans in the first place. I don't think dating is scandal tbh.

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Loving someone and dating are normal and fans should wake up for the first place. My point is this post are not intended for making any harm. I just curious and wanting know your opinion too.

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. None of them, is this supposed to be lowkey seulmin ship thread?

Red Velvet (????) Inteview and talking about ideal types

Oh my gooooood Edit: you wrote so much like I'm shocked. Anyway, idk but I lowkey ship Wendy and Sunggyu. Not at all. It just IMO Seulmin is the only from bangtanvelvet that probably true, based on fact. Irene ain't dating Suho. That's for sure. Just another delulu shipper essay. E for Effort. I don't know who's dating, as long as they're happy, i'm fine. I upvoted for your effort. Even though I once shipped him with Irene.

Mar 20,   jankossencontemporary.com: Pretty much yes. The strong reason i can say this is because Irene is in the age of dating. Shes freaking gorgeous woman (chased by mannnnnyyyy man ofc) who mature enough for love so it seems imposible if she still single all the time. Its . what i associate with dating. the members of red velvet, things that you two would. do and how the relationship. would be like. i don't know red. velvet members personally so. this is completely based on how. i perceive and feel abt them as. a fan, it's ok if you disagree! im just gay for them and.

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By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Ok I Agree Learn More. Download APK 2. The description of Red Velvet Dating Daytime or night, whether you are on the road, at work, or at a local bar - getting a date can now happen any place and any time. Just try the Red Velvet Dating dating app; it stands out thanks to its great interface, terrific features, and thousands of local hot singles looking for love, romance, soulmates, or just friends.

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