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Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. In case you missed the memo, racism still exists in our country. The headlines, documentaries, and scripted series about the injustices committed against people of color in the United States paint a pretty vivid picture of what the dynamics are. However, racism is not always an aggressively violent act against another human being. Sometimes it manifests in the way we engage one another on a daily basis.

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It was recorded in April and released the following month as a single. It also features an Indian influence with the use of a tambura , a gift to Donovan from George Harrison , who also helped write the lyrics. The song may have been influenced by " Green Circles ", a psychedelic song by Small Faces. The similarity is in the melody of the descending verse, the strange vocal delivery, and the topic of being visited by an enlightened stranger. In , Donovan revealed that he had become friends with Small Faces in According to some sources, the song was written for the band Hurdy Gurdy which included Donovan's old friend and guitar mentor Mac MacLeod [8] [9] with Donovan intending to be the producer , but the collaboration was cancelled due to creative disagreements, leading Donovan to record the song himself. There is some dispute regarding the musicians who performed on the song.

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