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A great title is a chance to hook users in and get them to click on your app to discover more.

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Include a keyword in the title for best results. Those keywords should be strategically placed throughout your listing so you show up when users search for those words. Always include features and benefits the user will get out of the app. For added value, include screenshots and videos.

Change this by localizing your app.

Tinder, the dating app that made " swipe right " and " swipe left " part of our everyday verbiage, is winning the hearts of users and advertisers alike. The app's user base of 50 million, 85of which are between the ages of 18 and 34, has caught the attention of brands looking to connect with millennials through unconventional marketing. Jul 10,   Developing an app that satisfies users' needs is the first step in your marketing strategy. While crafting your app idea, research your market, competitive landscape and target consumers. Oct 16,   The goal of a mobile app marketing strategy should be to acquire users that will not only drive repeat engagement but will also become loyal advocates for the step-by-step guide to marketing your mobile app explores the three stages of a mobile app marketing strategy and the metrics needed measure success.

Getting featured in the App Store is another tool for marketers to utilize within their marketing strategy. Being featured offers a greater potential for apps to increase visibility and downloads which can result in lower acquisition costs, more engaged users, and increased revenue. Every day, a free or paid app and game is reviewed by professional App Store curators. Apple receives thousands of pitches to feature mobile apps.

This tactic can be useful if done persuasively. Here are 10 ways to get your app featured in the App Store. Your next move should be to develop a plan of action for retention marketing to convert your new customers into lifelong users. Below is a list of strategies that can be used to increase retention:. Brands using in-app messages to communicate with users will see user retention within 28 days of receiving a message range from 61 percent to 74 percent.

These can include warnings about app issues, payment failures, or version upgrades. Keep in mind that not every message you send will be relevant to every single user.

To match or not to match: Should brands be paying more attention to dating apps?

Segmenting your audience gives you the ability to ensure the information they receive is valuable to them. The higher retention rate, the better the ranking in the app store.

Giving users an incentive to use your app can also go a long way. Mobile-specific rewards, specialized content access, coupons, special promotions, and other offers will help drive conversions and encourage engagement.

If people are using your app constantly, it is a sign that have made a connection with the product.

Mar 04,   Since the popular dating app responsible for many cases of repetitive thumb syndrome launched seven years ago, more than 20 billion matches have been made. Digital courtship, whether through manic swiping or being able to see who you crossed paths with less than 60 seconds ago, has become the norm for many people across the world. Oct 06,   Building a brand for your app - Bumble case study. Bumble is one of the most popular apps in the App Store and is quickly becoming the go-to dating, friendship, and networking app. Here's a breakdown of how Bumble is winning the branding game. and studied almost every app marketing/branding strategy in the book - but I've never Author: Carissa Lintao. OkCupid's dating persona test is a great example of viral marketing: people started to share the test everywhere, not always even realizing that it was connected to a dating startup. In some cases, one particular feature of an app can go viral/5.

Give them the opportunity to express their opinions with a popup invitation to leave a review, but remember that user experience should not be sacrificed by this tactic. The more strategically the popup is placed, the better the chances are for a positive review.

The goal is to get as many paid installs as possible, boosting your ranking. All this with the hope of increasing the volume of quality organic installs - that should follow when the app is finally ranked high enough to be discovered.

While you should attract more organic downloads from a successful burst campaign, continued paid advertising will maintain steady downloads. You need to keep the momentum going.

Offering your users a bonus or benefit when they promote your app online is a surefire way to get them to spread the word. The company had just 1,00, registered users inwhich climbed to a staggering 4, registered users within a mere 15 month period as a result of their referral program.

This post from Localytics explains how Dropbox used referrals to exponentially increase their user base. The only way to know if your marketing strategy is working is to set goals and track the increase in your app store ratings over a given period of time. For more info on these metrics click here.

An important part of every marketing strategy is to not oversell. Word of mouth is by far the most effective strategy for marketing any mobile app. Look at the story of the Lulu app, which had an original feature that allowed women to write anonymous reviews about guys. But they had nothing to offer in its place, and so many users simply lost interest in the app altogether. As soon as you know who your users are and what kind of app you are going to deliver to them, you can start attracting your initial user base.

Use social platforms that are popular among your target audience to find your potential users and establish an emotional connection with them. This helps you gather an audience to try your app on launch day.

Dating app marketing strategy

This content should include not just news about your app, but also something entertaining, unique, and - most importantly - something that provides practical value for a person looking for a specific dating solution. One of the project we worked on at Yalantis, Brois a dating app for men only. Bro launched their Facebook page in Januarythough the app was only released in November of that year.

Going viral on social networks is a blessing. Develop unique content or promo materials that are catchy enough to spread around the networks. In some cases, one particular feature of an app can go viral. Your website is the main source of organic users coming from internet searches. The landing page is where you position your app. After your app has launched, add visible App Store and Google Play links: if your landing page positions your product right, people will go straight to the stores and your social media pages.

This is the next most important part of your site. Blog content must address the needs of your target audience. Think about topics your target audience might be interested in and start your own blog. SEO is what makes your website visible on the internet. Start with the following SEO minimum, then extend it as your traffic begins to grow. Choose the right keywords that your target users might search for, and put them into URLstitle tagsmeta descriptionsnames of images and texts of blog posts.

Your website should be user-first, not Google-first. Besides, if you over -optimize your site with too many keywords, search engines will simply ignore it. Most importantly, you must conduct SEO activities perpetually, watch how they affect your website metrics, and try different approaches, different keywords, and different types of content. The goal was to make something that was really functional that felt like it made sense, but then also impose some limitations, some sort of organization, to where you could empower people.

So when you think of something like imposing a rule within an app, basically, that women have to chat first, that could be a very clunky, sort of odd thing to approach. Color scheme is an important part of designing for the end user. The majority of apps lose appx. But Bumble does a great job making a positive first impression. Upon opening the app, users can seamlessly sign up through Facebook. Aside from a easy sign up process, keeping the app exclusive to Facebook also allows Bumble to combat bots, freaks, and other unwanted accounts.

Just like Tinder, OkCupid, or coffeemeetsbagel, Bumble keeps the focus solely on the users. Because what else would you want to look at? The first time the user dislikes someone, a little pop-up appears to confirm that person is indeed unattractive.

The first time the user swipes right to like, a pop-up appears to confirm that the user wants to get it on. And if you match with someone, a cool little screen appears that shows the two of you are connected. An instant mood boost, validation, and heart-stopper all in one! Bumble made it so that SuperSwiping is very intentional.

The user has to go out of their way to actually tap the icon - not just swipe. You would have just Super Liked someone and you have to sit and contemplate your actions. Do you apologize? Will they notice? Are you supposed to feel bad if they message you? Who knows?

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