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Running a water line to a refrigerator to supply its ice maker and drinking water dispenser has never been easier. This type of fitting is easy to install and is less prone to leaking than a saddle valve. In most cases, the water line can be run from a kitchen faucet water supply line through the kitchen cabinets and over to the refrigerator. If running the line through the cabinets is not feasible, you might need to run it through the floor and up to where the refrigerator is located. Before you get started, check behind your fridge to make sure there is no water line and shutoff valve already there-either extending out of the wall or sticking up through the floor. An Add-A-Tee adapter is an ideal plumbing fitting for this purpose. It simply threads onto the outlet of a standard fixture shutoff valve, like you have under the kitchen sink.

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Locate the fixture shutoff valve on the cold water supply line under the kitchen sink. Close the shutoff valve by turning it clockwise until it stops. If it has a lever-type handle, turn the lever so it is perpendicular to the water pipe.

Aug 03,   A universal water supply kit is available at extra cost from the dealer. The Refrigerator manufacturer recommends using a water supply kit containing copper tubing. To install the water line, follow these steps: 5 Screw the union into the white plastic tube and tighten the compression nut. Do not overtighten the compression nut. We just put our old refrigerator (with a water dispenser/ice maker) in our garage and were told we did not need a waterline if not hooking up the water dispenser/ice maker. I think you only need a waterline if your appliance has and you are going to use your appliance's built in water dispenser/ice maker/5. With the refrigerator out of its hole, go ahead and proceed to testing. Slowly open up the shutoff valve if you used the "under counter" method to connect it, or in my case, the main water valve and verify to make sure there aren't any leaks on the main water line. Then open up the valve for the fridge connection and do the same thing.

Turn on the cold water at the kitchen faucet to relief pressure in the water line. Place a rag or small bucket under the supply valve to catch water draining from the supply tube.

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Disconnect the faucet supply tube from the valve, using two pairs of pliers or two adjustable wrenches. Use one pair to hold the valve body securely to prevent it from moving. Use the other pair to loosen the compression nut on the supply tube.

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Thread the Add-A-Tee adapter onto the outlet port of the shutoff valve, tightening by hand at first. Finish tightening the adapter with two pairs of pliers, using one pair to hold the valve and the other to tighten the adapter.

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This will control the water flow and water pressure to the refrigerator. Be sure to put a gasket seal between the valve and the T-fitting.

How do i hook up a refrigerator water line

Attach the free end of the copper tubing to the valve. Now the refrigerator is connected.

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Clamp any tubing inside the cabinets along the back of the cabinets, to keep it in place. Turn on the water supply. You should have cold water very shortly.

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Installing a push fitting like this is super easy but there are some steps to follow in order to make a proper connection. Sharkbites require that the outside of the pipe is deburred before insertion. You could either use your Sharkbite deburring tool or just a flat file.

At this stage, I always like deburring the inside of the pipe as well to prevent turbulence and restriction. Something else to keep in mind is marking the proper insertion depth to make sure it goes in all the way.

Installing a refrigerator water line will open up a well of fresh water and ice that you and your family can easily enjoy. Connecting a water line to your refrigerator will provide it with the water necessary to make ice and dispense filtered water. Of course, if your refrigerator doesn't have an ice maker or water dispenser, or if it has one or both features but you prefer not to use them. Attach one end of the copper tubing to the refrigerator's water pipe, using a nut and ferrule. Important: Make sure you leave extra tubing coiled behind the refrigerator, so you can move the refrigerator when necessary. Cut the cold water line under the sink or in the basement and attach a copper T-fitting. Attach a water valve to the T-fitting.

You could use your Sharkbite deburring tool which also serves as a depth gauge or you could use this chart and mark it manually. If you are working with PEX, make sure your fitting has a pipe stiffener in it, it does exactly the same thing as the brass sleeves when using compression fittings and not all push fittings have them.

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So same as before, cut the pipe to length and deburr the inside. I am using this little gadget right here called the Fluxuator to apply my flux, which is Copaflux and is lead-free and water-soluble which are 2 important things to make sure of when choosing your flux. Whenever you solder, do make sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby in the event something catches on fire.

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Now that everything is soldered up, wait a few minutes for everything to cool down and use a rag to clean the excess flux before proceeding. A quick note here is never connect the plastic pipe and then solder, you could only imagine what the results would be. Just as before, make sure the pipe end is cut square and free of any scratches or debris, slip on the retainer nut, plastic ferrule, and the brass sleeve and tighten it using your adjustable wrench.

How To Install A Water Line To Your Fridge [Pex & Copper]

Remember to orientate the ferrule in the right direction, tapered side towards the fitting like you see here. To cut it, use your utility knife and cut any excess off as square as possible just like this.

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For the connections, the same basic techniques apply for this part and they could be connected together in 2 different ways like before using either a push or compression coupling. The push coupling is pretty straight forward and installs the same way as the T I just showed downstairs, just make sure both ends are fully inserted before attempting to turn the water on.

If you decided to go with the compression coupling, make sure both pipe ends are cut straight, slip on the retainer nut, ferrule, brass sleeve and tighten everything together.

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