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If there is less than 2 months to the last day of the tenancy, you must give 2 months notice. This is for tenancies that were never fixed, the majority of these will be where there is not a written tenancy agreement, although some written tenancy agreements state that the tenancy is a periodic tenancy. In this case you must give 2 months notice in writing and the notice must expire on the last date of the tenancy period. This is often where the confusion is - what is the last date of the tenancy period. If there is a written tenancy agreement:- the starting point for the date is the day the tenant moved in, you then need to look at how rent is paid, for example If there is no written agreement you will have to go on the date that rent is paid and how rent is applied and apply the above guidelines. Just remember if you are serving the Notice by post you will need to add a couple of extra days on, the Court stated that a letter sent by first class post is deemed served 2 working days after it was posted.

Anyway, after a quick scroll through these matches, it was apparent that DNA Romance has been more of a hit in the northern hemisphere.


Canada, UK and USA all had heavy representation, whereas there was only one Aussie-a year-old guy from Sydney who had a Japanese manga character as his profile picture. When I asked him what he liked about the site, he said he forgot that he subscribed. But what does that mean.

What is it about Mr Shin-chan and I that is so perfectly compatible.

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