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Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton who play Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers in the best show of all time, Stranger Things , have been dating IRL since January at least and the internet has ooooonly just found out about, thanks to a sneaky picture of the pair holding hands. People have been speculating for a while that Natalia and Charlie have been dating since they walked the carpet arm in arm at the SAG Awards in January Getty Images. A photo posted by Charlie Heaton charlie. A photo posted by nattyiceofficial onJan 10, at am PST. The pair have managed to keep their relationship relatively low-key since then, occasionally posting holiday snaps of each other on Instagram and leaving adorable captions underneath. But now - just in time for the drop of the second season of Stranger Things - they've been spotted out and about holding hands and that's all the confirmation the internet needed to freak the FUCK out.

Later, when the Mind Flayer attacks Hopper's cabinNancy does everything to protect her brother and his friends. Three months later, Nancy and Mike share their sadness together as they watch the Byers family and Eleven leave Hawkins. Nancy seemed to have a good but sometimes strained relationship with her mother.

Nancy believed her parents never loved each other as her mom was young and her dad had a good job. She also disobeyed and lied to her mother, saying she and her friend Barbara were going to conference to help look for Will Byersbut really was going to a party at Steve Harrington 's house.

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When Barbara was missing and Nancy became concerned, she confessed her worries to her mother. Nancy later confessed to having slept with Steve to her mom after being questioned by the police.

Nancy and Jonathan From "Stranger Things" Are Dating IRL And Everyone Is Freaking Out

When her house was being searched by government agents, Nancy was concerned for her mom and dad. A year later, Nancy's relationship with her mom seemed to have improved a little bit, but Nancy still lied to her when she told her that she was going to sleepover at a friend's house, but was really planning to expose Hawkins Lab with Jonathan Byers. Inafter getting fired from The Hawkins PostNancy was comforted by her mother.

Karen agreed with her daughter that the employees at Hawkins were jerks, but it didn't matter by telling Nancy that she is and always will be a fighter. When her mother laments she doesn't know where she got her fighting spirit, Nancy assures her that she got her spirit. Nancy gets encouraged by her mother to finish her story if she still believes in it and Nancy, feeling emotional at her mother's support, gives her a hug.

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy and her father did not appear to have a strong relationship. However, when her house was being searched by government agents, Nancy was concerned for her mom and dad. Barbara "Barb" Holland was Nancy's best friend. They did everything together especially going clothes shopping when Nancy started dating Steve Harrington.

However, when Nancy started dating him, Barb became concerned for Nancy as Steve and his friends started to have an influence on her. When Barb told Nancy she wasn't being herself, Nancy told Barb to go home, inadvertently hurting Barb's feelings.

Later, when Nancy realized Barb was missing, she became concerned, teaming up with Jonathan Byers to look for her, while distancing herself from Steve.

When Eleven used her powers to look for Barb and Will, she found Barb's corpse and sadly told Nancy that Barb was dead, making Nancy devastated.

A year later, Nancy was still shown to carry guilt and remorse for Barb's death while she was eating dinner with Barb's parents. Eventually, Nancy decided to avenge Barb's death by exposing Hawkins Lab.

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With Jonathan's help, she delivered a recording of Dr. Owens's confession to Murray Bauman and have her death be explained as being caused by a chemical exposure, as a way to keep the truth of the Upside Down a secret. With the truth exposed, Hawkins Lab was shut down and Barb was finally given a funeral where Nancy attended with Barb's parents.

Oct 27,   Stranger Things fans have been anxious to find out what would happen between Stancy; Steve (Joe Keery) and Nancy (Natalia Dyers) ended up together at Author: Emily Longeretta. Oct 28,   Nancy and Steve go through a rough patch on 'Stranger Things 2,' and their real-life counterparts, Natalia Dyer and Joe Keery, explain the reasons Christopher Rosa. Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton play Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, respectively, on Netflix's "Stranger Things." The two started exploring their feelings for each on season two, released October 27 on the streaming site. If you were shipping Jancy/Nanathan on screen, many are convinced they've been dating since at least Kirsten Acuna.

Steve and Nancy first began seeing each other shortly sometime around However, when Nancy became distant due to the disappearance of her friend Barb, Steve grew worried. When he visited her house to check on her, he witnessed Nancy and Jonathan together in her room, making him believe she was cheating.

When Nancy confronted him, Steve gave her a chance to explain herself, though, due to the extraordinary nature of the events, she was unable to. There, he unexpectedly helped Nancy and Jonathan fight the Demogorgon.

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A month after these events, Steve and Nancy had gotten back together. Steve rejected this idea, reminding her that doing so would put them and their families in danger.

At a Halloween party, Nancy became intoxicated, leading her to reveal that she did not have feelings for him, which emotionally crushes Steve. When Nancy confronts Steve the following day, she has no memory of her drunken state and tries to reassure Steve what she said wasn't true.

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Steve tries to get Nancy to prove by telling him she truly loves him, but Nancy couldn't find the words to say it, leading the two to break up. When Nancy recounts her drunken state with Jonathan, she feels guilty for hurting Steve's feelings and wonders if she really meant what she said to him. When Nancy meets with Steve again, she thanks him for watching over the kids and Steve tells her that she should be with Jonathan, having come to accept her love towards Jonathan.

Nancy and steve stranger things dating

Nancy tried to apologize to Steve for hurting his feelings, but Steve just calmly brushed it off. A year later after their breakup, Steve reveals to Robin that he no longer has feelings for Nancy as they consider each other as friends. Nancy and Jonathan spoke to each other when Will went missing, with Nancy reassuring him that Will's going to be fine.

When she finds out that Jonathan took pictures of Nancy and her friends at Steve's party, she did not show resentment towards him and later asks for his help when her friend, Barb goes missing which he accepted.

They form a bond over their mutual goal of finding their brother and friend respectively and become close. After discovering Barbara had been killed, Nancy was comforted by Jonathan and the two worked together in trying to kill the Demogorgon.

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A month later, after Will's rescue, Nancy gave Jonathan a Christmas present and reassured him it didn't matter that he got her anything for Christmas before she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

After Nancy got drunk and hurt Steve's feelings, Jonathan took Nancy home and Nancy, in a drunken state, reached out to Jonathan before passing out. When Nancy found out Jonathan took her home after the party, Nancy spoke to Jonathan about this. When Nancy decided to expose Hawkins Lab, she was helped by Jonathan in presenting the evidence to investigator Murray Bauman and the two give into the sexual tension after being pressured by Murray and ultimately kiss and are hinted at doing more.

They later work together in burning the Mind Flayer out of Will. While at the Snow Ball a month later, Nancy and Jonathan have started a relationship.

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InNancy and Jonathan are shown to have become an official couple, sleeping together at Jonathan's house one day. The two also work together at the Hawkins Post. Whenever Nancy was abused and humiliated by the male employees, she was always comforted by Jonathan. When Nancy picked up a story from Doris Driscollshe grabbed Jonathan along to investigate and present the story to the Post.

However, after the story was rejected which left Nancy cruelly insulted, she ignored Jonathan's attempts to comfort her. Nancy eventually decided to get more evidence of the story and convinced a reluctant Jonathan to come with her where they discovered Mrs.

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Driscoll consuming fertilizer. This lead to them getting fired from the Post and straining their relationship, with Jonathan angry over losing his means to support his family and Nancy accusing Jonathan of being like her abusers.

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Get ready to start shipping Nanathan! Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton who play Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers in the best show of all time, Stranger Things, have been dating IRL since January (at least) and the internet has ooooonly just found out about, thanks to a .

You couldn't see the person on the other end, but both Dyer and Heaton were posed in the same way eating ice cream cones. The two were rumored to be dating in January when they showed up together at the SAG Awards and looked awfully cozy on the red carpet.

The two were smiling and playful on the SAG red carpet. Then they were traveling together twice in January leaving from LAX airport. One time was right after the SAGs. Not fooling anyone!

Stranger Things season 3 ?? Real Age And Life Partners ??

Dyer tried hiding her face under a cap as Heaton had his arm around the actress. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews - Subscribe on YouTube!

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More News. Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer on Stranger Things Courtesy of Netflix After he pointed out their sexual tension, they finally realized he was right and it happened. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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