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When Penny first met Leonard, she only thought as him as a neighbor and a friend and had no romantic feelings for him at first. She asked favors of him and talked and visited him nearly every day. When no one else showed up she suspected their evening was supposed to be a date. Throughout the season, Penny eventually came around to Leonard's feelings occasionally and knew he had a big crush on her. Though, at the time, Penny was drunk and Leonard refused her advances since it would've been wrong to jump at the opportunity to take advantage of someone who wasn't thinking straight.

They had oodles in common, she was driven, and she pushed him to do better.

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But his relationship with her came at a cost. His relationship with Raj suffered and drama hit the fan when he cheated on Priya. The two broke up and thankfully, Raj and Leonard were able to pick back up where they left off. When it comes to memorabilia, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard take it to another level.

Leonard kisses penny

They buy toys they can never play with and collect comics that one day could be worth a fortune. When the time machine was delivered, the gang was stuck with a massive time machine in the middle of their living room before deciding to move it from house to house.

For a genius, Leonard can do some dumb things from time to time. In "The Retraction Reaction," Leonard did a radio interview for "Science Friday" where he publicly embarrassed the physics world and Caltech.

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He basically said that they're giving millions of dollars to prove theories and all of their work is for nothing because they haven't proven anything yet. His horrible interview almost got him fired and had donors wondering why they were giving Caltech all this money if physics was a dead end.

It also deeply upset Sheldon who saw physics as his "lady" and was offended by his words.

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In the 11th season, Leonard gets a holiday card from his brother stating all of the cool things he accomplished that year. Realizing how much of a go-getter his brother is made him question his own goals.

What had he accomplished that year anyway? With Penny's help, the couple realized they didn't do anything worthwhile and often don't do things for fear of change. Leonard didn't do anything noteworthy at Caltech, Penny didn't like her job, and they never followed through with vacations or activities. Seeing their lack of achievements and lust for life should be a lesson learned for viewers; to get out and live life to the fullest. For a long time, Penny was not very good with money.

Leonard and Penny

She had mounds of credit card debt, bought frivolous things, and didn't save. Leonard, on the other hand, seemed more stable with money and knew how to spend it wisely. But in the seventh seasona drinking game at the cabin revealed that Leonard had a private bank account he was hiding from Penny. With a couple of thousand dollars in savings, he didn't want Penny to blow through it all on senseless stuff.

And as one could imagine, Penny felt betrayed.

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Being transparent with finances seems like a no brainer in relationships. Leonard may say some silly things from time to time but he's a good person at the root of it. He just doesn't know when to stop talking or how to say things delicately.

When Penny was having a rough patch in her acting career, she asked Leonard if he thought she had what it took to be a star. He answered honestly but unfortunately, his honest answer wasn't kind. He did something similar when he and Penny first started dating and he told her he didn't care that she wasn't "smart" or that she was uneducated Despite her beauty, her entire behavior and personality were beyond off-putting.

The two met after Bernadette set them up on a blind date. The only reason why he agreed to go with Joy on another date to a wedding was because she said she was easy It's safe to say nothing else happened after that wedding.

Leonard and penny really dating

To be fair, Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton wasn't Leonard's girlfriend, but the two did sleep together multiple times - and yes, he was hoping something more serious would come out of it. Plimpton came to Pasadena for an interview at Caltech, and stayed with Sheldon and Leonard as she was one of Sheldon's friends.

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Leonard had always been a fan of her work but became more interested when he saw how pretty she was. Things were hot and heavy between the two until Leonard realized that she was also trying to sleep with Raj.

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Sheldon eventually found out that Leonard slept with his friend and felt betrayed. That was the end of Dr.

Apr 19,   TZ In Season 6's Valentine's Day episode, Penny ruins dinner when she sees an ex get engaged. When they got home, Leonard asked Author: Simon Assaad. Feb 28,   For 12 seasons, fans of The Big Bang Theory have been so obsessed with the evolution of Penny and Leonard (#Lenny) that we've forgotten about all of Leonard's past relationships - all the women Leonard fell for before Penny (okay, and during Penny). We all know Leonard and Penny were meant to end up together, but what about the women in between? Who were the other women . Feb 14,   Leonard Hofstadter is one of the main characters in the iconic sitcom The Big Bang Theory. As an experimental physicist at Caltech, Leonard is extremely bright and gets to work with his best friends Sheldon, Raj, and jankossencontemporary.comr, as smart as Leonard is, he sure has made some mistakes in his life that viewers can learn from.

Plimpton and Leonard. Leonard was single in the fourth season when he met Mrs. Latham was an attractive woman but also Leonard's mother's age and incredibly intimidating. Latham why the physics department deserved the donation, which led to a strange dinner date to talk more about the department. Latham came on to Leonard, which led to a second date. Leonard was confused by the entire situation but did it for the name of science. The two ended up sleeping together, and he hilariously got the donation.

But were these two ever serious?


Not a chance. Alice was nothing more than a fling in the fifth season, but there was a deep connection between the two that could be felt by viewers. The two met in the comic book store, and she ended up giving Leonard her number.

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There was only one problem: he was dating Priya. Leonard followed his heart and met with Alice despite his relationship status, and the two ended up making out on his couch. Later on, we see them on a date at her apartment where they begin kissing again, but this time Leonard stops it from going further.

Despite his lies, these two would have been great together.

She would have fit in perfectly with the guys. It's hard to say if Leonard dated Leslie out of convenience or if he truly liked her, but they obviously had a deep enough connection to keep going back to each other.

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Leslie worked at the university with the guys and was in the same department as Leonard. The two had a ton in common and understood one another on an intellectual level, but there was no real passion between them. Leslie and Sheldon despised each other and she hooked up with Howard. It was clear that what Leonard and Leslie shared was a love for physics, not each other.

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