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Kensi and the team were investigating a murder while Deeks was undercover to investigate the gym as it secretly sold drugs. Deeks was undercover as Jason Wyver, a regular gym member and Kensi as Tracy, the girlfriend to the murder victim, Danny Zuna. Kensi shows she is rather disappointed, but Deeks assures he will be back. Since then, Kensi and Deeks have been partners and friends. Deeks and Kensi are known to banter with one another and Kensi frequently enjoys teasing or poking fun at Deeks. Despite some difficultly in the beginning, Deeks and Kensi developed a strong partnership and friendship, always there for each other and continue to grow more closer. Over time, Kensi and Deeks soon began to develop mutual romantic feelings for each other.

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Like Emile, she's a happy go lucky person, but not as lucky as Emile sometimes getting really rotten luck, but she's happy never the less. Chugga visited her town of Aurnion and it was revealed Amelia had moved there. She appeared in the Bomberman Live Battlefest tournament. Later in the Runaway Gaiden: Burnout Revenge. She participated in the Smash Bros. For Wii U tournament and made it to the semifinals. Her choice of character was Carver.

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Teachers, not yet a subscriber? Bip and Bop are two gender neutral characters that demonstrate both healthy and unhealthy characteristics of a relationship. This small group strategy causes adolescents to determine the impact of behaviors on relationships through discussion, reflection, and a representative demonstration of each action. Some questions and activities that can guide their reflections:. Editor's Corner. Teaching Tough Topics. Contact Us.

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