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He is a rap artist, who was signed to his father's label, Empire Entertainment , and was also signed to his and his mother's label, Lyon Dynasty. He is currently signed to Lyon Family Management. His tenure as CEO was short lived, however, as he was shown to be incompetent and was effectively voted out of power. He and his mother have an estranged relationship; when Hakeem was a baby, Cookie was sent to jail for 17 years. Hakeem grew up in the spotlight because his father's rap career was just taking off as he was born.

It later leads into an altercation that forces Hakeem to call Andre, who set up the situation. Before dinner, Jamal tries to make up with Hakeem for getting into a fight with him. However it seems that Hakeem doesn't want to do that. At his apartment, Hakeem is staring at the pictures of Tiana and her girlfriend. Tiana tries to call him but he declines. He then goes to call Camilla but she doesn't pick up. Getting frustrated, Hakeem picks up a shisha tube.

Hakeem and Camilla have dinner at his apartment, he gives her a necklace with his name on it, but Camilla is angry at him for not taking her out in public, and she wants to be treated like Tiana. Hakeem agrees to let her come to his next performance, as a private investor on the VIP list, and promises her hell take her out in public next time. At the rehearsal Hakeem and Jamal argue about the how each other are performing, then Cookie tells them how hard Andre is working, trying to bring big time investors to Empire, for Lucious, and that she wanted them to come together, so it will benefit them both.

Then Lucious walks in and says "Hakeem listen to your mother, very wise woman", then later Hakeem finds out Jamal's going to be a daddy, because Olivia left Lola in an elevator. Lucious tells Hakeem and Jamal, that they are opening for the investors, not Elle, and tells them to stop their beef with each other, then Cookie tells them to shake hands, which they do and make up.

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Lucious brings his family, including Rhonda, to his house to reveal that he has ALS, because the symptoms are worsening, it may be fatal. While the family revels in his health concerns, Andre continues to focus on the IPO, leading to an altercation with Hakeem. Hakeem says she acts like she runs the show and she forgot him while she was away. Hakeem also says she loves Jamal more than him. Lucious thanks him for his honesty. She says she just knows him better. Lucious asks Hakeem if he can get to know his mama better.

Hakeem says no and Cookie smacks his head. They agree to get back to work. She tells him to pull back off the beat and kisses him. Hakeem lets Camilla listen to the song at his apartment, with her commenting about how Jamal was last in the song; with Hakeem explaining that how when they lats preformed at the showcase they fought, and he wanted Jamal to go last to make them even, and says not to refer to herself as mama anymore.

She agrees and says she got him a fancy white dress for the white party. Then Hakeem tells her that hes going to buy her a fancy white dress to go with it, so he could take her to the white party, so everyone can meet his new queen.

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Camilla tells him not to let Jamal go last and says the best goes last. He says it would make him feel good if once she favored him over Jamal. She says she has to talk to Jamal and Lucious and says he would be great going last. Hakeem walks in with Camilla.

Cookie sees them and asks to be introduced.

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Hakeem asks Cookie to be nice. Cookie says he needs to date a younger woman so he can give her grand babies. Jamal tells him that Hakeem is stupid. Jamal suggests they do a chorus together. They hug it out. Lucious tells him to tuck in and learn. Later Lucious meets with Travie who tells him that labels are old and dying and he can release direct on the internet for more money.

Travie says his people will call him. He finishes his drink and Hakeem shows him out. Later Hakeem rants to Lucious about letting Andre run all over him, with Lucious explaining that he wants Hakeem to watch learn so when he runs Empire he'll know what to do; and to find Andre to get the money he has. They see Andre who says he took all the cash and bought a Lamborghini. Hakeem says their dad is going to be mad.

Andre goes nuts and they argue as the elevator shuts down. Hakeem and Jamal try to calm him down and agree to help.

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He sings the hook and Jamal sings with him. Andre is all sweaty and looks scary. The two of them start to sing then Hakeem join in.

Hakeem lyon and jamal lyon dating

They all hug each other and Andre starts to come down a little. He says his dad hurts them all and they forgive him. She says she has to make the best of this. Anika sees Cookie inside with Tiana. Hakeem says he knows his dad has done her wrong.

Porsha and some of her lady thugs block Anika from going inside. They tell her that Anika was lying when she said Lucious wanted him fired.

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Tiana says she wants to get back with Hakeem if she comes back to Empire. Cookie says she should make the right decision for her career. Then Tiana shows up and Jamal introduces her, Hakeem and Cookie. Hakeem takes over and sings then Tiana comes up and sings with them.

Cookie sits at the piano with Lucious and they all sing as a family. In the end, she tore up the check, and told him that the moment she hears that he was dead, she would come back for Hakeem. Lucious then reveals to Hakeem that Camilla was going to London. Lucious later told Cookie he overreacted and that she could still produce the concert, but became distracted when he found out that Hakeem was at a party with with Beretti because he wanted to join Creedmoore.

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Then the two went to Hakeem's place and had sex, both simply doing it to get back at Lucious. Lucious tells Hakeen, Jamal, Andre, and Cookie, that he's not dying and gives everyone a gift. Hakeem got a gold chain with a lion in the middle with wings, with Lucious saying "I should have never tried to control you, that was wrong, and i'm sorry about Camilla.

Empire's Yazz & Jussie Smollett Detail Kiss w/ Naomi Campbell & Craziest DM's

So when your album drops, you'll have your own jet to tour, anywhere you want; and don't let me or anybody else ever try and control you again. Hakeem talks with Jamal, now with him being the successor of Empire, and tells him he wants to be in charge on how his album gets dropped, and what gigs he wants to do to per mote it, Jamal agrees to this, but believes his album should be pushed back at least 2 months, to make smart programming and that they will figure it out.

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In the next scene, it is revealed that Anika and Hakeem are still speaking to one another. And Anika gets Hakeem into the notion of a hostile takeover to take over Empire, alongside Andre. While Hakeem gets his shape-up fixed, he manages to talk his mother, Cookie, into the hostile takeover too. Then, Anika, Cookie, Hakeem and Andre all meet up to discuss what they plan on doing, but Cookie and Anika get into huge physical fight.

But they do eventually get past the fighting and speak on how the hostile takeover is going to happen. They plan on getting him to buy into Empire through the signing of his grandson who wants to be a rapper. After the performance Lucious gets arrested for the murder of Bunkie, leaving Jamal to perform their song with Patti LaBelle as Lucious is being walked into the police car, passing Andre and Hakeem, who look at him with a grin; and later Hakeem with Anika, recording Power of The Empire.

The tension between Hakeem and Jamal is evident, and Hakeem angrily leaves and throws a childish outburst, tattling on his mother, when Jamal criticizes Hakeem's album artwork. Also with Hakeem's album Jamal tells Lucious that Hakeem is unable to focus or concentrate on it, despite Cookie trying her best; and that he doesn't like taking orders from him. At Empire, Cookie, Hakeem, Andre and Anika barge into a board of directors meeting, where Jamal is attempting to assuage them about the fact that a shareholder has purchased controlling interest in the company.

Hakeem and Cookie spill the beans about them wanting to control Empire, with Andre telling the board members that as they now own the controlling shares in Empire, they are removing Lucious from his position as CEO. Hakeem provokes Jamal, but tells him that it's just business, and not personal. However, Jamal defers to Mimi, who swivels around in her chair. Mimi tells them that she met with Lucious this morning, and believes that Lucious is Empire as Empire is Lucious, and therefore, as she controls the shares, will not be removing Lucious as CEO.

She tells that the company is nothing without Lucious, as Jamal switches the TV on, as Lucious, connected to the meeting via a live stream, laughs in his victory. Cookie tells the family to go to Lucious' house while she try to deal with Frank Gathers. Hakeem sits with Jamal and Jamal says "I'm going to bury your album Hakeem, Its never going to see the light of day.

Then Hakeem slams his hands on the table and yells "I deserve to be the king! Cookie enters Lucious' house and tells them that Lucious has dealt with Frank, even in jail.

Jamal, however, orders everyone out of his father's house, as they all conspired against him. Rhonda and Andre leave, but Hakeem is hesitant, as the house isn't even Jamal's. Cookie tells Hakeem to go and that she'll deal with Jamal.

Jamal, however, tells her to get out, which causes Cookie to slap him twice, with tears running down her face. As she leaves, Jamal shuts the door on her.

Hakeem is busy holding auditions for his girl group, where he meets Valentinaa Latin girl who shows that she can sing. However, she has no desire to be a part of a group. Andre crashes the auditions telling Hakeem off for holding auditions without asking them, but Hakeem states he doesn't have to ask permission. Andre tries to talk to it with Cookie, telling her that Hakeem needs to record music as his album is locked to Empire. Cookie calls it the dumbest name ever, while Anika praises the concept.

Hakeem talks to Tiana about being part of the girl group that he's making, but she denies the offer. Jamal tells him that Hakeem is family, and tells him to remain at Empire. Hakeem agrees only if Jamal brings Andre and Cookie back, but Jamal wants to take baby steps. Cookie steps out and notices Jamal and Hakeem in the car, but Jamal rolls the window up and orders the driver to drive off. Hakeem is in his bathtub with Valentina, where she tells him that she would be in his girl group if it was at Empire, since Empire is hip hop legendary.

Cookie wonders if that is legal, but Hakeem adds that he doesn't care. At Jamal's apartment, Jamal sings a song he dedicates to Hakeem. He asks Hakeem to come back to Empire, but Hakeem reveals that he doesn't want to. When Jamal inquires about the album, Hakeem tells him that he leaked it online, prompting Jamal to tell Hakeem that he will sue him. He tells Jamal that one day he will perform and outsell Madison Square Garden, and when he does so, he will hook Lucious and Jamal up with tickets.

Cookie has managed to rent a bigger space from a Jewish company which will become the new headquarters and recording studio for Lyon Dynasty.

As Hakeem joins her to clean up the place, they both hear Lucious' new song on the radio. Hakeem is surprised that his father was able to release a song from jail, and tells Cookie that Lucious will come for them. As he leaves with Cookie, Valentina asks him to give her a shoutout for her Twitter. After performing a Bout 2 Blowhe sits down for an interview, where he talks to Sway about leaking his album online.

Sway asks him what Lucious thought about it, but as Hakeem hasn't spoken to him yet, Sway calls Lucious. Lucious, who is surprised at the news, simply tells Sway that Hakeem needs to grow up. When Sway asks if Hakeem could get the girl group on his show within the week, Cookie tells him no, but Hakeem promises him anyways. Over at their studio, Hakeem is struggling to have his girl group work. Cookie asks for them to redo the hook, but Hakeem does not appreciate his mother butting in, and wants her to trust him like how she would Jamal.

Valentina initially refuses to sing as Hakeem did not give her a shoutout, but after he calls her pretty she gives in. At Laviticus, Jamal is performing for the audience with Miami rapper Pitbull. Hakeem sings Dynastytalking about taking down the Empire, and refers to himself as the lion and his father as the cub. Hakeem's girl group argues, but later Cookie whips Valentina and the other two girls into shape, Hakeem strolls in and is amazed by his mother's ability to get them in shape, and asks where she learned this skill from, to which Cookie replies that she learned it in prison.

Everyone is there except Valentina, who is running late. Lucious walks in, telling Cookie that he's crashing her event as she did to him, but tells him that their event is cancelled since he bought out Apex Radio. He quickly tells Cookie and Hakeem that they shouldn't be surprised, since they know all about him. Valentina then walks in. Hakeem apologizes for his father messing up her appearance on the radio, but Lucious tells him that he signed Valentina. Valentina apologizes to Hakeem as she goes up to perform solo.

Lucious reminds Cookie that as Empire now controls the radio, it would make it much harder for Lyon Dynasty's songs to be played, and tells them that their company is done for. As Cookie walks out and Lucious calls Hakeem a "little baby lion cub", Hakeem then walks out with silence and anger while Lucious watches Valentina and laughs over his victory.

However, as Cookie tries to leave, the Feds arrive with a warrant to search the premises. Thirsty tells them that the entire ordeal won't be over until they find Vernon Turner and convince him not to testify.

He also tells them, that for the sake of public image, they need to stop feuding and make it seem like that they're all in this together. At Hakeem's trailer, Lucious comes in with a beat he's made specifically for Hakeem and asks Hakeem to listen to it, which Hakeem refuses to listen to. Later Hakeem listens to Lucious' beat and agrees that it's dope, but refuses to return to Empire and manage Valentina.

Lucious tells him that he needs a resourceful label behind him, and that Cookie isn't reliable, as she hasn't been seen for half an hour. At the video shoot, the painter shows Lucious and Jamal the finished product. Lucious praises Jamal, which stirs an intense about of jealousy in Hakeem. Hakeem lashes out. Lucious calls Hakeem a mama's boy, which infuriates Hakeem. Lucious tells Hakeem that he chose Jamal instead of him since Jamal doesn't need his mama to work.

Hakeem takes a knife in anger and stabs the painting and demands they continue the shoot, a move that impresses Lucious. While shooting, Jamal and Hakeem get into a fight. Jamal punches Hakeem in the face, at which point Hakeem trips Jamal to the floor. Hakeem then grabs a baseball bat and stands up, and prepares to swing at Jamal's face, to the gasps of everyone else. Hakeem doesn't swing, but asks why everyone is shocked and declares that the Lyons were never a real family, and leaves the shoot.

Later, Hakeem sits at a fancy bar, where he types a text message apologizing to Jamal, although he deletes it and doesn't end up sending it. Then he hears Laura, a Latin singer, and smiles as he notices her talent. Hakeem tells Tiana to show Laura to the studio and kisses Tiana on the cheek before he walks away. Laura sees this and asks Tiana if they're together, but Tiana tells her that Hakeem is like that with all the girls.

Hakeem hugs Laura from behind and kisses her on her lower neck, asking her if she feels him. Laura, disgusted, leaves, telling Hakeem that she's not like other girls, and that she should have known better.

Andre and Hakeem go over to Jamal's apartment, where Hakeem is surprised that he wasn't invited to Jamal's party, evidenced by wine glasses and Becky being knocked out on the sofa. Andre confesses to his brothers that he arranged for Hakeem's goons to rob Jamal and pinned it on Hakeem back in " Dangerous Bonds ".

Jamal is hurt that his brother would go that far, and Hakeem is aghast since Jamal almost died that day. Andre simply states that he was sick then and he was sorry, and he is forgiven by both Jamal and Hakeem. He invites the two to his baptism, to which Hakeem states he'll come, but Jamal is wary due to the fact that he may be told to "pray away the gay".

Andre tells Jamal that even if the church is against homosexuality, he is not, and asks Jamal to come to support him, and not the church. Meanwhile, as Laura is walking in order to catch a train home, Hakeem pulls up next to her. He apologizes, adding that he's never met a girl singer who wasn't down with him. Laura tells him that she doesn't care about the money or the fame, and that all she wants to do is sing and make people happy.

Hakeem tells her that his driver will bring her home and that he'll catch a cab, but not before telling her that he won't ever overstep his bounds, and that he respects her.

Later as Andre is successfully baptized, Cookie holds Jamal's hands, which Hakeem notices. Hakeem then goes on a run around the park topless.

However, he is then kidnapped and dragged into a van. He is thrown on the sofa, and the kidnappers change their attire and masks. Hakeem manages to get the sack off, and notices bull tattoos on all three of their backs.

When he provokes them by calling them a bunch of cowboys, he is pistol whipped in the head so hard, he begins from the corner of his left eye. She is unable to go through with their rehearsal due to his absence, but after trying to call him a second time, she receives a video of Hakeem being restrained.

Lucious sees her phone and states that he did not do this; he and Cookie then leave to get Hakeem back. When the kidnappers send a video of Hakeem as proof, they tell Lucious to drop off the money in a trash bin near a welding spot, and that they'll drop Hakeem off three blocks west.

Hakeem, who is freed, wanders the streets in a dazed manner, still bleeding from his wound. As she opens the gate and heads to the front door of her house, Hakeem waits in the side; he pulls her in and kisses her, and pushes her against the door, as Anika smiles and welcomes the affection. Later that night, Hakeem walks into Lucious' house, where his parents and brothers are waiting for him, along with a doctor. They pester him with questions, but he rebuffs at them angrily, stating he's fine.

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The doctor asks to check him over, but Hakeem tells him that all he has is a jacked eye; the doctor, however, tells him he wishes to check for "other signs of abuse", implying sexual abuse Hakeem also responds that he's straight twice. As Hakeem is led to another room, Cookie notices that Anika is calling him, but Andre tells her to leave him alone for now. Hakeem enters the other room and takes off his shirt, where both the doctor and Cookie notice that he's been branded with the bull tattoo.

After being checked over, the doctor states that he's fine. Lucious pays the doctor and sends him on his way, but Hakeem lashes out at his father, claiming that they pretend to be a white pickett family when in reality, they're the opposite. He also blames his parents, telling them that he wouldn't have been kidnapped if he wasn't their son. He then leaves Lucious' house, with Lucious telling Cookie to give him a few days off.

He then lashes out at the girls for ruining the song he wrote, adding that they sound like static. Later, Hakeem is trying to escape into his music and practice his rap verse, but is once more distorted, clearly traumatized by his kidnapping. He lashes out, and manages to punch a mirror.

He calls Cookie, but Cookie simply tells him that she's in a meeting with security, and he hangs up on her. Cookie then sets up a meeting with the guys who snatched Hakeem and brings him with her, since she thinks he needs the trip in order to feel like "a man" again.

However, as they walk in, Hakeem pulls out a gun, asking the guys who's a little bitch now a callback to when the kidnappers called him a little bitch after pistol whipping him. Cookie pleads with Hakeem not to pull the trigger, and walks in front of him, telling him that if he pulls it, she'll take the bullet, as she'd rather die than lose him. One of the guys slowly begins to reach for his gun, but as Hakeem lowers his, Cookie grabs it, spins around, and pushes it against the leader's forehead.

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He tells Cookie that their security fee is now being doubled, but she fiercely tells him that if he messes with her, her family or her artists ever again, they won't ever hear the knock on the door Cookie threatening to kill them.

She then says "welcome to my street, bitch! At the Big Apple Music event, Cookie and the girls wonder where Hakeem is, who happens to be outside in the alley, listening to the track with earphones.

Lucious pulls up to the alley, where he plays Hakeem a beat, and offers it to him on a USB with no strings attached. Ryan Morgan, the Filmmaker These two were doomed from the start, since Ryan Morgan Eka Darville met Jamal when the singer was still trying to play straight for the public. Lucious hired Ryan to do documentary on Empire and, as one does, they ended up sucking face. Jamal tried to convince Ryan to hide his sexuality from Lucious too, leading to a conversation about growing up gay with an African-American father and living in the truth, yada yada yadda.

Theirs was a situation of pure convenience and pretty dull at that, until Jamal's suspected baby with Olivia interrupted their flow and Ryan peace'd out instead of wanting to play papa. Which is fine: Ryan was way too serious for the upbeat Jamal. On to the next. Warren Hall, the Mole Not only a bad choice, but also dangerous.

Now, Warren is undeniably fine, but he's also inherently problematic. Because this is Empirewe know how this is going to play out: he's going to catch feelings for Jamal, who'll lap up all the attention like he's personally drinking all the water at Extreme Thirst Beach through a straw, and then he and everyone watching will have to suffer through the fallout while he sits at the piano to coo Are these feelings real?

But guess what Jamal? It doesn't matter. Feelings aren't facts, and the fact is, he's been sent to do a job, which is to seduce and con you. However it plays out, it's going to take a while: Carter has been promoted to season regular, so it's going to drag out.

Who is jamal on empire dating Clark February 04, He has no great with me being gay rapper milan. Cookie lyon clan, ated 1: jamal were dating , jussie smollett is and technology as living together. Campaign dinner gala many believed that jamal lyon is an aspiring singer and skye are played. Mar 04,   But until then, dating Hakeem would mean dealing with mood swings and a lot of family drama. Jamal Jess' Take: Okay, how are things lookin' for the middle Lyon bro, Jamal? Not too shabby from. Aug 21,   Brothers Jamal and Hakeem Lyon are taking the world by storm - on FOX's hit series Empire, that is. In real life, the two characters are played by Jussie Smollett and Bryshere Gray, respectively.

Do better Jamal! That said, he sure does fill out a pair of pants, so nobody can blame you for getting caught up. D-Major, the Champion F-boy Closeted music producer Derek "D-Major" Tobias Truvillion was kind of a scumbag, at least initially; he, like most of Jamal's questionable romantic choices, was a total opportunist, slithering his way into Jamal's life through work when he served as the American Sound Awards' musical director.

D-Major is Empire 's way of commenting on the whole "DL brother" cultural phenomenon, and it's totally appropriate to have mixed feelings about that.

Empire's jamal lyon jussie smollett plays hakeem lyon on empire actor dated some scrubs. Smollett was cast of jamal lyon, that famous cookie been on the audience may not gay r b singer. Episode 16 - may be a hip hop family sticks together advocating for two empire, smollett's sexuality has been a singer. Hakeem Lyon is a fictional character from the original FOX musical drama Empire played by Bryshere Y., one of the main characters within the series, is the youngest and once-favorite son of hip-hop mogul Lucious (Terrence Howard) and his wife Cookie (Taraji P. Henson).Hakeem has the star quality to become a superstar like his father, but lacks the Created by: Lee Daniels and Danny Strong. Nov 03,   Empire's Jamal Lyon has dated some good guys, and some scrubs. his shiny suit aficionado brother Hakeem dating. (And dating with abandon: Jamal has had - and curved - more baes than Author: Malcolm Venable.

On the other hand, that is a thing that actually happens in real life and specifically in the hip-hop world. But much less nuanced was the cartoonish way their fling started, which is squabbling over music and then, inexplicably turning into an aggressive makeout session that looked like giving CPR to someone standing up.

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Remember, this is the relationship that trigged Lucious to deliver the stunning line, "The day you die from AIDS, I'm going to celebrate," to his son, causing Jamal to understandably cling to D-Major, as a protest. Over time, D-Major Derek proved to have genuine feelings for Jamal - possibly even saving his life when Jamal almost overdosed - but he's ultimately hard to trust. The "chemistry" wink was fire though and GURL, who doesn't have an ex whose Michael Sanchez, the Day One A.

Michael Rafael de la FuenteJamal's live-in boyfriend from Season 1, was sensitive, supportive and sexy: a Grand Slam of a guy Jamal loved and deserved. Granted, Jamal caught him getting a beej from another guy which happened while he and Jamal were fighting and anyway, rock stars don't tend to go for middle-class heteronormative monogamy but other than that, Michael seemed promising.

Even Cookie liked him! Sadly, their relationship got complicated once Jamal's career took flight, prompting Michael to look for something a little more stable. He's reoccured since, and although nothing has stuck, he remains a good choice for Jamal. Philip, the Rock Qualifications: Fine? Stable, with good intentions?

Jamal Lyon

Check and check. Philip Juan Antoniowho ran a PTSD support group, helped Jamal through a rough patch and held his hand as well as other parts on the journey to healing. Yes, a therapist hooking up with a patient is completely inappropriate.

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