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The character made her first on-screen appearance on 8 November Wall had three auditions for the role on the show's set in Liverpool. The character is introduced as the sister of Clare Devine Gemma Bissix , who had been killed off in earlier episodes. Grace arrives to investigate her death and get reacquainted with her estranged father Fraser Black Jesse Birdsall. Grace's characterisation initially played her as a ruthless gangster. The character received an extensive character development from Hollyoaks ' executive producer Bryan Kirkwood and his team. He believed he had let Wall down with Grace's original characterisation.

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Hollyoaks: Like Mother, Like Daughter. Marnie dates Freddie!

Cornered, the brothers jump into the river below. They manage to free themselves and are taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries. While he is in hospital, Freddie and Lindsey claim their love for each other and Lindsey declares their marriage is back on. This is until Lindsey discovers Freddie was planning to run away with Mercedes to Valencia. A heartbroken and angry Lindsey declares their marriage over. A while after her outburst, Lindsey comes into Freddie's hospital room in tears.

Freddie assures her that their marriage can still work. However, Lindsey injects Freddie with potassium chloriderevealing that she was the Gloved Hand Killer that had been murdering patients in hospital for the past year. With the help of Kim, Lindsey disposes of Freddie's body. Just as Grace and Trevor are about to elope together, the police find Freddie's body in the trunk of Trevor's car. Trevor is framed and arrested, however D.

Geoff Thorpe James Bradshaw notices a movement within Freddie's hand, meaning he survived Lindsey's injection. Freddie goes under witness protection by DS Thorpe, as he attempts to work out who really tried to kill Freddie. He finds his way out of the safe house on New Year's Eve, and travels to a party in Liverpool.

Under the name "Mark" he attempts to seduce Ellie Nightingale Sophie Porleyunaware of where she really comes from. DS Thorpe catches up with Freddie, telling him that it's too dangerous to go out in public. Freddie borrows Ellie's phone to call Lindsey, seemingly unaware that she was the one who tried to kill him. He doesn't say anything to Lindsey, but he tells Ellie that he has a wife at home and he cannot sleep with her. Freddie is later heard talking to DS Thorpe on the phone, asking to be let out of the safe house.

DS Thorpe tries to place Trevor at the scene, but he fails to do so. Instead, he finds a single earring belonging to Lindsey left behind. DS Thorpe shows the earring to Freddie, and when asked who the earring belongs to he refuses to answer.

As a result of this, Thorpe released Freddie from his witness protection as punishment for lying to him.

Freddie returns to Hollyoaks Village, and he calls Lindsey asking her to meet him in the Roscoe garage. Later that evening, Joe, Kim and Lindsey head to perform an ultrasound where Kim tells her she's at least four months pregnant therefore making Freddie the father of Lindsey's baby. In Maywhile Joe and Freddie track Joe's phone, they discover it is at the hospital.

She emotionally pleads with them to let her go with Kimberley but later they find out that she is working with serial killer Silas Blissett Jeff Rawle. She reveals that Silas is holding Mercedes captive and intending to kill her; Lindsey only agrees to call the kill off if they allow her to go with Kimberley. They agree although Freddie is against it and Lindsey locks them in the hospital.

Walk according to Grace and freddie hollyoaks dating quotes precepts and commandments. Your Heavenly Father has given you agency, the ability to choose right from wrong and to act for yourself. Different borrowers get debt consolidation loans for different reasons. Grace arrives in the village for Clare's funeral, determined to discover the truth behind her death. When Mercedes receives Doctor Browning's life insurance money, she flaunts her wealth in the village, infuriating Grace: her grace and freddie hollyoaks dating . First, Grace And Freddie Hollyoaks Dating In Real Life I Start App on my phone. I was surprised at how many members waiting for hookup we're actually near me now. Not trying to brag, Grace And Freddie Hollyoaks Dating In Real Life I found my neighbor on this site looking partner and banged her the same day. So My advice: check it out ASAP!/

Unknown to them, Mercedes has revealed Lindsey's relationship with both Freddie and Joe to Silas and when Lindsey arrives he kills her because of her actions. When Freddie, Joe and Kim manage to escape the hospital, they find Lindsey's corpse lying on the sofa. After Lindsey's death, Mercedes tries to get Freddie to be close with his daughter but instead he tells her he is scared of seeing Lindsey.

When Mercedes does actually convince him, he spends little time with her and runs off. Joe and Mercedes later adopt Kimberley, later named Lexi. Freddie later begins a relationship with Ellie, however has sex with Marnie Nightingale Lysette Anthonywho is later revealed to be Ellie's mother. Freddie worries that Marnie will expose their one-night stand, but they eventually have sex for a second time and begin an affair.

However, Ellie spills a drink on the envelope, and Marnie's face on the photograph becomes smudged. This results in Ellie believing that Freddie has been sleeping with Cindy, but Marnie pays Cindy to play along with.

Grace and freddie hollyoaks dating quotes

Ellie dumps Freddie and tries to move on from him. Ellie later forgives Freddie and they plan to move in together, however Marnie lies that she has a brain tumour in order to prevent the relationship from being resumed.

Freddie is later devastated when Ellie, after several violent outbursts, reveals that she has been raped by Nick Savage Ben-Ryan Davies. When Freddie goes for his interview with the police about Ellie's rape he figures out that there is not enough evidence to charge Nick, so he tells them Lisa Loveday Rachel Adedeji saw Nick spike Ellie's drink.

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He later tells Lisa to retell this to the police, but she retracts her statement when she realises the consequences of her actions. The charges against Nick are dropped and Freddie admits this to Ellie and she blames him. Freddie sees Nick at a party and after Nick says the sex with Ellie was consensual, Freddie punches him and Nick falls unconscious into a hot tub. He is saved from drowning by Holly and Dirk.

Freddie later chooses to go on the run with Ellie and Lexi when he finds out he could be facing up to 12 years imprisonment for attacking Nick, because of his prior conviction for shooting Fraser.

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Freddie decides to leave Ellie behind because he does not want to ruin her life and drives out of the village with Lexi and Darren. She does not want Trevor to ruin it by cheating, Wall added "She's probably quite worried all the time that he's going to go off with some beautiful, normal girl. Trevor is arrested for a series of murders which occurred at the local hospital.

He is wrongly accused as viewers knew that Lindsey was the serial killer, dubbed the "Gloved Hand Killer". She sets out to prove his innocence but Lindsey is actively trying to frame Trevor. Wall likened Grace trying to complete a puzzle as she goes out to find clues that lead to the actual killer.

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Grace realises that Charlie Dean Charlie Behan knows something about the actual culprit. Wall said that Grace is true to form and behaves "very aggressive", kidnaps him and tries to force Charlie to talk.

Hollyoaks cast Vincent Ebrahim to play Big Boba villainous character created to cause conflict with Grace and Trevor. His arrival came at a time Grace wanted to begin IVF treatment. She added that it threw a "massive spanner in the works" and ruined Grace's attempts to move away from her life as a gangster. Trevor finds a box with a lock of Grace's hair inside and then receives a threatening call from Big Bob.

A Hollyoaks publicist stated that it was "more than just bad luck" and warned that Grace has a bad track record with guns. Big Bob later plan an armed robbery at the local hospital, targeting their medical supplies. The heist goes wrong and many characters end up held hostage in the hospital. Grace is tasked with saving Esther's life and correctly finds some adrenaline to save her life. Big Bob locates them and once again threatens Grace with a gun.

After the siege Grace and Esther build a strong friendship. It was the relationship writers used to develop Grace's softer side.

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She was happy with the progression of their friendly dynamic, which resulted in the two characters always looking after one another. The actress also believed it made both characters' stories take a "perfect" path.

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She also enjoyed working on the relationship because of Franks' funny personality. Grace is told she cannot get pregnant and IVF is unlikely to help. She then shows an interest in Esther's health and her sudden concern makes Esther suspicious.

When Grace leaves Esther alone she agrees to help. The doctor informs Grace that Esther would be the child's legal mother, despite using Grace's egg. Grace is not fazed but Trevor has some reservations.

The surrogacy plan is successful and Esther becomes pregnant. She was happy to be trusted with the story and added that Esther is "too nice" and ultimately could not refuse to help Grace. The actress believed viewers that would have never imagined the three characters working together.

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Early on in the pregnancy they created a medical scare for Esther. When she feels unwell Grace worries and rushes Esther to hospital. Grace and Trevor witness Esther's ultrasound scan and see their baby for the first time.

Wall said "it's lovely, it hits them that they're really going to have a child! There aren't very many warm moments in Grace and Trevor's lives, but this is definitely one of them. Writers began developing a new romance for Esther while she carried Grace's child. Esther invites Grace along and Kim presumes they are in a relationship. Grace is privy to their misunderstanding and urges them to get together.

The character becomes worried that Esther and Kim's relationship will ruin their surrogacy deal. Grace tells Kim that Esther once tried to commit suicide to put Kim off.

Esther confronts Grace when she realises that Kim has ended their relationship because of Grace's actions. She later bans Grace and Trevor from seeing the baby because of their behaviour. She explained that Esther always knew the baby was for Grace but she has an unforeseen attachment to Curtis. Esther feels maternal to the baby and she had not expected it to happen when she first agreed to be a surrogate for Grace. Franks added that "she's scared that Trevor and Grace are not fit parents.

Producers created an infidelity story for Grace with Kim. A promotional trailer followed which showcased Kim's behaviour intensifying when she begins a diary about her interaction with Grace. Wood-Davis told Daniel Kilkelly that Kim notes down each time Grace touches her and even logs their conversations. She also keeps a picture of Grace hidden in her bra. Grace is sent to prison awaiting trial for her involvement in the supposed murder of Mercedes. Wall explained that her character refused to tell the truth about Mercedes being alive.

She fears Esther will back out of their surrogacy deal if she knows that she carried on her feud with Freddie against her wishes. She believes Grace is the only one to make her feel complete. Kim knows it is unlikely she will get the chance to be with Grace. Wood-Davis said that it marked the first time Grace became unnerved by Kim's behaviour.

Wood-Davis viewed Kim and Grace as an "odd pairing and very unexpected" who bonded over their shared love of Esther.

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Grace is scared at the prospect of permanent imprisonment and feels vulnerable. She opens up to Kim about her deteriorating relationship with Trevor because she is someone familiar. But Kim uses this as an opportunity to seduce Grace who responds positively and the pair have sex. The development lead writers to play the Kim character even crazier over Grace, thinking she and Grace will be together upon their release from prison.

Wood-Davis said Kim thinks "she's found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Their tryst makes Grace feel powerful and she does not have feelings for Kim. Wall added that Grace knows Kim is attracted to her and it makes her feel good while in prison and have a "power-trip".

Grace realises that Kim has more power over Esther. She fakes feelings of love for Kim and manipulates her into ensuring Esther is committed to the surrogacy deal.

But noted that Grace has dealt with worse people in her past, "far freakier, weirder people than Kim. Grace soon struggles to control Kim and remain in a relationship with Trevor.

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She prints out hundreds of pictures of herself and Grace kissing and plasters them on the walls of Grace's nightclub.

She manages to remove them before Trevor and Esther arrive. Grace confronts Kim and realises how unstable she has become. However the pair are caught in bed together by Trevor's son Dylan. Grace's problems worsen when Kim turns on Esther and starts plotting against her.

Wood-Davis explained "Kim reckons that once the baby is born, the two of them can run off into the sunset with the child. Fans expressed their support for "Trace" relationship and blamed Kim for trying to split them up.

Hollyoaks released a trailer with advance spoilers revealing that Kim would orchestrate a car chase amongst the escalated drama surrounding Esther's surrogacy.

This allowed the actors to act as though they were driving the vehicle despite the stunt man being in control. The car crash stunt itself was filmed separate and actors were not required to be in the vehicles at that point. On-set Wood-Davis said that Kim "is the driving force of it really. The storyline was played out on-screen following Esther giving birth to Grace's son, Curtis. Kim returns to the village and asks Esther to take Curtis and leave the village with her.

She reveals that Trevor and Grace tried to kill her. He put a stop to it and this leads Kim too gain revenge by taking his son away from him. Trevor and Grace follow Kim's car and a fast chase begins. But their erratic driving leads to a crash and Trevor arrives on the scene to save Curtis.

Wall said the car crash stunt was her favourite storyline from Grace's tenure. Inthe character spent an episodic block separated from Trevor. The pair break up because Trevor blames Grace for Dylan's death in the car crash stunt. It was reported by Digital Spy that Esther would have "fresh hope" of a romance with Grace when Darren ends their brief relationship.

When Grace confides in Esther about her "disastrous love life", she sees the opportunity to reveal her feelings and surprises Grace with a kiss. Grace and Esther begin a relationship but soon develop problems. Grace has second thoughts about being with Esther because she still loves Trevor.

With Trevor in prison Esther feels confident their relationship can succeed. But Esther's happiness is short-lived when she finds Grace's old engagement ring. But when Esther finds evidence to support Trevor was wrongly arrested for murder she is forced to hand the evidence to the police and secure his release. Writers brought the brief relationship to and end with Trevor's release. Hollyoaks planned a wedding storyline for Grace and Trevor.

When they reconcile on-screen the pair set about organising their nuptials.

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They visit each other in secret and concoct a plan to run away together. Trevor and Sienna were given the fan worship name "Trienna" pitted against "Trace" fans. Wall told Alison Gardner from What's on TV that Grace feels "jittery" in the days before her wedding because she is thinks Trevor is having an affair. Grace is terrified that she will be jilted. She described a pivotal scene in the story in which Grace and Trevor discuss her childhood dreams.

Wall explained that Grace opens up about her wedding day being all she had ever dreamed of growing up. She also pleads with him to not ruin her day. Trevor decides that he wants to be with Grace.

She approaches Trevor outside the church and stabs him before fleeing the scene. Trevor recalls his promise to not let Grace down on her wedding day. He gains composure, hides his stabbing wound and enters the church to complete the wedding ceremony. They manage to marry, but Trevor collapses and dies at the altar. Grace is "grief-stricken" by Trevor's death and Ben tells police he murdered Trevor to protect Nico.

She explained "the aftermath of Trevor's death was hard because it involved peeling back every layer of Grace, to the point where she had nothing. She didn't take her wedding dress off for a week! Writers kept the affair secret until Trevor's funeral episode in which Sienna is exposed as his former lover.

Grace angrily confronts Sienna about the betrayal. When Grace later discovers a portrait of Sienna that Trevor drew, it reignites her hatred towards Sienna. Inproducers created an extended family for Grace. It was revealed that on-screen Grace would not be happy with them being in her life again.

They conversed about Grace's history within Hollyoaks to help with their introduction to the show. Grace is annoyed when she notices him and gives him money to leave the village for good.

Esther decides that Grace needs family support following Trevor's murder. She decides to invite the Donovans to visit Grace. When they arrive she orders them to leave, but they persist on staying. They had a problematic dynamic and his negative stories about Grace clouded their judgement. Jerdy believed that Jesse feels guilty about the scam because he is the first brother to care about Grace. He noted that Liam has a "colder" personality and does not feel any remorse for trying to scam his sister.

In Augustit was announced that Lisa Maxwell had joined the cast of Hollyoaks in the role of Grace's mother Tracey.

Grace and freddie hollyoaks dating

The character was billed as a "train wreck" who has had a difficult life. Her relationship with Grace is difficult and they are estranged. Maxwell had to have a "make-under" to make her appear older. This was to add realism because of the mere thirteen year age gap between Wall and Maxwell. Grace and Clare were brought up in a world of "crime and corruption" that came with Fraser.

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A publicist for the show stated "Tracey adds an interesting dynamic to the Donovans. Lisa enjoyed filming and bosses think the audience will love her scenes with Tamara. She and Wood gained a "Best Partnership" nomination for their work on Grace and Trevor's relationship. Daniel Kilkelly Digital Spy described Grace as a "no-nonsense and strong-minded businesswoman" with a penchant for kidnapping people.

He opined that they had "irresistible chemistry" and "fans unexpectedly found themselves rooting for the show's resident criminal couple.

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