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After hooking up with her, he has developed feelings for her and is devastated to find that she doesn't even acknowledge him. Although he wasn't invited, when he showed up to the mansion with some party favors, no one complained. Because he was the only one who wasn't drunk albeit he was highhe was able to see and remember everything that happened.

When he walked into the bedroom that the Slut had passed out in, he saw a group of jocks taking pictures of her on the bed in her bra and underwear.

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Fueled with anger, the Stoner rushed into the room and punched the Quarterback in the face. As a result, the Quarterback's friends retaliated and beat the Stoner up.

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Being the captain of the football team, his ego has inflated so much and he is always on his high horse. He and the Prep have been dating for a long time now, but he is carrying a secret that he has never told anyone. He's gay, and he's only dating her as a cover up. This causes him to overcompensate and act like the heterosexual jackass that everyone thinks he is. He has had a crush on the Stoner for a while now, so he felt completely helpless as he watched his friends beat him up.

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At the King's Party, that was no different. In fact, he had his first threesome that night, the Slut being one girl and a random cheerleader being the other, but he found himself waking up next to the Queen Bee the next morning. Last edited: Jan 14, SON i honestly highly doubt ur character was poop ssshhhh but honestly same me too it gives me so much anxiety.

Skinnyfox Boys? I really wanna join this it sounds like so much fun ;-; but damn the hipster is already taken. Foxkid said:. Semblance said:. It isn't first come first serve! She'll also be handling the RPand we'll both be in charge of accepting characters. On another note, the deadline for the completion of character sheets is now officially on January 8.


Semblance : hi darlingeeeep thank you. If you want a female role, you can apply for the Hipster, the Cheerleader or the Prep. The roles are all stated above.

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Last edited: Dec 30, Moonraker : wow, i hope you dont mind my really late response adgaldgad but ouii! Moonraker Sun Shy. Moonraker said:.

Apr 18,   Players will be dropped after not replying for a week in the IC, unless they give me a reason OOC. I will generous and provide extensions only if notified! 8. Due to the potential of telekinesis being too OP, it's getting a nerf. Physically strong people, mages, robots, and PCs can break out of it, though they will be slowed down. Dates of ITRP OOC Dates Corresponding with IC Moons. The way dating works here at ITRP is simple: every 2 out-of-character weeks corresponds to 1 in-character month, or moon, which also translates to every one out-of-character day corresponding to two in-character days. Mar 13,   Welcome to the new RP site, "Hot Gotham Nights"! At Hot Gotham Nights we are a very friendly, open and welcoming RP forum for serious writers and role players. We are looking for members who like to put emphasis on character development, interactions with other characters, including romances and close friendships as well as epic battles and intriguing conflict.

Well, your child might not be quarterback material but she is b e a u t i f u l. Like, your sheet is just wowwowwow. Aaaah, you're too sweet! Tbh it took a while to get it the way I wanted it, so I'm happy to hear that you like it. You can check the locations tab now for what the mansion looks like.

This blurring of emotional lines between what the character feels, IC, and what you the player feel, OOC, is what is referred to as bleedover (or sometimes just 'bleed'). IC/OOC Division, and Bleedover It is very important in roleplay to understand that IC (in character) is not OOC (out of character) and vice versa. You aren't your character. Lin tells you, "[OOC] I'm going to pretty up the wiki some more." IC. IC (In Character) on the other hand, is wholly connected to the character and its place in the game world. To be IC means to act the role of the character at all times, without adding any information about real . This page was specifically designed as, to keep things basic, the roleplay community's version of Tinder or any other dating application that comes to mind. This is both for in character and out of character dating, preferably OOC. This page supports the discovery of potential character ships and ooc relationships, or anything of that jankossencontemporary.comers:

I'll be adding more locations the school, some places around town later on. I'm just reminding everyone that there are plenty of roles to choose from! The Player, the Kingpin, and Quarterback are still free as it seems the Stoner is very popular right now.

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Same goes for the girl roles, don't be scared to apply for the Prep and the Cheerleader! The Hipster isn't the only interesting role out there. I finished my character, if you would like to get it a lookie.

Foxkid : hello! Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Lady Amalthea I might change Naya, so if anyone has a really good idea for her, go for it. View All 1x Laugh Lady Amalthea. I want immediate mod deletes on all cs reserve spots within the next hour - that was for gm and cogm only! Hidden 4 yrs ago Post by Salrynn. Salrynn Pretty Reckless Member Seen 1 yr ago. I asked for it to be deleted.

Have added my CS's to the CS tab, ating original ooc now. Scar on his left palm from cutting it while chopping some tomatoes at work a few years ago. Lukas likes to be comfortable no matter the situation.

His choice of clothing is simple, cheap and comfortable - if not stylish. He isn't much for dressing up, other than wearing slacks or dress shoes in formal situations.

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Lukas is most comfortable in khaki shorts or flannel shirts and jeans and simply looking more like a father than a model. Flannels, graphic tees and dark jeans are usually what he wears, and can always be found in such. Depending on the weather or climate, he can be seen in either a beanie or with flip flops though never with socks, god no the atrocity!

Dating ooc and ic

Lukas' personal grooming is also somewhat simple: a stubble to frame his sculpted jawline is all he leaves, never letting it grow past the stubble stage but never seen bare-faced. Luka can easily be described as a papa-bear by some. He dotes on his young son, often being overly concerned and protective of his child as if he feared losing him which is mostly true, not that Lukas would admit it though. He's a family man, keeping in touch with his parents and cherishing moments with his son whenever he can, and will often not take to people that look down on single fathers or highly judgemental people.

Luka has an odd, charming personality that may or may not be due to his Italian heritage, often charming people with sincere compliments and a sweet smile which Lukas is proud to announce that Brendan inherited.

However, in conversations he can appear to be aloof, or dreamy, as if his mind's in a different world all-together.

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Which may be true, in some sense, that he is a highly imaginative person. Lukas loves to be optimistic, no matter the situation and strives to motivate his son with his happy-go-lucky personality.

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However, if Lukas cares enough, he can easily be manipulated into saying yes no matter what - just as Brendan and his many Lego sets. Antonio Lukas Jackson was born on a gloomy, rainy Spring day to an Italian construction worker and American house-wife.

Despite the gloomy weather Luka was anything but a gloomy, miserable child.

Roleplaying: Taking Things Too Personally/Separating IC from OOC

Always the smiley, considerate child with a polite tongue, Lukas captured the hearts of many cooing mothers by the age of four. His childhood was nothing spectacular, he moved from Italy with his family to live in a small, conservative town off the Texan border which fuelled his mother's interest in religion and bible, eventually trying to get him to be a man of faith and possibly join the local church.

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Instead, Luka met Viola Andrews in high school, one year below him who was just as enamoured as he was and eventually became high school sweet hearts, moving out of the Texan town to the more busy streets of Vegas for work opportunity. At the first given moment they could, the two had a cheap Vegas wedding with just the two involved and had their first child two years later: a little boy named Brendan.

And just the thought of having to explain having IC to a guy before we can TRY to be intimate makes me want to avoid dating all together (which I've basically done since being diagnosed July )! As if being single these days wasn't hard enough, I had to go ahead and develop IC! If anyone has dating with IC tips please share:). Mar 28,   Using IC as justification for OOC hate or bringing IC into OOC and vice versa. Causing drama inside the NCO Corps such as dating or fighting. (Fighting is scenario dependant, such as if it has been drawn out over a while that two characters have a dislike for each other, if so, it will be kept IC.). Jan 14,   THE QUARTERBACK [Dating the Prep] The biggest asshole in the school. Being the captain of the football team, his ego has inflated so much and he is always on his high horse. He and the Prep have been dating for a long time now, but he is carrying a secret that he has never told anyone. He's gay, and he's only dating her as a cover up.

Just like his father, Brendan is a sweet, cute young man that was a complete mama's boy. Sadly, their happy family weren't supposed to last and eventually Viola passed away due to an unfortunate car accident after being hit by a drunk driver.

Deciding to start his life anew, Lukas and Brendan moved to California when Brendan was only three years old. Lukas took a job at the local restaurant as their head chef, the wages barely enough to keep the small family going through their day. At first, Lukas was ready to get rid of the tickets until he found out it was a gift from his mother, who just wanted her son to be happy and find a mother to care for his son just as much as Viola had.

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