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In the Company was taken over by Gritzner who continued to produce machines under the Frister and Rossmann name. The Company started exporting sewing machines to England circa appointing an Agent in London to act as Wholesaler. However it wasn't until Hermann Loog took over the Agency from I. Nasch in that sales started to improve. Loog remained the Company's Agent until c, he was replaced by S. Loewe By Nov to c, followed by W. Pierssene c to and finally O.

This will not only help you learn more about this product but it will also give you a general idea of the features you may want to look out for in other sewing machines. They are proud of their reputation and claim to have put a lot of thought, practice and research into their electronic sewing machine collection so you can feel secure in the knowledge that this sewing machine has been made by a reputable company.

They also use sturdy, durable materials to ensure their sewing machines are built to last. This is an electronic sewing machine which means it can perform a lot of tasks via simple controls without making you do all the manual work yourself.

This can save you time and make the sewing process a lot more rewarding and enjoyable.

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Features like the automatic tension unit, automatic needle threader and the extra quiet top loading bobbin are all included to make your life easier and your sewing more enjoyable.

This sewing machine comes with an accessible LCD display which will clearly show you the selected stitch, length and width of your current sewing project. This gives you a lot of control over the size and type of buttons that you can create and you can make them all in one easy and quick step! That being said you need to consider what you want to use your sewing machine for and how many stitches you will really need to use.

DATING. FRISTER & ROSSMANN. SEWING MACHINES On the August 6th a total production of machines was accomplished. In the year the mark was passed. In F&R could report its total production of sewing machines. Dating Frister & Rossmann Machines. A brief table to enable you to approximately date your Frister and Rossmann machine. Where two numbers appear on your machine the first only is necessary in order to date it. By this practice had ceased. For some models and in . Frister + Rossmann are a dedicated, professional company who specialises in sewing machines and overlockers. They are proud of their reputation and claim to have put a lot of thought, practice and research into their electronic sewing machine collection so you can feel secure in the knowledge that this sewing machine has been made by a.

This is a good amount which will let you create a wide variety of things without making things too complicated. This sewing machine can also handle a large number of different fabrics from the finest fabrics to heavy duty materials so you still have a lot of options regarding what you can make.

This sewing machine includes mirror image options to help you create the best possible patterns. The gold work is slightly cruder with different scroll work.

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The needlebar and presser bar have pear shaped tops rather than round knobs. Smaller base wing nut, larger needle bar clamp nut.

You get the idea, lots of minor alterations to fit in with their manufacturing and tools and possibly to avoid possible patent restrictions. And so you have it, a little marvel, rare and sweet.

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The odd super-rare machine now turn up in collectors collections. Hermann Loog Ltd. Back to business. The first importers into Britainthat I am aware about, was I.

Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number Database

Nasch of whom I know absolutely nothing! German production, while he was importer, rose to overmachines so he must have sold a few in Britain. Hermann Loog. So now let's skip to the next fascinating name in our long saga. It was not until Hermann Loog ltd, aroun that sales really started to boom in Britain.

They traded from London Wall, London.

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Hermann had a troubled personal life. His wife died in an asylum, one son died very young and the other emigrated. He seemed to be plagued with lawsuits, including the giant Singer Corporation.

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Although a workaholic and full of ideas he had a fiery temperament which his family politely called 'difficult' that was not successful in business. When not going bankrupt he seemed to be in court suing or being sued by someone! Hermann allegedly had several sets of books, one special set kept by his son, Robert, for unknown reasons.

It all came to a head on the 4th of January when Scotland Yard tracked Hermann down to a house in Croydon and arrested him. A massive sum in They had already caught his son Robert who was banged up in Holloway Prison. The court case was a huge affair lasting days with Hermann Loog being kept out of the witness box as it was thought that if he was cross examined he would end up with a long jail sentence.

Reading from court statements at one point the court burst into laughter when it heard that Hermann had set up another business to transfer sewing machines to his family. Well, your never too young to become a director! When the court asked what directors fees were being paid they were informed that no directors were receiving payment but they had a nice home by the sea in Brighton to live in! The court burst into laughter again.

On a more serious note the sums involved were enormous and the way Hermann ran his business caused a huge rift with the German company who took a long time trusting another importer after replacing Loog. However that did not last and he ended up in court Shadowed by constant illness and money problems in later life Hermann took a final step. Hermann wound up his personal affairs wrote a letter leaving his body to science. He dressed smartly as if going to church and walked to the cemetery in Croydon where his wife was buried.

Unfortunately due to the ridiculous laws of the time his son who had died so young was not allowed to be buried with her as he had not been christened before his sudden death.

Hermann chatted to the cemetery gardener, went to his wife's grave, sat on the grass by her side took of his hat and shot himself through the head. He was This is a great little extra sent in by the great-great-grandson of Hermann Loog, Tom Vogel In the Singer lawsuit, which is a significant precedent in British trademark law, Loog was not assessed any damages for advertising his machine as the "Singer Improved.

The rest of the story - my grandfather migrated to New York.

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I believe that his son is Andrew Loog Oldham. Thanks for that Tom. Now let's follow on with our journey. I told you it was long and complicated! Serial numbers - Basically they were manufacturers not salesmen and after a period they decided to once more trust an agent and to export their sewing machines to them. I expect with much tighter procedures. Lowe may have been in business with O Quitman who we shall get to a little later on in our story.

The year of the magazine was early and clearly shows S.

Sewing machine d'arcy porter and have information from around it dating wheeler wilson sewing machine. It dating frister and rossmann became germany's largest sewing machine from them. By using feed. By using , sewing machines to berlin, howe, 1: rec. Discover about a small sewing machines to europe. Save frister rossmann. frister & rossmann Manuals. Instructions manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. Product View and Parts. Installing Machine Head in Cabinet. Connecting Machine. Needle and Thread Table. Placement of Needle. Removing Bobbin Case From Shuttle. Winding the Bobbin. Inserting Bobbin Into Bobbin Case - Case Into Shuttle. Threading Upper Machine. DATING PFAFF sewing machines. In Pfaff constructed his first sewing machine after the Howe system. In July , he delivered his first machine to the master shoemaker Jacob Peter from Kaiserslautern. Georg Michael Pfaff sewing machines were sold until by various manufacturers and then began to recreate Singer sewing machines and to build its own plant in Mozart Street.

Interestingly Riga and many Baltic provinces spoke mainly German until Russia was made the official language in Now there is some dispute about this next date. Of course production of sewing machines stopped during the war. We have to wonder what they made instead!

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You can bet it wasn't anything pleasant. S erial numbers - During this period their machine was know as the Silent Cam Action Improved Lockstitch and took the same needle as the Singer 12, needle Agents such as Heelas Sons of Reading and Goward Brothers in Oakham sold the pre-war German machines but soon switched suppliers to British manufacturers such as Vickers and Jones after the outbreak of war in If you have one with no badge just the holes you can almost guarantee it was surplus unsold war stock from Germany.

In the following six years production of sewing machines fell dramatically to less than 20, a year.

Dating my frister and rossmann sewing machines

Poor old Frister's were in big trouble and from the following years were hard, laying off staff and cutting production. The 's were a time of terrible hardships imposed on Germany by her victors and suppressors. The crippling reparations imposed by foreign powers led to the rise of Hitler in Germany and eventually another World War. By late the great factory that had once been the pride of German manufacturing closed its doors.

But we must go back a step. Now funny things happen with history. Pierssene must have looked around Britain to find another manufacturer to supplement his supplies and keep his market going.

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During periods of war and the shortages they bringsewing machines are in high demand. His eye fell upon one of Britain's foremost manufacturersVickers. Vickers made loads of stuff from planes to machine guns, ships to bombers.

In the Second World War they helped to produced the amazing Supermarine Spitfire, which along with its Merlin Rolls Royce engine helped save England in its darkest hour.

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At Vickers handling a sewing machine would be easy and they could see huge potential, not only during the war but after it as well. By they were well underway with a copy of Singers model 28 VS machine. Either way Vickers was here to stay and Pierssene was their sole agent.

Note the address on the picture below right, Fore Street London. During the 's and 30's Vickers S ewing M achines flourished but by the late 's demand was so high for armaments they shelved the poor old domestic sewing machine.

So that was the end of Vickers from our little saga.

Singer has recently pulled some of their dating and identification information from their website. Here you can look up your serial number and find out when your Singer Sewing Machine was made as well as what model you have. No Letter Prefix. AA Series Serial Numbers. AB Series Serial Numbers. AC Series Serial Numbers. AD Series Serial Numbers. Frister & Rossmann treadle sewing machines were beautifully cast. Serial numbers - Frister & Rossmann tried handling the machines themselves directly for a while, appointing their own German directors, but that was not as successful or very easy. Frister and Rossmann. Serial No. Dating from around it is a development of the above machine. There is an additional slide plate and the arm has changed. The corners of the bed are sharp not rounded as with later machines and there are two small notches in the end of the bed to accommodate a treadle belt.

Cleopatra smelling a lotus blossom picked from the banks of the Nile appeared firstly on the 's model Ethen the model 50R and lastly on the model 61V in It's stunning looks and superb performance and quality could not be surpassed. Suppliers and agents like Edward Miller Ltd of Woking, placed orders for the model E in the hundreds each year. Now a funny thing with research is that spanners are always being tossed into the mix. So what is the answer?

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Maybe they imported other things besides sewing machines. They did sell sewing machine accessories and furniture before the sewing machines.

We shall probably never know when they really took over the machine business.

Frister and Rossman Cub 4 - Vintage Sewing Machine Collection - How to Thread + Demo

Still they do say More information may turn up. We know for a fact inS. I assume it is simply stating the start of their business not what they started with! For example the machines came clearly marked W. But the needles and accessories in the same machine came packaged from O.

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